Episode 98: DogeCoin PUMPS: Will It Last?


Episode 98: DogeCoin PUMPS: Will It Last?

This episode is fresh from our vacation—China launching their own blockchain network, doing research during altseason, and our recent Fourth of July celebrations.

For News Break, we talk about LINK (LN) nodes being up by more than 15% as a direct result of China launching their blockchain network. How will the Chinese blockchain network impact the crypto community in the US, and across the world?

In Token Time, we feature DogeCoin which is pumping these days. Listen to the story as to why DogeCoin is pumping. What caused DogeCoin to pump? Will this last?

For Manspreading, we share our most recent vacations—being away from people, spending time with the family, waking up to nature—the whole deal.

02:48 News Break
09:37 Token Time
16:54 Manspreading

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Episode 98: DogeCoin PUMPS: Will It Last?

Hey friends, we’re glad you tuned in to this episode of Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man, and all you beard-loving ladies. In this vast kingdom of nerdy incels, two men stand out as different from the crowd. BitBoy and JChains were both voted least nerdy in high school and most likely to have a better-than-mediocre podcast. Join them each week as they discuss all the hottest topics in cryptocurrency as well as the fan favorite segment, Manspreading. So, make sure to hit subscribe and turn on those downloads. Here are the dudes Ben and Justin.

BitBoy: Hello everybody. Welcome to Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and the ladies who love them. I’m your co-host BitBoy crypto and joined as always by my compadre, my road dog, JChains. What is going on?

JChains: What up, what up? How are you doing, buddy?

BitBoy:  Good, man. Hey, we both have been road dog-ing it.

JChains: Man, I can’t wait until we get to that segment of the show. It’s been a fun couple of weeks for me. I know that you were on a road too

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely and we’re definitely going to talk about that today in Manspreading. Tell them what else we got going on the show today.

JChains: Yeah, absolutely, man. So, for News Break I think it’s appropriate that we’re going to talk about the launch of the China blockchain network. And it kind of how it affected the price of Link and some of the action and activating some nodes. On Token Time, baby, it is Alt season boys and girls, so let’s start doing some research and look into this DogeCoin because you’re going to want to look into it. Don’t just buy it. Make sure you do your research. And on Manspreading like BitBoy said, we are going to be talking about our recent vacations because it was Fourth of July weekend and what do you do in America? You go on vacation.

BitBoy: That’s it. Absolutely.

JChains: Or you celebrate, whatever.

BitBoy: Yeah, can’t wait to get into what we did for the fourth. But first, let’s make sure we give a little shout out here to our sponsor, Monarch. Token because you guys may not know but the Beards and Bitcoins crypto podcast is brought to you by Monarch Wallet, rule your own financial Kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right, Ben. The team at Monarch is working hard to bring you the one app to access all of the best crypto services and these guys believe in delivering tech, not hype.

BitBoy: That’s right with the universal decentralized Monarch Wallet, you can buy, store, spend and earn crypto. With Monarch pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: That’s very nice. So, if you need more information, or you want to check it out a little bit more and get involved, go to monarchwallet.com or you can check out monarch.io today

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely. Well, let’s go ahead and kick it off a News Break.



BitBoy: Alright guys, so today we got a very interesting story coming to you guys about Link, the blockchain service network in why it could be sending Link even more to the moon that already is now all I do want to tell you that this segment, News Break is brought to you by BestChange. We’ll be telling you guys about our sponsor of News Break at the end of this segment, but J, breakdown, tell us a little bit about what’s going on.

JChains: Yeah, absolutely. So, if you’re not familiar with the blockchain network in China, we’ll get into that a little bit. But one of the things I want to talk about, and we know that there’s a lot of ‘Linksters’ around, the ‘Stinky-Linkies’, ‘Link Marines.’ The really big thing that happened with China launching the blockchain network is that it activated 135 nodes that are integrated with Chainlink’s price oracle. I know that a lot about the BSN, and why this is all important and I think that we should get into it. But I just want to as we get into this industry and things start changing and we all know that Link is pretty much the bridge from the real world to the crypto world, right. So, to see things start to get activated. I know it gets a lot of people excited, but we’re not here to talk about Link. We’re here to talk about the blockchain network.

BitBoy: Yeah, so the Blockchain Service Network, also known as BSN and this is little tricky waters with being an American and cryptocurrency because BSN, it is a consortium of Chinese businesses that are trying to make blockchain more popular in China. So, you have a lot of very important apps in businesses in China that are focused on pushing for that blockchain adoption. But as an American, it’s kind of weird because like, I’m invested in these Chinese projects and if China’s really moving forward with this blockchain services network, is that really good for our economy in the United States? And kind of puts us in a weird spot of like, wanting China to win because you want your bags to pump, you want to make money, you want your investments to do well. I know a lot of these Chinese people that are involved with, specifically IOST, who’s very heavily involved in the BSN. So, I know the People it’s not like we’re talking about faceless military soldiers or something in China. I mean, these are people that I have some relationships with. But the BSN is a very big powerful thing in China right now, it’s going to only continue to get bigger.

JChains: So, let me ask you a question then, do you think if this is a success, and you see it kind of really scale up that route that would hurt the US economy?

BitBoy: Well, I think we’re basically in a new space race. Funny enough, I have a documentary talking about this. I mean, I feel like blockchain is the space race between the United States and China right now and when our economies are getting so close to one another, it’s kind of like one of these two countries, one of these two superpowers is going to prevail as the country that gets the most benefit from blockchain right now. It looks like it’s going to be China. So, we’re getting held up by regulation and they’re working with the BSN to kind of push that forward. But yeah, if China whoops us in blockchain and cryptocurrency blows up, like we all think it’s going to, our country is in a pretty interesting spot where they’ll definitely be able to catch our economy.

JChains: Absolutely. I mean, you got to even think about taxation stuff, too. I mean, I think with the regulation and taxation and how they’re trying to do that here, capital is just going to leave. I mean, United States investors, no one’s going to play that game. We know plenty of people that just don’t really want to be interested in all these crazy tax issues for whatever. I mean, it’s just annoying and we all know that it’s, it’s a frustration for all of us. And in my opinion, this is not something that should be taxable, right? Tike this was created to be free of the government.

BitBoy: Yeah, well, that’s how it started as but that’s not what it is now.

JChains: That’s not what where we’re at.

BitBoy: You got to trade off. If we were to go back to the stage where Bitcoin was just  libertarian way of not paying taxes and being able to make stands and things like that, well then the market cap wouldn’t be billions of dollars, it would make it worth more money and give us an opportunity to make money, so got to trade off like if people want to go back to their your decentralized like the ideals of cryptocurrency then I mean that’s cool, but you got to use it like money not like you’re going to make wealth off of it like we look at it now.

JChains: That’s a good point. I mean, there are so many arguments for every different side and what’s idealistic and what’s practical, you’re right it requires some trade-offs and just don’t want the taxman to come out after anybody.

BitBoy: I like to live in reality. That’s where I like to live. People may not be able to tell it by my thumbnail but I like to live in reality like, it’s great talk about being idealistic and not paying taxes. But the reality is that’s just not going to happen at this stage in the world’s economy, but it could one day, maybe. But we talked a lot about China in the segment and our next story has a Chinese app heavily involved and we’re going to talk about our coin of the day. So, you guys are definitely going to want to listen to this. Token Time is going to be insane. Some big things going on behind the scenes, can’t wait to talk to you guys about but first, but first though, I think we do have to give a little shout out.

JChains: Absolutely. So, remember, newsbreak is answered by BestChange.com. BestChange.com is a directory of selected trusted and reliable exchanges. Their website is going to show you where you can buy, sell and exchange dozens of popular crypto currencies or you can even purchase with a debit or credit card.

BitBoy: That’s right. Monitor is easy to use with no special knowledge or skills needed and that’s great because I’ve got neither and it has an intuitive interface, exchanging is easy as pecan pie.

JChains: Pecan pie is my favorite, and with over 2.4 million users per month and reviews that are left by actual users and customers, they’re going to help you choose the right exchanger for you. So, visit BestChange.com today for more information. Again, that’s BestChange.com, thank you.

BitBoy: Yep, big shout out to BestChange. Alright, let’s move on over to Token Time. This is going to be one of the most interesting segments we ever had, I think.



JChains: All right, boys and girls. It’s Token Time and today we’re going to talk about a fan favorite. I’m sure if you’re a noob, you’ve heard of it, if you’ve been in the game, you absolutely know what this is. This sucker has been pumping. We’re going to talk about DogeCoin

BitBoy: I mean, are you aware of why DogeCoin has been pumping?

JChains: Talk to me.

BitBoy: Do you know?

JChains: I know a little bit.

BitBoy: What do you know? Let’s hear it.

JChains: No, you go

BitBoy: Oh, am I exposing you right now, J? Are you trying to like throw this to me?

JChains: I’m throwing it to you, man. So, here’s the deal, and we’re going to get to this in Manspreading but I am out of town and I’ve been out of my research game. So I have not been paying attention to the news. I’ve basically been off crypto Twitter.

BitBoy: I’m done with crypto Twitter, but here’s the thing, DogeCoin is pumping because of TikTok.

JChains: Oh.

BitBoy: Yes, this is crazy, this is crazy.

JChains: I know that’s like your jam, bro.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah. Oh, I made a video on it last night. It’s got like 300,000 views on it, I’m doing pretty well. Yeah, if you’re on TikTok, follow me on FactsCEO but TikTok is like facing some really tough screening from the government right now. It may end up getting banned. I don’t think it’s going to happen. But what happened is that basically, there was a guy on TikTok this random guy, and he posted a video explaining to people that “hey, if we all want to get rich, I found this thing called DogeCoin and it’s super cheap. It’s like less than a penny and if we get it to $1 we’ll all be rich” and all these kids on TikTok are going on Binance US and they’re buying $25 worth of DogeCoin since they started doing this, the price has basically doubled and that just shows you that there’s basically nobody in crypto, and so yeah, it’s a straight TikTok DogeCoin pump and dump. So, I made a video about last night and tried to show people that these are actually good coins you want to invest in Chainlink, Ethereum, CRO, and all the projects we like. Listen, I’ve not seen anything like this since 2017. First of all, people are correcting me, in the comments they’re saying “it’s not pronounced DogeCoin it’s pronounced doggy coin.”

JChains: Jesus, come on.

BitBoy: That’s the cryptocurrency IQ level of the people who are pumping this coin. They don’t even know how to say it like, is that not the most 2017 thing you’ve ever seen?

JChains: Yeah. Oh man. So I did see a little something today and it brings up a really good point that there are going to be so many people that are going to get toasted on this and like you said, even if it’s only 25 bucks, they’re going to get toasted on their 25 bucks and it’s going to put a bad taste in their mouth about crypto.

BitBoy: No, no, no, I totally disagree with that. I understand why you would think that.

JChains: When it dumps, you don’t think it will?

BitBoy: No, no, because they’ve got that taste.

JChains: Oh, they got the drug.

BitBoy: Mainlining them Altcoins, they got the taste now.

JChains: It’s Alt Season so they’re going to see a couple double digit and then boom.

BitBoy: DogeCoin isn’t going to go to $100 or $1 or whatever they’re going to get to, it’s not going to get there.  However, DogeCoin going to pump is going to do well just like all the other Alt coins and this really is coming at the best possible time because we’re actually kind of on the precipice of Bitcoin rising, Altcoins pumping. So, it may actually work out okay for them and I think it’s going to get a lot of people super interested in cryptocurrency.

JChains: Right. There’s some correlation with the price of DogeCoin and when it pops versus what Bitcoin does, right? I mean, historically, it’s done it a couple times, like once or twice.

BitBoy: Yeah, so I just made a video about this on the channel yesterday. It’s not published yet at the time of this recording, but I did make a video about this. When I said yesterday, it’s actually today I just recorded a couple hours ago. By the time you guys are listening to this it’ll already be out on the channel and it basically revolves around order books and the fact that since DogeCoin is only a few Satoshis, that it only takes a very small move to set off an entire wave of buy and sell orders like a 2.5% move can set off over 100 Bitcoin of orders on Binance alone just for DogeCoin. So people use DogeCoin is a good way to get liquidity if they want to jump out of Bitcoin, they can do it, they can set limit orders and it just takes one Satoshi for them to be able to get their bag sold or whatever they’re trying to do. So there is a correlation, DogeCoin does pump usually before Bitcoin does. So how much does the TikTok thing have to do with it? I think quite a bit. But also, I think it’s kind of perfect timing because I think Bitcoin is getting ready to move and I think we’re seeing movement with DogeCoin from that also.

JChains: Yeah, But it started off as a meme coin and to me it was a joke thing but it really got popular

BitBoy: It’s still a meme coin.

JChains: I think I have 100 of them.

BitBoy: Somebody on TikTok commented and they said, “Yeah, this is exactly like cryptocurrency so dumb because a meme coin can blah blah blah.” I said the US dollar is the biggest meme coin on the planet. It is.

JChains: Got ’em.

BitBoy: They just go print more. At least with DogeCoin you can’t just go print unlimited supply.

JChains: That’s true. That’s the beauty about finite supply, man. You can’t inflate it, you can’t crew the people. Amen.

BitBoy: So very, very, very, very interesting stuff going on in DogeCoin right now and we will let you guys know. Also, today’s episode, talking about DogeCoin, talking about the news, pretty quick episode today. We’re going to be talking about Manspreading in a second, but I do want everybody to know that we actually have some human interviews coming up in the next few weeks, we’ve got John McAfee and Charlie Shrem on. So, you guys can look forward to a full episode next week with one of those interviews. Probably John McAfee, we’ll do first then Charlie Shrem the next week, so you guys definitely stay tuned for that.

JChains: I’ll be out of my nerd specs by then too.

BitBoy: You’re friggin nerd dude and my kids say ‘nerd alert’ now all the time. They call it ‘nerd science’ They don’t like Donatello, the Ninja Turtle they’re like “we don’t like Donnie because he’s a nerd science” Oh my gosh, you’ve been listening to my podcast too much.

JChains: Love it.

BitBoy: Yeah, so Alright guys, don’t forget to check out Beards and Bitcoins.com by the way, guys, you get your 21 Best Bitcoin practice guide. If you want to talk about your token on our show, head on over to our telegram group t.me/beardsandbitcoins and let us know that way. So, let’s go ahead and do what we like to do. The favorite part of the show. Let’s be dudes, let’s Manspread.



JChains: All right today for Manspreading thing, Ben, you’re probably back from your vacation. I actually leave for mine tomorrow. It’s summer break, everybody’s still hitting the road, having fun, grilling on the grill, swimming in the beach. But you were in a different place, you and I talked offline the other day. Dude, I want everyone to know how much of a good time you had where you went. Let’s hear all about it.

BitBoy: Yeah, so I wanted to take my kids out west to check out some stuff out there. And we went to Mount Rushmore. We were not at the Donald Trump rally. That was the night before we were there. Just if anybody wonders, but I did see the fireworks from afar because we got there that night. But, we went out to Denver, we flew to Denver, we rented a car, we ran a Jag, son. That Jag SUV.

JChains: Oh, bro baller.

BitBoy: Yeah, we were balling that, man. We were balling in that Jaguar. So, when I got pulled over by a cop in Wyoming for speeding, obviously he was like, “This is a rental car. This is a nice rental car.” That’s a different story. But anyways, okay, so we went to Denver, and we drove up through Wyoming and let me tell you, Wyoming is the most beautiful state in all countries that I’ve seen. And I’ve seen most of them. To me, it was just absolutely phenomenal like there’s so many different changes in geography there. We drove up to Devil’s Tower, which is way north Wyoming which is really cool and we drove over through the Black Hills of South Dakota, we saw Mount Rushmore, saw the Crazy Horse Memorial which is insane, the head is the size of Mount Rushmore.

JChains: It’s a beautiful thing.

BitBoy: It’s been built. It’s still getting built. It’s only about 10% done. They’ve been working on it for 70 years.

JChains: It’s insane, right?

BitBoy: Crazy. So, we did that and then we drove over to the Badlands, which is really cool. When we drove down through Nebraska. We saw a bunch of stuff there. And let me tell you, I don’t know, do you think city living is for men?

JChains: No, man. That’s for Metro, man.

BitBoy: That’s for metrosexuals. I am not a metrosexual.

JChains: No, you want to be a man, man. And you want to chop wood and roam the pasture, climb a mountain

BitBoy: To be able to be driving and see buffalos

JChains: Dude, you know how cool it is to drive and see a buffalo? It’s awesome.

BitBoy: It’s freakin sweet. I mean, we saw hundreds of them, it was unbelievable. just on the side of the road. Like I’ve never been out west like that. I’ve been to California and Las Vegas, but yeah, absolutely insane out there and it made me want to get a bunch of land and maybe live off the grid.

JChains: Here we go.

BitBoy: Can I do that with Bitcoin?

JChains: I think that Bitcoin would give you the freedom to do that.

BitBoy: I think so.

JChains: I’m thinking about the same thing. I live in a neighborhood– same thing, on this vacation we’re out in the woods for a while and where I’m staying, I’m surrounded by trees and space and no neighbors and yada yada yada and there’s something to be said about waking up in the mountains, the air is different, you just feel good.

BitBoy: Yeah and it made me decide like we’re getting ready to move or build a house or buy a house. I’m trying to get at least five acres, after going out there, I was like “You know what, I don’t want to be near” I love that, being away from people and just having some property.

JChains: I’ll be back in the back 40, baby, shooting guns.

BitBoy: Absolutely the back 40. So, it was definitely a pretty cool trip, I really enjoyed it, can’t wait to go back out west again. We want to go over towards Yellowstone and stuff like that, but it’s good to get in touch with my home on the ranch side.

JChains: Yeah, yeah, there’s nothing better man. I used to live in Estes Park, Colorado, and that is just a beautiful place and when the elk come down for the rut? Dude, it is so cool, man.

BitBoy: I’m going to tell you right now, I’m going elk hunting this year. I have decided for sure.

JChains: Let’s go.

BitBoy: You’re coming?

JChains: Let’s go, I’ll go with you.

BitBoy: Whoo, I like it. I like it. Let’s do it. That’d be a good episode. Do it from the tree stand.

JChains: Ah, we might not get any elk that day but we’ll have a good episode

BitBoy: After we get it.

JChains: Are you going to wear the camo warpaint?

BitBoy: Oh yeah, were going full masked up

JChains: Man, that’s amazing.

BitBoy: Now, listen, oh, this week for the poll. What do we throw up on the poll? Best place to vacation?

JChains: Yeah, how about that? How would the best place to vacation whether it’s the mountains, the city, the ocean, or what else is there

BitBoy: Staycation.

JChains: Oh.

BitBoy: Some people like a staycation.

JChains: Some people like a staycation. Some people don’t like to leave home. They just don’t want to have to do anything.

BitBoy: That’s right. I think Al Bundy invented the staycation on American children episode.

JChains: Do you remember that show? He was awesome.

BitBoy: That was the best show. I mean, that show, the re-watch value on is still very high

JChains: Absolutely and I didn’t probably understand it enough as a child

BitBoy: Not at all. You got a dog, so married with children, with a dog, with my little Fia over there, married with children, it gives you a different perspective. When you’re an adult watching the show, sometimes it’ll come on syndicated TV or whatever. But yeah, let’s put that up on the poll, guys. And, yeah, next week, we got big interviews. We got big interviews coming up 4 weeks in rows. You guys definitely make sure you come back next week. Check out the episode, we got our hundredth episode coming up pretty soon. I think this is 98.

JChains: Wow.

BitBoy: Yeah, we’re getting up there.

JChains: I like that once we hit the 100 mark. That’s when we know we did it, we made it.

BitBoy: That’s right, man. We can end the podcast.

JChains: Oh, man.

BitBoy: No, no, no, we’re just getting started. We’re just getting started. So alright guys, that’s all we got for today, we will talk to you guys next week.

JChains: See you.

Thank you for listening to the Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you are subscribed on your favorite podcast platform and help us spread the word by sharing your favorite Beards and Bitcoins podcast episodes on your social media. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter @BeardsBitcoins to participate in the weekly poll, chat and share fire memes. Oh, and don’t forget to visit our website BeardsandBitcoins.com for more episodes, information and Merch today. See you next time.


Episode 98: DogeCoin PUMPS: Will It Last?


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