Episode 99: McAfee Says Don’t Invest in Crypto!


Episode 99: McAfee Says Don’t Invest in Crypto!

This episode is a blast! We talk about the following—Bitcoin advertisement on a sports game and our interview with John McAfee.

For News Break, we talk about the advertisement of eToro and Bitcoin at a soccer game. Are the teams getting behind crypto? What does it mean for the cryptocurrency space? Is this the beginning of cryptocurrency getting a little more clout out there? We’ll know what happens in the future.

For our interview with John McAfee, we cover a range of interesting topics—John’s life update, the pandemic and his theories about it being a manufactured illness, his strong opinion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and the creation of ghost cell phone service or an e-sim service.

Time Stamps of Segments
2:51 News Break
7:05 Interview with John McAfee

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Episode 99: McAfee Says Don’t Invest in Crypto!

Hey friends, we’re glad you tuned in to this episode of Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man, and all you beard loving ladies. In this vast Kingdom of nerdy incels, two men stand out as different from the crowd. BitBoy and JChains were both voted least nerdy in high school and most likely to have a better than mediocre podcast. Join them each week as they discuss all the hottest topics in cryptocurrency as well as the fan favorite segment, Manspreading, so make sure to hit subscribe and turn on those downloads. Here are the dudes, Ben and Justin.

JChains: Hey you crypto Freaks and Geeks Welcome back to another episode of The Beards and Bitcoins crypto podcast. We are your crypto podcast for the man’s man and yes, the ladies that love you. I am here as always with my homie, my man in real life, Ben, BitBoy, what’s up my man?

BitBoy: What’s up? You just sprung that Freaks and Geeks on me? You just sprung that news; I love that.

JChains: I think that might be a new thing.

BitBoy: That might be a new thing. Well, I think we might turn to the word “geek” instead of “nerd” because my wife is really concerned because my kids keep calling everybody nerds. And my wife was like, “but I want them to read and be smart, and not feel like that’s a bad thing.” I was like, “honey, I ain’t raising nerds”

JChains: You smashing nerd alert on your wife, right there.

BitBoy: Dude, the kids smash nerd alert on me now, so it’s pretty funny. Yeah, so welcome to show everybody. Welcome to Beards And Bitcoins. We’re very excited to have you guys, we got a huge interview today with John McAfee. And you guys got to hear to believe that we are going to be covering one story today, one segment for News Break before we get to the John McAfee interview about Bitcoin and some advertising, something you won’t believe. Kind of ties into Manspreading, it’s a dude thing and involves sports. We’re going to tell you about that. But first, let’s give a shout out to our sponsor, Beards and Bitcoins, the crypto podcast is brought to you by Monarch wallet. Rule your own financial kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right Ben, the team at Monarch are working very hard to bring you the one app to access all the best crypto services. These guys believe in delivering tech, not hype.

BitBoy: That’s right. With the universal decentralized Monarch Wallet buy, store, spend and earn crypto. With Monarch pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: Absolutely. So, for more information, make sure you check out monarchwallet.com or monarchwallet.io today.

BitBoy: That’s right. So, guys, just a reminder we got a huge McAfee interview here in just a few minutes. We’re going to move on over to News Break right before we hit the interview.



BitBoy: Alright guys, for News Break today we are going to be covering a story that I thought was pretty interesting about Bitcoin advertisement at a sports game and could we see that in the future? It’s just a reminder, guys, this segment, News Break is sponsored by BestChange. We’ll tell you a little bit more about them at the end of the segment right before we get to the interview. But basically, Justin, what happened is that there is, you know, there’s no fans at sports events, right?

JChains: Right.

BitBoy: So, what these places are doing, the NFL has already said it’s going to do it is they are taking the first six rows all the way around the field, and they are turning those into advertisements. So, tell them a little bit about this advertisement.

JChains: So, the one that we saw on the article is about Bitcoin. It’s an eToro advertisement. It kind of goes around that little digital dasher, around the field. But what’s really exciting and obviously this opens up the door to a lot of different crypto companies. I mean, like the Miami Dolphins, they have a deal with Alliant payments who represent Litecoin or at least they accept Litecoin at the games and stuff. I mean, you know eyes are going to be on sports as soon as they come back and they’re on the TV. So, I mean, it’s huge. It opens up the door to a lot of different companies, from what I understand with the NFL is that it’s up to the individual team, who they’re going to put on, but they can’t be a conflict of interest, right? So, like Bud Light is the sponsor of the NFL League, the Denver Broncos can’t advertise for Coors Light because that’s a conflict of interest. But with some of these soccer teams. So, you’re seeing I think Manchester United is going to have a token, a lot of these soccer teams that you’re seeing in Europe are really getting behind crypto and so to see more of this and just the amount of eyes that are going to be on this is going to be intense.

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely. And interesting about this advertisement I’m looking at it right now on my screen. I didn’t even notice it was an eToro advertisement. All I saw was the part that says Bitcoin on it. So, you got eToro and Bitcoin getting advertised at a soccer game. And that’s Arsenal, I believe. I don’t know that much about international soccer but I know Arsenal is a big team, you know how I know?

JChains: How?

BitBoy: Because I’ve heard of them. That’s it. You got to be a big soccer team for me to have heard of you.

JChains: That’s a good point.

BitBoy: Yeah, but yeah, I think this is pretty cool and then right behind that I mean, you got Nike advertising behind them and then AIA, I don’t know what that is, is probably International. But pretty cool to see cryptocurrency getting a little more clout out there. And I think this is just the beginning. I think we’re going to see definitely a lot more of this. But speaking of exchanges and places to get some of these tokens and stuff. Let’s talk about BestChange. BestChange.com is a directory of selected trusted and reliable exchangers. Their website shows you where to buy, sell, exchange dozens of popular crypto currencies or purchase with debit or credit cards.

JChains: Absolutely and Monitor is very easy to use. You need no special knowledge or skills and it has an intuitive interface. Exchanging as easy as eating some pie

BitBoy: With over 2.4 million users per month and many reviews that are left by real customers, you can choose the right exchanger. Visit BestChange.com today for more info.

JChains: All right, well, thanks to our sponsor BestChange.com. Let’s get into this interview because, man, this was intense. McAfee is such a big figure in the crypto space. And to hear some of the things he said, man, oh, man, it took me by surprise and this guy was on top of his intensity game, that’s for sure.

BitBoy: Yeah, and definitely Parental Advisory on this one, we try to run a clean podcast here. Everything I do, I try to keep it family friendly, keep it clean. This one is not, so buckle in. McAfee got some pretty crazy stuff to say here specifically about whether people should invest in cryptocurrency or not. So, you’re definitely going to want to hear what he had to say on that. So, let’s go ahead and roll the interview.



JChains: All right, everyone we are here. We are so excited to bring another great interview with John McAfee. This guy really needs no introduction. He’s a huge member of the contributor to the space. John, wherever you are in the world right now. Thanks for joining us. How have you been my brother?

John: Well, thanks for inviting me. I’ve been great. So as Janice, we’re in the middle of the summer here and an ex-communist Russian country and the food’s good. The conversation is good and life is fine.

JChains: The drinks are good. The smoke is good.

John: Everything’s good. Well, the smoke is so illegal here. Obviously, we don’t do anything illegal.

BitBoy: Who would do something illegal?

John: No, not us. Not us. Absolutely, for sure.

BitBoy: Yeah, well, that’s good I think the last time we interviewed you, you were on a boat and you maybe had some people after you. Is that still going on?

John: Well, the people are still after us but not on the boat. That boat was taken by the Dominican Republic after we got out of jail. Jesus, that was almost a year ago now.

BitBoy: Yeah, times just go by so fast.

John: July of last year. After we got out of jail we went to London and then went underground. We’ve been underground for a year now.

BitBoy: Wow. So, no presidential campaign.

John: Oh, yeah, I did, but I lost the libertarian primary two weeks ago.

JChains: So, who do you vote for?

John: I don’t vote, I have no intention in voting. I don’t think anybody should vote if nobody voted this nonsense would disappear.

JChains: So, a long time ago, I’d heard you say something about if you’re not happy with the candidates to write yourself in, I absolutely plan to do that this year.

John: If you go to vote for yourself or your dog, your cat, your mother, dead grandfather doesn’t make any fucking difference, write somebody in. But that’s the problem, Americans are so stupid, we vote for people willing to spend 100 million dollars to get a job paying 300,000 a year. Now that doesn’t add up, please people wake up.

BitBoy: Well, I mean, we all know they’re making more money than that.  I think that you have to be very, very snake-like to be able to get to the top of the government. There’s no question about that.

John: Yes, of course. Of course. We just need to drive the snakes down. I mean, snakes are afraid of people. This is a fact of life.

JChains: So, what do you think the breed of snake that everyone is?

John: Vipers.

JChains: I agree.

BitBoy: Yeah, for sure. And speaking of vipers, somebody who I think is a pretty snake-y character and if there’s anyone in the government that’s even more slippery than elected officials, it’s the people that are in the government that never get elected that managed to make it–

John: Yes.

BitBoy: Absolutely. Like after every president they just keep getting their job like–

John: Keep doing whatever they want to fucking do, that’s the shadow government, that’s the deep fucking state. So yeah, whoever you elect for, do you think it damn matters? Do you think anybody in the CIA cares? Listen, the CIA calls, these people transients for fuck sake. They got another transient got elected president; someone go deal with him. No, because they’re there for life, every goddamn officious fool that actually matters is there for life. And they are arrogant because they cannot since they are not political appointees, they can’t be fired by political appointees, and they run this entire fucking circus. So those are the swamp that really needs to be cleaned first.

BitBoy: Yeah and I would say the number one on my list right now is Dr. Anthony Fauci. That guy is a sneaky slaughter.

John: How did he ever get where he was? I mean being a snake, that’s why. Snakes enjoy the companionship of other snakes. I mean, I have to agree with you although there are more slippery ones in there. I really do.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah. Well, the most you can’t see it all

John: That’s right. See, they’re so far down, you don’t see their name. Do you think whoever is appointed head of the CIA for four fucking years knows anything about the CIA? No. They tell them what they fucking want to end the story.

BitBoy: Yeah, and so I want to ask you about this because you’ve been pretty vocal tying into Anthony Fauci and we’re going to roll into crypto after this. But you were really critical of the hype about the pandemic in the beginning and you said it’s nothing’s (inaudible 12:36) and was absolutely nothing. And I was of the opposite opinion like, I thought we were really having something pretty crazy going on. Okay and yeah, we know there’s a lot of cases and stuff. But I want to know from you, like, what do you really think is going on with all of this?

John: I think the governments are taking advantage of people’s fear. I mean, if you look at the numbers, I mean, I look at the stats, everything fucking day. Right now, about 4000 people a day worldwide die from Coronavirus, okay? Which is far less than the number of people dying from the fucking flu and one seventh of the number of people who die each day from diarrhea, pathogenic diarrhea where you get it from touching someone who’s got that virus that causes pathogenic diarrhea. Two and a half million people a year died from that shit, please God people wake up. This is not a pandemic. This is a manufactured scare. And so, two things happen: the press jumps all over it. Why? Because that’s what the press does “Oh, here’s a story we can run this fucker for six months” which they have done. If we can get everybody to stay at home then they’re going to have to watch the news 20 times more than before then that’s exactly what happened. Before this, how often? How many hours per week did you spend watching this on TV? Well, you worked eight to nine hours a day commuting there and back, weekends you’re out partying or taking your family on an outing. So no, but now locked in the house. 24 fucking hours a day the eyeballs are glued to the fucking news. So, they won, didn’t they? Of course, it’s in their fucking, what’s the value of the news? Number of eyeballs times the amount of time those eyeballs are glued to your channel. So, they’re the winner.

BitBoy: The news invented clickbait.

John: This is not a conspiracy. It’s a bunch of idiots in government, making idiotic decisions and a bunch of frightened people following what people say. But please God go onto Hulu and look at the stats. 4000 people a day, it’s nothing on a scale of $7.8 billion. Do you know what that actually turns out to be one death per day per 5 million population Good God, wake up people. You have a better chance of winning the fucking lottery. Do you understand?

BitBoy: Well people say “well wait till it hits home and someone you know dies from it and then at that point–”

John: If you know that person, I’m sure as fuck over 50, because nobody under 50 has died from it. Oh well, there was a 36-year-old prison guard, she was, 430 pounds. She was about to die any fucking day. No, seriously, nobody in the entire fucking world has died from this under the age of 50. Can you get that through your heads, people?

JChains: So, was it created as a population control device to get rid of the old people sucking on the teeth of society?

John: If you want to create your Something once you create something that kills a lot of people, 4000 people a day, it would take you a trillion years to get rid of the whole population. Good god, wake up people.

BitBoy: What year was the swine flu? is that 2014? Whatever year that was, do you think that instead of the disease we’re dealing with now, it was just something like swine flu popping up, it didn’t really matter what the disease was, that there was something that was going to happen this year that was going to try to throw the world into disruption?

John: No, I think it was just stupid chance. I mean, the Chinese started to go, “oh my god, terrible shits happening in Wu Han and China.” But they didn’t shut down China. China closed one half of 1% of its population, two fucking cities. The rest of the population went around without masks, without social distancing, creating what they’ve already created, war machines and products and please God, the Chinese Wan, they didn’t shut down, they caused the rest of us to shut down because they knew how fucking stupid we were. China, never. Japan, okay, the country that had the least number of infections and deaths was Japan. Japan never shut down, they declare a state of emergency, why? Every control going “Oh, whoa, Japan will do something” and they go “state of emergency.” Did they pass a law? No. Did people wear masks? No. Did social distancing happen? No. They kept pushing people on these fucking subways. The most crowded city in the world and the least fucking problem– The problem you have is with this goddamn ventilator that kill nine out of 10 people. America has the greatest problem with deaths, why? We have the greatest number of ventilators mofos, look it up. Can you wake up 4000 people a day worldwide? You think “oh, that’s terrible.” But fucking shit 7.8 billion people on this planet, 10 times as many dies falling off of the fucking ladder every goddamn year. People, wake up.

BitBoy: If it was one person, they’d be saying the same thing like if only one person today were dying from it like they’ll be like, “but there’s this one person, you have to really care about this person”

John: Why don’t we worry about people who die from diarrhea? Let’s do that. That’s way more. How about the people who die from the flu? That’s more. Well, that’s not something that you can pass on through social intercourse. Let’s talk about the things that are passed on like the flu. This is way less dangerous than the flu. So why did they pick this because China picked an opportunity to lock down the rest– Do you know the first quarter GDP every country on the planet dropped between eight and 16% in their GDP. What did China do? increased 5%, only one goddamn country in the world.

BitBoy: They’re buying up all the businesses they’re closing around the world.

John: Well, I don’t know.

BitBoy: Let’s talk about crypto. This is what people really want to hear from you, John. And I want to hear your opinion. I mean, we all know about the bet that didn’t occurred. We all know what the bet was.

John: Of course, it was a bet. It was obvious. I also bet on that same fucking day that by the end of 2020, whale fucking will replace surfing as the number one water sport in the world. Please God people can you not recognize it. Most people go “that’s funny I’ve ever heard” something people go “Oh, really?” Well, fuck me, if you’re that stupid, then let’s run with it, like half the people when I talked about whale fucking believed that whale fucking was real so I ran with it. I started the whole goddamn website Mothers Against Whale Fucking in the Philippines because of their sons who were dying fucking whales. All right. And people goddamnit, please, if you can’t see that Bitcoin is a piece of shit and always, not always, at least for the past four goddamn years. I mean it was the first one, there’s no privacy. No fucking security, you can’t run a goddamn smart contract on it, you can’t have a DApp up, fuck me. It was great until real technologies like Monero came along or stable coins like DAI. I mean Jesus God, no one accepts it anymore. Do you understand? Try to buy anything with Bitcoin? No, no. Are you shitting me? You can buy it with Monero, you can buy it with DAI, USDT but you can’t buy shit with Bitcoin

BitBoy: Its use case is its value.

John: It’s gone. So obviously it was a goddamn joke. I was going to say, I want to make it $100,000 and you know what someone’s going to be stupid enough to believe that. They go “No way” so I go and make it a million. Do you understand?

BitBoy: I wanted you to win, John. I wanted you to win the belt.

John: It’s not possible because if I had one, do you understand? Please, 21 million coins, $1 million for coin, greater than the gross domestic product of the entire continent of North America.

BitBoy: We’ve come up with in the last three years.

John: But what I’m saying if you use common sense it is an impossibility, an impossibility. I don’t care if God himself came down. Shit, I don’t know, there’s no way it’s going to work, unless I change the laws of mathematics. So please, people, Good God, wake up. The same people, the people who believe that shit, the same people who believed whale fucking and it was the same goddamn day. Let me say, just to make sure people understood, I published on Twitter a prediction by the end of 2020, whale fucking is going to surpass Surfing as the number one water sports and 20 minutes later Bitcoin is going to reach a million dollars by the end of 2020 the same goddamn timeframe or I’ll eat my dick. Please people wake the fuck up

JChains: So, what kind of sass do you use?

John: I was going to actually have a bunch of Bangkok prostitutes suck it off.

BitBoy: So, listen, so Bitcoin is not going to be the end-all-be-all that the maximalist thinks it’s going to be?

John: Not now, it’s not used anymore No one accepts it. The end all all are privacy coins and stable coins. We all know that. I mean for example, if you’re selling something on the web, would you rather accept something which fluctuates wildly and you don’t have a clue what it’s going to be worth by the time you cash in or something like DAI where you guaranteed it will not vary more than one fucking percent and never has from the US dollar, never has. So, which would you choose? Not Bitcoin or if you’re on the dark web, you can’t use DAI because it’s transparent, just like Bitcoin. You have to use Monero or some other privacy coin. I mean, this is just a fact of life, people. There’s only going to be two types of coins, stable and privacy. That’s it. End of story.

BitBoy: Interesting.

JChains: So that brings us to GHOST?

BitBoy: Yeah.

John: Ah, yes. What would you like to know?

JChains: Tell us a little bit about it.  What are some of the privacy features that set it apart from Monero?

John: Okay, first of all, Monero, it’s a fucking hot coin. I mean, you ain’t breaking that mofo. You are not ever going to break into Monero and find out a single transaction unless you are one of the parties in the transaction. Ghost gives you exactly the same so in that respect, fuck me, they’re all the same. What’s the difference? Monero was constructed before distributed exchanges were conceived. So, here’s the problem with Monero and every other privacy coin. You cannot exchange them on a distributed exchange, the architecture simply will not allow it. So, while they are as private as you can ever fucking get, awesome. At some point you might want to exchange Monero for cash or something else. You can only do that on a centralized exchange. All centralized exchanges now are under the thumb of governance. All of them. Find one that’s not, trying to get on a centralized exchange. It’s not exchanging without giving them something, at least your name, an email address. Usually you got to give them the fucking documentation, copy of your driver’s license, your bank account. No, please God.  A decentralized exchange, just like the Ghost exchange. Wouldn’t ask for anything. Not your name, not your email address, not anything. Why? Because nobody asks. It’s a self-running entity. No one controls it. We don’t control it, even though we built it. We can’t do jack shit with it though. It’s running as smart contracts on all the blockchains. So, we can’t do anything. We don’t ask anything. So, on a decentralized exchange, if you had a privacy coin, then the exchange would be utterly private as well. Do you understand? So, we built two things, we actually built three, we built the Ghost, decentralized exchange.

And right now, people, were the only people on a decentralized exchange, we can actually exchange Bitcoin and Ghost, of course, all of the Ethereum chain tokens and a couple of others. And we’ll be adding more and more as they go along. But the big thing about Ghost is we architected it specifically. So that not only are you absolutely assured this is private, when you exchange it for something else, that’s also private. Then the third thing that we did, which nobody in crypto has yet done is we have created and this is coming out in September, it’s already in beta. The Ghost cell phone service, it’s an eSIM service. Now, do we encrypt stuff? Fuck no, encryption doesn’t do any fucking good.

I mean, if there is no more man in the middle, that’s all encryption does, someone in the middle of listening, bullshit, there’s nobody there anymore. They’re on both sides. The only thing you never hide now is your identity and your location. And with the ghost service, that’s what we provide, it’s an eSIM system. Nobody can triangulate you when you connect up to the cell towers, not possible. When you buy an eSIM from us, we don’t ask who you are. We don’t get any documentation at all. Do you have some crypto or do you have a credit card? That’s all and you can buy a fucking credit card from one of these credit card machines that does not identify and you are now up and running on a cell phone network as a completely anonymous individual, which means you can put your wallets you can transact on every crypto business in utter privacy and utter anonymity.

So, these are the three things we’re doing, the first two are already up and running, the Ghost exchange is up went on the main net live, we did some problems for the first four days when we went from test net to main net, as everybody does. I mean, not an excuse, but it took us four days to get our act together. But now it’s been up and running perfectly for weeks. We’re staking, there are staking pools. I mean, it’s in good shape and the phone will be out on the 15th and we’ve already had beta testers that (inaudible 28:39) Number one, it’s just as fast as any cell phone service out there, 4G, LTE. And unfortunately, we only won in 35 countries now, we don’t run in Canada or Australia, unfortunately.

JChains: You are talking about the phone, right?

John: For the phone, yeah. The rest of it doesn’t fucking matter without connecting up to a cell service. As long as you’ve got internet access, you can do what you want. So, but no, all of Western Europe with the exception of Portugal and some of Eastern Europe, we can do Russia, we can’t do China. So, we’re missing China, which is a serious big winner. We’re missing Canada, we’re missing Australia, New Zealand. So, regret, but we’re having difficulty making it work in those countries just because of the laws and bizarre stuff happening there. But for most of the world with the exception of China, which is very populous, it will be up and running on the 15th of September. And we hope to add Canada and Australia by December and because everyone in Canada is going “well, why not us?” Why don’t you talk to your fucking government, not my problem.

BitBoy: So really excited to see what’s going to happen with Ghost, really excited to see what happens with the cell phone service. I think that’s a killer idea for sure. But before we let you go, just in general, what is your prediction for this next Bull Run?  What is your general prediction, any prediction you want about the next Bull Run for cryptocurrency?

John: The next bull run? Listen people, I don’t care about that shit. I don’t invest in crypto; I never have. I use crypto. Listen Janice and I do not have bank accounts. We don’t have a credit card. We don’t use dollars and Yen and Euros, were in a crypto universe and had been for a while. So, I use crypto, I don’t invest in it. Good God Almighty. If someone wants me to do some work for them, they gotta pay me in crypto or else hire somebody else. And people who work for me, I pay them in crypto or go work for somebody else. I don’t want to buy something, I gotta go on the web and find out where it is. That’s the most inconvenient part. But there’s nothing that you can’t buy with crypto, houses, cars, bulletproof vests, shoes, clothes, food, prostitutes. So, I’m just saying now that I’m the wrong fucking person to ask, I’ve no clue and don’t give a shit. Like, I’m in the stable coin. That’s where I keep everything.

BitBoy: It’s interesting with everything you’re saying right now, reflecting back on what you said earlier in the interview about the stable coins, you know that–

John: Well, yeah, the seven coins. They’re not going to go up or down, I don’t care. They’re just they’re I never have to get out into Dollars or Euros or Yen, or British pounds or anything else. It’s just I’m always in crypto, do you see? And then when I want to buy something that I would rather be private, I’ll convert to Monero and then buy it.

BitBoy: There you go. I like that, using crypto for what it was meant for.

John: Please God, the people are not doing that, you’re preventing– Listen, crypto is the golden key to unlock your cage of slavery if you fucking use it. But if you’re just into it to make money, go to Las Vegas for fuck sake, it’s a lot more fun and a lot more action and exactly the same risks and rewards. Go play craps, that’s the best odds of any gambling and you could play craps forever if you adjust just the past line, right? So no, go there. That’s the best thing. If you want to try to make money by doing jack fucking shit. Go to Las Vegas, gamble because that’s what you’re doing by buying crypto. I’m just saying.

BitBoy: Yeah, definitely some good advice. Well John, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been a real interview, you’re always such a good entertaining and informative guest. Are there any links or social media accounts you want to give out for people to find you out?

John: Well, @officialMcAfee on Twitter, that’s where I hang out. And for the rest, just cruise around, enjoy yourself, that’s what life is meant to be. Thank you very much.

BitBoy: Thank you, John.


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Episode 99: McAfee Says Don’t Invest in Crypto!

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