Episode 92: Most Important Person in Crypto Returns?


Episode 92: Most Important Person in Crypto Returns?

In this episode, we discuss these topics—Satoshi possibly moving 50 BTC from a wallet that hasn’t had any activity since 2009, a coin that just announced a partnership with a video game maker, and a host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world signing an exclusive deal with Spotify.

For News Break, we talk about the story that Satoshi Nakamoto possibly just moved 50 BTC from a wallet that’s been dormant since 2009. Is this true? What is the implication of this story to the crypto space? We discuss this developing story in News Break.

In Token Time, we feature Litecoin and its partnership with video game maker Atari. How will this partnership play out for the online gaming community? How will this pan out for both parties? Find out the answers in this segment.

For Manspreading, we talk about Joe Rogan and his whopping exclusive deal with Spotify for $100 Million. What is the ripple effect of this huge contract to YouTube, Podcasting, and Audio Content Creation? We weigh in on Joe Rogan’s move and statement.

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21:53 Manspreading

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Episode 92: Most Important Person in Crypto Returns?


Hey friends, we’re glad you tuned in to this episode of Beards And Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and all you beard-loving ladies. In this vast Kingdom of nerdy incels, two men stand out as different from the crowd. BitBoy and JChains were both voted least nerdy in high school. Join them each week as they discuss all the hottest topics in cryptocurrency, as well as the fan favorite segment Manspreading. So, make sure to hit subscribe and turn on those downloads. Here are the dudes, Ben and Justin.

BitBoy: Welcome to Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and the ladies who love them. Today as always, I am joined by my co-host, JChains. I am BitBoy. What is going on, Chains? Tell them what we got on the show today.

JChains: Hey, hey, hey, what is happening, y’all? Got a great show planned for you. For News Break, this is very exciting. It’s Satoshi just moved 50 Bitcoin, we’ll find out, we’ll find out we’ll find out. On Token Time, this coin just announced a huge partnership and us, old guys because we’re about the same age. We’re excited about the name, nostalgia here and on Manspreading, we’re going to talk about the news that was recently announced by the Joe Rogan podcast, how he’s going to go exclusively over to Spotify. So, stay with us, it’s going to be a great show. And we’re excited to see you. I am excited to see you because I know you just got back from vacation.

BitBoy: Absolutely, man. I did get back from vacation and it was a good one. It was very relaxing and refreshing. And people who watch my channel probably know, I work like a mad scientist. I’ve been working about 18 to 20 hours a day for six months straight and seven days a week, nonstop and this is the first break that I’ve had and it was really nice to unplug, recharge, kind of get my mind focused about some different stuff. I had some stuff for you guys to know, I have a big TikTok account, which is still blowing up. I’m like 2.3 million followers over there now, and I really had some clarity about some things I could do with that. Like, it’s just great. You guys, if you haven’t unplugged and refreshed, I highly suggest it.

JChains: Do it. The quarantine is a great time to do it if you haven’t already. So, let me ask you a question. Speaking of that, obviously we’re still fresh in the stay at home orders. Georgia is a little bit different. What is life like post-apocalypse?

BitBoy: Yeah, so, I got a lot of weird comments like on Twitter, TikTok, or whatever it was. People are saying, like, ‘Why are you on vacation mode?’ Like, guys, look, here’s the thing, over in this part of the country in the south, we over it. We done.

JChains: We done.

BitBoy: We done with it. If y’all want to keep it up north, you want to keep it out west, y’all go ahead and roll with it. But down here, we are going back to life as normal. And here’s why, guys, there’s no vaccine coming. We don’t– like think about this, we could be years and years and years without a vaccine or a cure, at some point we’re going to have to go back to life. And down here in the south, we decided, we all freaking go back.

JChains: So, like one of the things you have to think about something like that, right is when you’re talking about this, like it might be years, like it’s a virus, HIV is a virus, I get that there are differences in virus, but still, how long did it take them to find anything that would work for that?

BitBoy: A long time, 20 years, to find any treatment really for it that works effectively. And it still is not curable, people in Africa are learning to live with it longer, which is good, but there is no pure vaccine or pure cure, there’s treatment that can prolong your life past the point of like, where, if you have enough money to keep the treatment going long enough, where you’d be like Magic Johnson, you don’t ever die from it. But that’s what we’re facing here is something very similar. We don’t know if we’ll ever be able to have a cure. And so, for us, I’ll just sit back and say, ‘Well, I guess you know, we just need to wait forever, you know, to go do something.’ Like nah, just go out and do stuff. You’d be smart. Like yeah, I’m telling my kids ‘don’t touch this, don’t touch that, don’t touch the door’ or whatever. Like but these are new rules we’re just going to have to live with pretty much in society, we’re going to teach our kids like ‘you do not touch stuff’ other than like what is absolutely necessary when you open doors, washing hands, sit down restaurant, restaurants are not going to be as packed as they were, bars are going to be much different, the pool area, the hotel I stayed at, they had taken out some of the chairs, so things were spaced out just a little bit more, not that much more really, to be honest with you. But it was weird to like, from my hotel, looking out our balcony over the– we were staying in Panama City, so looking over the gulf, the beach, and the pool area from the back of the hotel look pretty normal. When you get on like the front side of the hotel where all the restaurants are and stores, it’s hit or miss. I mean, some are open, some are closed, but almost all of them have special precautions. So, we went to an ice cream store and like they had to tell people behind us like ‘y’all got to wait outside’ So you just had to come in and a few at a time. We went to a donut place for breakfast where they had ‘X’ marked everywhere outside, we had to stand and wait for the next person to move, so you can move and things like that.

JChains: Isn’t your favorite chicken wing place there?

BitBoy: It’s in Cocoa Beach. We didn’t go to Cocoa Beach.

JChains: Cocoa Beach, Okay.

BitBoy: I eat a lot of crab legs this week.

JChains: Oh, you know, I was thinking about today, I was having a conversation with my mother and somehow, a lobster roll came up and, man, I could go for a lobster roll. That sounds so good.

BitBoy: And you know, I don’t really do lobster rolls or crab cakes because I don’t mess with peppers and onions and vegetables. I just like meat, you know? I like to tear them crab legs. Oh, I had ‘all you can eat’ crab legs, one night.

JChains: Nice.

BitBoy: Pretty fantastic. I do love seafood for sure.

JChains: That’s good. It’s a good seafood to love.

BitBoy:  Absolutely. Well, let’s talk about MCO, real quick.

JChains: Yeah, man. Absolutely. Make sure that you guys visit MCO.beards.live, so you can sign up for a Crypto.com account. We’ll both get 50 bucks. You’ve got a great place to store your crypto, they actually just released a wallet where you get to keep your own seed phrase and private keys. So that’s your key, that’s your crypto.

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely. Another great wallet is the Monarch Wallet, which as you guys know, is a great sponsor of the Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast. Rule your own financial kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right, sir. The team at Monarch, they are bringing one app to access all the best crypto services right there from the palm of your hand. These guys believe in delivering tech, not hype.

BitBoy: With the Universal Decentralized Monarch Wallet, you can buy, store, spend and earn crypto with Monarch Pay. You can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: Nice. Make sure that you visit monarchwallet.com or monarchtoken.io today.

BitBoy: Absolutely. So alright. Let’s get into big news of the day because it is crazy.



BitBoy: Alright guys, so for News Break, we’re covering a really crazy, kind of a breaking story, it’s been going on the last couple hours today. We’re recording this Wednesday night, you guys are listening to it on Thursday, most likely. It is involving possibly Satoshi moving BTC. What you got on that, J?

JChains: So, 2009 is the last time these coins did anything. I think they were mined from one of the original blocks, something like that that we were reading. But a lot of talk, man. ‘Could this be Satoshi? Could this just be an ‘OG’ that needs to move some funding?’ We don’t know. But we have seen that it definitely impacted the market today. I think because of the news, Bitcoin dumped about 200 bucks in a matter of like, ignore time. I mean, I know it’s not a huge move, when you’re talking, trying to get to 10,000 but still like that’s a pretty big swing in a day on some ‘maybe news’ you know?

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s a lot of fear and it’s kind of crazy is that one thing we have hanging over our head in crypto, which is, we saw what the Mt. Gox debacle did, right? When the trustees of Mt. Gox like held that BTC forever and it was just like never ending, they kept dumping it and it kept affecting the price. But this is like way more dramatic than even that. I mean, we’re talking about 1 million BTC, we don’t know who has it, we don’t know if anyone has access to it. That 1 million Bitcoin being removed from the supply is baked into the price. So really, when we’re talking about the total circulating supply is like 18 and a half million well, we know there’s been about 4 million that have been lost and included in that 4 million is the 1 million that we believe is Satoshi’s that will never move again. So, you’re talking about out of 18 and a half million, you’re talking about really about 14 and a half million in actual circulating supply. So if that number were to go up and that to 15.5 million because this million BTC gets moved. It’s going to have a dramatic effect on the price. But also at the same time, I don’t know if you remember but you, me and Crypto Stash talked about this a lot, when we were in Texas, last year, about how it might be better to just, I mean, I almost wish you would just do it, go ahead, move them all, take them all, sell them all, whatever.

JChains: Be done with it.

BitBoy: Let’s be done with it. Yeah. Because now like, we’re just always caught in this kind of limbo of like, ‘Is this Satoshi? You know, will he be able to move these? Is he going to dump them? Is he going to sell them and it’s always hanging over our head.’ So, I think that creates a lot of a lot of fear.

JChains: Absolutely. And again, like, we’ve talked about this many times in the show as well. So you know, nobody really cares about, a lot of people care about the identity of Satoshi. But I think if you’re a true believer of crypto and Bitcoin and all that, you don’t really care or want to know who he is because that’s kind of the design of the whole thing, right?

BitBoy: Yeah. It kind of adds to the folk legend of Satoshi.

JChains: Yeah, and the whole decentralized nature because you don’t actually know who it is. So there’s hopefully no puppet behind the strings, calling all the shots.

BitBoy: Yeah. Well, the thing about this is when you start off telling about the stories of an ‘OG”, well this goes beyond an ‘OG’ like when people talk about ‘OGs’ and crypto which of course, if you didn’t know stands for ‘original gangster’ it just basically means that the people that would write it, should call it ‘ONG” Original Nerd Gangsta, okay?

JChains: Yeah. Original nerd.

BitBoy: Yeah, nerds. But this goes beyond that. This is not someone who was early in crypto. I mean, I’ve been in Bitcoin since 2012. I consider myself to be way before 95% of people at least that are in crypto. But this is a whole another level, you’re talking about somebody that was around in the first six months of Bitcoin.

JChains: Yeah, I mean, that’s gotta be someone very, very close to or if not, absolutely involved.

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely. Let’s see, when did the $10,000 Pizza happen? Was that in 2011 or 2010? Let me see.

JChains: I think that’s this week, isn’t it Thursday?

BitBoy: Is it already Bitcoin Pizza Day?

JChains: It’s either today or tomorrow.

BitBoy: It sure is. Wow, that’s crazy. It just seems like last year’s Pizza Day came so quick.

JChains: ‘Til Friday, everybody be ordering your pizza.

BitBoy: Yeah, that’s right. 2010 is when that happened, May 22, 2010. So, you’re talking about this is a year before the first Bitcoin transaction ever. So, you’re talking about a very close inner circle, Satoshi, Adam Back, maybe, Gavin Andresen. I mean, you’re talking about the earliest of the early of the early people in Bitcoin that this could be. So, if this is not Satoshi who moved these, which I liked to hope it’s not, it’s whoever the next one or two people were moved from Satoshi that was involved in Bitcoin was.

JChains: Yeah, it’s interesting. I wonder if they know something, they’re moving it. Moving it, flipping it because something’s going to happen.

BitBoy: Oh, don’t scare me like that.

JChains: Nobody likes to hear that.

BitBoy: Nobody likes to hear that, man. But I would suspect that it’s probably going to get moved, it’s going to chill for a while and then at some point, it’s probably going to dump, right? I don’t know, I don’t think that this is just totally random, like, ‘oh you know, I’m just going to move this stuff here’. There’s got to be a purpose behind it, so.

JChains: I mean-

BitBoy: Go ahead.

JChains: 11 years, because it’s been 11 years. Absolutely.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: There’s just no reason for it to move unless something’s cooking.

BitBoy: Maybe it’s a message.

JChains: No, like, I don’t know how any of this stuff works because I’m just like with cryptography like I’m not good at that, right?

BitBoy: You are not a nerd.

JChains: Thank you, thank you very much. So, like, you know with the halvening like everyone said like, this thing had like an encrypted message that said, ‘the Fed injected so much more money, it’s going to make 2008 look like a joke or whatever.’ Right? So, is there any message in this transaction? How do you find that stuff up?

BitBoy: Well, no, because the message in the transaction that was on the last block of this halvening, which was also on the first block that was ever mined, you know, similar message, that message is imprinted in the transaction where the miner receives the rewards.

JChains: Gotcha. Okay.

BitBoy: So, these have already been mined, so there’s no message that goes along with it, it’s just a regular– You know, I don’t know.

JChains: You mean there’s no email that comes along with moving 50 Bitcoin?

BitBoy: All right, no email just about $1.20 cents, that’s all it is. So yeah, you can sometimes put a message in a transaction, I think? I mean, I’ve definitely seen a transaction before I could put a memo, but It’s not the same thing as long in the short of it.

JChains: I gotcha. One’s real techie and one’s just kind of standard.

BitBoy: Yeah. So, it is very interesting. I just wonder if it’s a message in itself like, ‘hey, something big is coming’ or, ‘hey, I’m still out here, you know?’ Possibly.

BitBoy: So yeah, but let’s move on here. Before we get to Token Time though, I do want to let you guys know to make sure you guys visit our website BeardsAndBitcoins.com. You can certainly sign up for the 21 Best Bitcoin Practices, it’s a PDF, you get absolutely for free where you can learn everything that you should be doing if you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and of course, we also have all show info and episodes. Along with that, we’re having all of our episodes transcribed. So, you can definitely get the transcripts of every episode, if you don’t have time to listen or you just really love to read. You will have that option on every episode. We’re working on getting all those done. So, but let’s move on, let’s talk about a token.

JChains: Yeah.



JChains: Right today for Token Time, we are talking about Litecoin and if you’re a stranger to crypto, get familiar with these guys because they do a really good job of their marketing and being around the space and kind of being the payment solution, I guess, the digital silver compared to Bitcoin, so. A little bit of Litecoin but they got some crazy news. They just partnered up with Atari, right Ben? What do you know about that?

BitBoy: Yeah, so they just partnered with Atari, it’s going to be a pretty crazy partnership, they’re working together, kind of on two fronts. One to be able to make purchases through this new Atari console, which we’ll talk about in a minute. And also, there’s an Atari token coming and so you’re actually going to be able to buy that with Litecoin. So, we’ll get more into that in a minute. Before we get too much into the Atari news, tell us where’s Litecoin sitting at right now, J?

JChains: All right. If you go on coin market cap right now, they are ranked number 7. They’ve got a market cap of 2.8 billion, 24-hour volume of 3.4 billion circulating supply 64.7 million. Price-wise, looking at about $44.18 right now and a little under two and a half percent down on the day.

BitBoy: Gosh, what’s the all-time high? That’s like 400 bucks?

JChains: Oh, man.

BitBoy: Man. Litecoin hit hard. 323, that sounds about right. Maybe somewhere around there. I remember, I convinced my friend to buy something that day. So that was a bad decision.

JChains: Ether was on a tear, right? I mean ether at that point. I think Ether was probably like 1200 bucks or something like that. I think everybody thought ‘Oh, they’re all going like “let’s go, let’s go.’

BitBoy: We thought it would never end. We thought it would never end. But, the thing about Litecoin, is even though there has been a lot of ups and downs in the history of crypto. Ever since Litecoin debuted, I think it has been in the top 10, that’s pretty impressive.

JChains: Well, they do a really good job of staying in the news. What is it, they did some stuff with the UFC. I mean, that had some really good eyes on it.

BitBoy: Miami Dolphins.

JChains: The Miami Dolphins, that’s right. With the payment, I think you could pay for concessions or something like that.

BitBoy: Raffle tickets.

JChains: Oh, was it just raffle tickets during the games?

BitBoy: Yeah, imagine buying crypto to buy raffle tickets. Isn’t that what crypto is? a raffle ticket already

JChains: I think so, might as well just sit on that Litecoin.

BitBoy: I love those raffles, those 50-50 raffles like I’m such a sucker like it’s going into charity, so I’ll pop like 100 bucks. I’ve never won.

JChains: Never. I mean when you do win, I mean, it’s always a pretty nice little pop, that’s for sure.

BitBoy: I guess.

JChains: Well, but that’s going to change now. I mean, now that you can’t even like either have fans or you have like a quarter of —

BitBoy: NFL is going to go full tilt and normal, you watch and see. NFL, nothing will change.

JChains: Okay.

BitBoy:  I’ve been talking to my Falcons Rep. And they’re pretty convinced that they have some backup plans. But look, I’m telling you, the NFL runs the show, okay?

JChains:  That’s it. That’s probably pretty true.

BitBoy: Yeah, the NFL runs the show, so we’ll see what happens. But anyways, yeah, so back to this. So, Atari has now partnered with the Litecoin foundation. So just reach one little snippet here, the well-recognized brand entertainment producer, Atari, has announced a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation, the nonprofit organization formed to promote and the awareness and adoption of the decentralized cryptocurrency, Litecoin. So basically, this is what it boils down to, Atari owns a ton of games, more than 200 games and franchises. So, it’s even more games than just 200. And what they’re doing is they’re creating a ‘PC hybrid’. Now I’m not a PC gamer, right? We’ve well established, we’re not nerds on the show. No offense, if you are a PC gamer, okay?

JChains: Just not our thing,

BitBoy: Just not our thing, okay? Just not our thing. But basically, they have, they have all these games and they’re going to be putting them into a hybrid PC console is where you’re going to be able to run kind of like an emulator style where you’re going to be able to play all the classic games but they’re going to be on 4k. So, they’re going to be classic games with updated graphics looking really cool. And not only that, you’re going to be able to create your own games and apps and then upload them on the console. So, you’re going to be able to basically buy games to play through that console with Litecoin. And then on top of that, Atari will be issuing the Atari Token that is registered in Gibraltar, right? Because you got to have a crazy overseas place for it to be registered. Let’s see here, it says that 35% of the revenue will be going to a nonprofit, looks like they’re nonprofit, kind of similar to Litecoin Foundation, but they’re going to allow people to buy this token with Litecoin. So if you want to buy an ICO or whatever, a lot of times, you got to buy it with ETH, or Bitcoin. For this, you’re going to be able to buy it with Litecoin, so pretty interesting. So that’s going to encourage people to buy Litecoin to buy Atari.

JChains: Now I think that’s pretty smart. I mean, we know that we’re going into a digital age. I mean, we know that the rise of video games, it’s I mean, it’s just getting bigger as generations go. So, I mean, it’s just a natural succession that you’re seeing these legacy companies within that space partner with a cryptocurrency because the communities, I mean, obviously some people grow out of video games through their lives, but the communities and somewhat are interchangeable, right?

BitBoy: Some people.

JChains: Yeah, sorry, sorry, everyone.

BitBoy: You just offended like our entire audience.

JChains: Love it. But you know what I mean, like, right, it’s natural. And so that’s how you if you get people in when they’re younger, you pretty much just bring them the whole way. So, it’s a good way to really support the mass adoption from an industry that you know, it’s not going anywhere.

BitBoy: Yeah. Well, I mean, Atari has been a company that hasn’t really been in the news for a long time and they’re picking right now is really their time to make a comeback. And they’re working with crypto to try to get that done. So definitely very interesting to see what happens and develops here. Litecoin, they made some great partnerships over the years. And hopefully this will be one that pans out for both parties and hopefully Litecoin can get back on track to get back up above $300 again, that would be nice. $44 is not sitting well with some people.

JChains: Yeah, that one needs a little boost. Well, speaking of boost, if you would like us to speak about your favorite project, or if you got any questions about projects in general, make sure you visit our Telegram channel. It’s t.me/beardsandbitcoins. Come chat with us again, we’ll talk about projects. We’re always in there, we got a pretty active community. It’s grown quite well and we’ve got a lot of people in there talking about some fun things. So, come on down and join us.

BitBoy: Absolutely. Alright, guys. Well, let’s move on to everybody’s favorite segment.



BitBoy: Alright guys, so we got big news in the podcast world. You know this is a crypto podcast for the man’s man and there’s one guy who may be one of the biggest man’s man around, okay?

JChains: 100%.

BitBoy: Yeah. And that’s Joe Rogan. Like he’s the dude, we all kind of like secretly want to be. Like this guy, he’s a UFC fighter, he’s an announcer, he’s got a huge podcast. And he’s just cool, you know what I’m saying?

JChains: He’s just cool, he’s cool as hell.

BitBoy: Yeah, he is, man. He’s a comedian. He’s been on TV, like, used to be on Fear Factor. He’s on everything. But his podcast, he’s one of the original podcasters. I mean, technically he’s not one of the ‘original-original’ but he’s one of the first really big podcasters that has stuck with it for years and years. And that’s pretty much his main source of income at this point and he ain’t gonna need income anymore. Tell them what happened to this man’s.

JChains: Alright, just was announced whether it was late yesterday or today. So, at the end of the year, it’s going to be a phased thing, I think, at some point, mid-summer. Joe Rogan’s podcast is going to be on Spotify, but by the end of the year, he is going to be exclusively on Spotify for the meager price tag of $100 million.

BitBoy: Gosh, that’s so much money, man, for a podcast.

JChains: Dude. He’s the number one podcast in the world, I think.

BitBoy: No, he’s not.

JChains: He’s not? Well, I guess maybe this format podcast because there’s you know-

BitBoy: I think not even in the top 10, ain’t that crazy?

JChains: Seriously?

BitBoy: Yeah. I looked this up before and I was shocked. I thought he was the number one podcast and you might be able to find somewhere that says he is number one, but like by whatever metrics I was looking up, maybe it was like monthly listens or whatever. Like he wasn’t up there. So yeah, and by the way, do you know the the ‘Call Her Daddy podcast?’ have you heard of that?

JChains: Barstool Sports?

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: Absolutely, love it.

BitBoy: Oh gosh. There was so much drama with that this week. Did you hear about all that?

JChains: Oh, no, no, I know that there’s a lot of drama with Dave Portnoy right now, but-

BitBoy: Yeah, well let’s talk about Joe Rogan moving here and then we’ll finish up with that because that’s a super crazy podcast.

JChains: And he’s making all sorts of moves. He’s also talking kind of like what Elon Musk did. He’s talking about moving to Texas, getting out of California, cause he’s like, this is just not the right place for him anymore.

BitBoy: Yeah, well, I thought Tesla may be coming to Atlanta was what I heard. I don’t know. He put his house up for sale. So, coming down on the south, let’s do it, boys. Here’s a question with this Joe Rogan huge contract. What is the reverberating effect this is going to have on YouTube, Podcasting, just audio creation in general, like what are your thoughts on this?

JChains: Well, I know that you could probably speak better to the whole YouTube thing because that’s what you do. But in my opinion, I think that he’s making a statement. There’s been a lot of things going on wrong, as I’m sure you know, and people have seen, going on YouTube, I’ll let you speak to that. In the podcast world, I mean, it’s going to shake the whole thing up. I mean, as far as everybody’s concerned, at least podcasters, you always want to be ranking on iTunes. But now he’s making a statement saying ‘he’s exclusively on Spotify’. That shakes up the whole, you know, ‘where do I want my statistics to be?’ Because if everyone’s moving to Spotify, that’s where you want your audience to start catching your show.

BitBoy: Yeah, well, I guess my question would be, I would really wonder and I don’t know to answer this and you may not either, how Spotify has a free listening platform, right?

JChains: I believe so. I think you can sign up for it. I just have a free account. I don’t know if they have limits.

BitBoy: I think they have a premium one as well. But I just wonder like, how are they possibly going to recoup this $100 million dollars they’re paying him?

JChains: Ah, just probably through ad revenue.

BitBoy: But there are no ads on his podcast, he gets paid– Maybe that’s the deal, maybe he’s giving up sponsors for his podcast, he’s signing this $100 dollar deal with them to be exclusively there and now he may not have any more shows sponsored. Because how could he have a $100 million contract and then do sponsors on top of it?

JChains: You wouldn’t need it.

BitBoy: You wouldn’t need it. Maybe their whole thing is just driving people to Spotify to get premium memberships, I don’t know. But like iTunes doesn’t make money on podcasts, do they?

JChains: Not that I know of, but I don’t think anybody, I don’t think iTunes assigned anybody to a 100-million-dollar contract for a podcast. Now, who knows? Maybe this leads to ‘Alright, I’m switching over, you might get it for six months but then you have to have the gold membership’ or what, I don’t even know what it is on Spotify to get the show. And then then they got you because you’re not going to be like ‘well shit, I’m not going to stop listening to Joe Rogan now, I’ll pay the 10 bucks or 9.99’ whatever it is a month to have the membership.

BitBoy: I wonder if they’ll still put clips on YouTube.

JChains: Interesting.

BitBoy: Yeah, I don’t know because you know, they’ve got a whole channel this JRE clips, The Joe Rogan Experience clips. And that’s really what I watch. I mean, I watch all the clips from his people or whatever. But it’s definitely going to be interesting. I think this is huge because Joe Rogan has said for a long time that he loves podcasting, because it’s the last frontier of content creation where you own all your content and like nobody calls the shots on you. But now he’s moving, he’s getting paid $100 million, but he’s moving to a platform and you got to think that comes with some restrictions for you know, I don’t think they just said, ‘you know, here’s $100 million have a free for all’ you know?

JChains: Right. Spotify, it’s owned by a public company, right?

BitBoy: I think so. Yeah.

JChains: And if that’s the case, I mean, they’ll be shareholders. I mean, there are fiscal and financial responsibilities that I think that he would have to meet in order to, you know, meet some obligation of this contract and I don’t know any of the workings of it, right? Like I don’t I don’t know anybody that has seen a contract or example of anything, but I mean, you can only assume for dollar monies, dollar amounts like that, there has to be stipulations and who knows what they’re going to do.

BitBoy: So, we’ve done all this to say that Spotify has reached out to us and they’ve asked us to just quit making a podcast. They said ‘just can y’all be done. We need to upload another $100 million star. Y’all are too expensive for us.’

JChains: I know. Well, we’ll be exclusively on iTunes.

BitBoy: Yeah, we’ll be exclusively on some decentralized platform nobody’s heard of, that’s where we’ll go, okay. Well, I wonder if this is going to be like, where now all of a sudden, kind of like with video streaming platforms, like everybody’s trying to license this or license that or have this podcast exclusive to them. I think this is what we’re about to see. I think this is the first chip to fall that we’re going to see a total reorganization of the podcasting landscape.

JChains: I think, it’s not only the podcasting, I think it’s the TV show, movies, stuff like that. I think subscription service is what a lot of people are going to, because everybody’s got their different tastes. I think a lot have people said that for many years, like, cable should do the same thing like, for 99 cents, let me pick and choose the channels that I want. Like, give me Sports Center, give me whatever, give me a sports, news, a couple movie channels and I’m good like when I had TV, I’m a cord cutter, we’ve been a cord-cutters for the last couple years. But even when I was watching cable I mean literally it was like Sports Center. That’s the only thing that I really had on, so like that’s the only channel I needed. And I know that my wife probably wanted the crime shows or the History Channel or whatever those shows are, the murder mysteries.

BitBoy: I haven’t turned my TV on in weeks, you know? I don’t think I mean, I barely. I mean, I was watching the news when the pandemic star stuff was going on, but I hadn’t been watching that lately. So been grinding with no TV, we watch The Masked Singer, my family watches the Masked singer every week, that’s the only show we really watch.

JChains: Okay, our shows The Voice but actually recently have you watched the show, Songland?

BitBoy: Hmm. hmm.

JChains: To me that’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen on TV, it’s aspiring songwriters get to pitch their song to these like top producers in the industry. But it’s usually a big-name band like it was Florida Georgia line the other night. So, like, like this person wrote a song and that’s like their new song. Super cool, super uplifting to watch these people. Obviously, you get the sob story in the background and all that stuff like every other show. But it’s really cool to see how they build this and then like, you’ve got these wizards like these producers, music producers, that after they hear at one time, they’re like, ‘Oh, do this, do this, this change this lyric’ You see, like one guy like, let’s play this riff like this.’ And just like while you’re watching these geniuses construct a new song right in front of your face.

BitBoy: Wow, that’s cool.

JChains: Songland, check it out. Not sponsored.

BitBoy: Yeah, I wanted to be a songwriter when I was a kid, so me and my brother we knew we needed to have money to launch our first song. So, we were in elementary school and we agreed to let me slam his head up against an electricity box, those green boxes in your yard until his tooth got loose. So we can make some money from the tooth fairy. So, it worked, I managed to take 2 of his teeth out.

JChains: So, it was a couple bucks and then you got-

BitBoy: 10 bucks. We thought that was enough to launch the song, but it wasn’t. But last, I just want to touch on that Call Her Daddy thing. So, if you don’t know Call Her Daddy, it is a super raunchy, like girls’ podcast for Barstool Sports. And girls love this podcast for whatever reason, I guess because they feel like these two girls keep it real or whatever. So anyways, Dave Portnoy, the main guy from Barstool Sports, he recently came out and said that these two girls were the worst two people he’s ever worked with. So basically, what happened is their show got really popular. They started out only $70,000 a year with their contracts, right? Very, very small. So, he found them on Instagram. He brought them on to do the podcast, huge success, huge hit right off the bat. I mean, when you got Barstool Sports, you got a huge launching pad.

JChains: You got the audience and plus the guys love hearing and I mean the women love the show because I think they say the things that they want to be able to say and guys love it because they’re hearing women say the things that they just, you know, it’s like dude talk, but it’s ladies, and-

BitBoy: It’s like the guys that like to listen to Howard Stern stuff and all that. But anyway, I don’t get into those and all that. But the point is, within the first year, it was such a success, they both were making, like almost $500,000 a year and what happened is they were still not happy with that. One of the girls started dating a producer from HBO, and this producer from HBO started shopping their podcast around even though they were under contract, and they came to the table and they said they each wanted a million dollars guaranteed and they wanted 100% of the intellectual property of the podcast. So, after that, they get a million dollars a year for the next two years and after that they just get to take the podcast and do whatever they want with it. Barstool Sports was like ‘no, I don’t think so.’ But what’s happened is now the producers talk to the one girl and got her so hyped up on herself, she’s dropped the other girl she wants it all to herself now. So, she wants to work out a deal where she gets 75% of everything, Barstool Sports gets 25% and the other girl gets zero percent.

JChains: Yikes. Well, how does she even think that’s fair?

BitBoy: Well, I don’t know. This HBO Real Sports producer? Like what happened is they did a hit piece on HBO Real Sports like a hippies on Dave Portnoy and anyways, for whatever reason, like he got a real hard on for that guy, for Dave and just like wanting to destroy his business and he started dating the girl from Call Her Daddy, and it’s been all like straight downhill since, so, it’s been off the air since April. And probably there’s a chance that the one girl-

JChains: Is trying to orchestrate everything?

BitBoy: Yeah, yeah. The other one, the one that was getting done to her, she may come back and do the podcast. But Dave Portnoy said at this point, like screw all of them, we’re probably not bringing it back. We’ll just get two new hosts for it.

JChains: There you go.

BitBoy: And how hard is it really to get like two hot chicks to talk about–

JChains: Raunchy stuff.

BitBoy: Whatever. Yeah. I mean, how hard is it? Trust me, go on TikTok, you’ll find them.

JChains: Yeah.

BitBoy: I can find you two tomorrow, Dave, call me. Dave, call me, call me. Good. Alright guys, that’s all we got for today we went really down the rabbit hole with podcasting. We talked about Litecoin-Atari today, we talked about Satoshi possibly moving some Bitcoin. It’s been a great episode. Thank you so much for joining us guys. I’m BitBoy, this is JChains. That’s all we got this week. Peace!

JChains: We out.

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