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Episode 61: Protecting the 2nd Amendment with Crypto w/ Rob McNealy

Rob McNealy is the co-founder and marketing partner for TUSC Network, a blockchain designed for fast peer-to-peer and retail payment processing. Rob is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and crypto investor. He was the co-founder of Original Crypto Coin, before its rebranding to TUSC Network. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University and a Bachelor of Science in Geography Marketing from Central Michigan University.

Rob joins us today to discuss protecting the 2nd amendment with crypto through TUSC Network’s payment processing platform. He shares how the US Lawful Gun market is one of six industries that needs a payment system solution and reveals how TUSC Network is incentivizing the adoption of its network through branded gun giveaways, over airdrops, and bounties. Rob also shares how TUSC Network will support retailers in the gun industry from end-to-end with tools for integrating accounting and tax.

“Of all of the industries that are struggling with banking right now, guns are the only one that is constitutionally protected.” - Rob McNealy

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

The original OCC project to educate and stop cryptocurrency scams
Rebranding to the TUSC Network
The TUSC Network 's role as a blockchain option for payment processing
Creating a payment system for the lawful US gun market
Incentivizing network adoption through high-end gun giveaways
Overcoming the third-party payment gateway issue
Helping retailers become comfortable with crypto
Supporting retailers with tools for tax and accounting

Connect with Rob McNealy:

TUSC Network
Rob McNealy on LinkedIn

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