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Episode 57: Are Crypto Conferences Worth It?

BAB059 - Are Crypto Conferences Worth It

There are many crypto conferences taking place each year as cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream. Crypto conferences and conventions include keynote speakers talking on a range of topics, for those encountering crypto for the first time through technical issues for seasoned investors. Conferences are also an ideal venue for networking and making connections with people in the cryptocurrency industry.

In today’s episode, we discuss whether attending crypto conferences are worth the time and financial investment. We discuss the ticket price for these events and consider whether the price is affecting the number of attendees. We discuss the benefits of being an attendee and reveal how side events and after show parties provide further opportunities to network. We also discuss Bitboy’s upcoming talk on cryptocurrency investing for beginners.

“Most of your best networking is done at the hotel bar. It’s not in the hall; it’s not in the exhibition - it is at the social events because that is where people let loose.” - JChains

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

A big announcement from Bitboy.
How the expense of tickets is affecting turnout at crypto conferences.
The benefits and opportunities of networking at conferences.
Why people are attending the side events instead of the conferences.
Bitboys upcoming convention appearance and speaking engagement on investing for beginners in cryptocurrency.

Resources Mentions:

ChainWise Blockchain Convention
21 Best Practices for Bitcoin

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