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Episode 54: How Do We Grow the Crypto Community w/ Leah Jonas of Celsius

Leah Jonas is the Director of Business Development at Celsius Network, a company that allows people to earn, borrow, and pay on the blockchain. Celsius Network is the fastest growing crypto lender that lets people earn interest on their crypto and borrow against it with no fees. Leah is responsible for making strategic business development decisions that scale and expand the product offerings in existing and emerging markets. She has worked with companies such as RedPen and FiveStars and has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Arizona.

Leah joins us today to discuss how we can grow the crypto community. We discuss what we need to do to bring adoption to the masses and the importance of providing value to new crypto adopters. She highlights the need to create new reasons for people to use crypto. She also discusses how founders should pitch when looking for investment.

“If we don't want it to be an exclusive game, then we have to be more serious about how we're getting people in and presenting value to someone.” - Leah Jonas

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

How market volatility opens trading opportunities.
Why investors have warmed to Celsius Network.
How sentiment is changing towards cryptocurrencies.
Spreading the benefits of cryptocurrency to people who aren't aware of it yet.
Why we need to present adoption instead of trying to force it.
Use cases that provide value to cryptocurrencies.
Pitch tips for founders looking to raise investment.

Connect with Leah Jonas:

Celsius Network
Leah Jonas on Twitter
Celcius Network on Telegram

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