Episode 91: Halving Happened: Now What?


Episode 91: Halving Happened: Now What?

This episode is fraught with crazy topics—the price of bitcoin after the recent halvening, a project that’s been ripping 3X since mid-April, and a former heavyweight champ who looks to be training for something.

For News Break, we talk about the bitcoin halvening that happened. We discuss the numbers, running a node, mining, and the rising price of bitcoin.

In Token Time, we feature Unibright (UBT). We talk about how Unibright works and how they integrate businesses with blockchain technology.

We also talk about Mike Tyson’s teaser “comeback” video in Manspreading and the boxing greats.

Whatcha Thinkin’ will be back next week. If you have questions for us, head over to ask.beards.live and record your audio question.

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20:15 Token Time
27:51 Manspreading

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Episode 91: Halving Happened: Now What?


Hey friends, we’re glad you tuned in to this episode of Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and all you beard-loving ladies. In this vast kingdom of nerdy incels, two men stand out as different from the crowd. BitBoy and JChains were both voted least nerdy in high school, most likely to have a better-than-mediocre podcast. Join them each week as they discuss all the hottest topics in cryptocurrency as well as the fan favorite segment Manspreading. So, make sure to hit subscribe and turn on those downloads. Here are the dudes, Ben and Justin.

BitBoy: Hey everybody, welcome to Beards in Bitcoins crypto podcast from the man’s man and the ladies who love them. Today, we got a really exciting show for you guys can’t wait to tell you as always. I’m your co-host, BitBoy joined by my compadre, partner in crime but never financial crimes, JChains. What is up, J, how are you doing?

JChains: I’m doing good, man. It’s good to be here. Good to be here on the tail end of the quarantine here in Texas super excited about this show, man. It’s been a crazy week in crypto, in Bitcoin as you know.

BitBoy: Oh yeah. Tell them what’s coming up.

JChains: Yeah, that’s a good idea, so for News Break, guys it is no surprise we’re talking about the recent halvening, the big news, big news. On Token Time, we’re going to look at a project that has been ripping a 3x since mid-April and on Manspreading this former heavyweight champ ‘hahaha’ Hands of Steel. I don’t even know if that makes sense. But he’s training, man. He’s training hard. And he looks good. So maybe we’re going to see this guy come out of retirement. Who could it be? Find out on Manspreading

BitBoy: Oh, I can’t wait to talk about that. That’s a man’s man stuff right there. 100%. But before we get into the podcast, we’re going to talk about something interesting that happened to you today. But first, I do want to talk about something. This is spontaneous, okay? That you brought up, the quarantine. Did you hear what they announced in LA today?

JChains: Three more months. That’s insane.

BitBoy: That’s tough.

JChains: I’m glad I don’t live in California, that’s for sure.

BitBoy: Hey, in Georgia, we done, son. We chilling.

JChains: Dude I was out as you know, I just got a motorcycle last week.

BitBoy: Oh yeah.

JChains: My buddy Ross and we went ripping around the hill country, we actually found a bar that was open.

BitBoy: Wow. Big Ross

JChains: Yeah.

BitBoy: I like to call him ‘Big Ross’

JChains: Big Ross. It was a good day man. It kind of felt like it was back to normal.

BitBoy: Yeah, well, you know in Georgia does go back to normal pretty much .There’s some things, there’s a few stores that aren’t open, there are you know, like Taco Bell still the inside is not open. Me and my family, we went out to Outback last Thursday. So, we’ve actually been out to a restaurant. We’ve done some family gatherings and things like that, we have no problem down here. Hey, here are the facts. Guys, people don’t like to hear it, some people don’t like to hear it. But it was overblown, for sure.

JChains: Oh, 100% I mean, like, even like places like here are County, Travis County. At one point, like I think the last time we looked at the facts and figures last week it was 1200 cases, over 1.2 million people in the county. I mean, that’s less than a thousandth of a percent. Like give me a break. Like I’ll wear a mask if I go into a public place if I need to, but I’m not afraid, like I’m just not afraid anymore.

BitBoy: Yeah, I know. Well, I mean, there was a saying like in this city near us that was pretty bad Cartersville, Georgia. I mean, it was pretty bad there, there was a church there that had a terrible outbreak, a young couple almost died, it was terrible, whatever. In that county where that city is, there were 281 cases in the entire county. And the chances of you getting it, even if you just do no protection and go live your life normal and touch everything, like a crazy person, like it’s still pretty low,  if you’re not careful at all. So if you aren’t careful, then I mean, certainly you’re probably going to be okay.

JChains: Just be careful. You’ll be okay.

BitBoy: Just be careful. Well, but sometimes things aren’t okay, right?

JChains: No, things are not always okay like today.

BitBoy: Tell us what happened, J.

JChains: So, this has happened I mean to everybody since you got into crypto, I don’t care who you are, you’ve invested in a project that’s gone belly up. This happened to be actually the first project I ever invested in, way back when in like 2017 or 2016 or 17 whenever it was. And I got an email today and I noticed on Telegram that ‘that’s it’ they’re shutting it down, they’re running out of funds, they’re blaming it on COVID. I think the last time they found pictures of like the founders and stuff, everybody’s hanging out in Hawaii. So yeah, you ran out of money. You ran out of everyone’s money,

BitBoy: Philanthropy.

JChains: Philanthropy. Of all people. They said they were doing it for charity. But that’s what you know, again, that’s like why we preach do your own research, right? I think this is one of those things that I caught word of, I was working for the exchange, I was like, ‘Alright, I mean everyone’s going to eat this up Philanthropy is the first token I had heard about philanthropy’ it was like, ‘I’m in, I’m in’. I threw a lot in there because obviously, once the bull market happened everything went crazy and yada- yada- yada and-

BitBoy: I really can’t wait for those days again when you’re just like, ‘I’m going to throw some random money at this thing that makes no sense.’

JChains: It makes no sense. Like and you know, that’s it, game over.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: But now that’s why you do your own research.

BitBoy: Yeah, so I think the worst project I ever invested in that I lost the most money on was this thing called ‘Internet Node Token’ it’s still around. In fact, I mean, I don’t think it’s doing terrible, where’s it at Coin Market Cap?  INT. Oh, now they call it ‘INT Chain’ INT Chain. It’s coming in 447. So, I mean, it’s still whatever. But here, here’s what really got me with that, it was on an exchange called coin– I think was Coin Egg? Something like that. And, you know, you had to kind of like ‘who do’ the KYC say you were from somewhere else, you know? So, I was from Canada, whatever. And then while I had the token sitting there, the price started dropping, and I tried to get in and sell it. And they locked me out of my account. Because in the three days between when had I signed up and invested and got in the token and wanted to sell it, because it was dumping like crazy, of course, they cracked down on the KYC and they locked me out of the account. It takes me like two weeks by the time I get back in it’s worth nothing.

JChains: Nothing. Yeah. That was like the horror story, the horror story.

BitBoy: Horror story.

JChains: Yeah, a lot. A lot of my intro to crypto.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah, well, we got those good stories, man. And you know what, these stories are going to be very valuable to people who are new coming in this space, we’re starting to see a lot of new people come in and not a lot of new blood and a lot of emails from people you know, asking me how to do stuff, I don’t have time to respond to them, but I’m seeing them coming through and things like that. So, we got our Telegram group people can join if they’re new and have questions t.me/beardsandbitcoins. You guys can hit that up if you guys ever want questions answered on the show you can do that also ask.beards.live, we don’t have a question today for the show but if you guys want to ask one for next week, pick our brain.

JChains: Pick our brain. I mean it’s easy you just like hit a button, send a little recording and there’s like a little bit of information that captures at the end, I don’t even think we know any of that, we just get the recording.

BitBoy: Yeah, we just get the recording. So, but yeah, so that’s great. Well, one thing the new people can do is definitely have a secure wallet. And one way to do that is with Monarch Token, Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast is brought to you by Monarch Wallet, rule your own financial Kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right Ben and the team at Monarch, they are working hard to bring you the one app to access all the best crypto services. They believe in delivering tech, not hype.

BitBoy: With the Universal Decentralized Monarch Wallet you can buy, store, spend and earn crypto. With Monarch Pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: For more information, make sure that you check out monarchwallet.com or monarch token.io today.

BitBoy: Absolutely. Let’s get to the news of the week. Let’s hit it.



JChains: Alright, today for News Break, obviously, we are going to be talking about the halvening that just happened.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: It happened.

BitBoy: It ‘halvened’

JChains: It ‘halvened’ that ‘halven’ happened. So, the question is now, what? What do we do? What do we look forward to? Besides to the moon?

BitBoy: It’s the ‘was-en’ now because it was.

JChains: The ‘was-ening’

BitBoy: The ‘was-ening’, the ‘was-en’ cause it happened? You know, we are past this.

JChains: 6.25, we’re there.

BitBoy: 6.25. I actually did the math earlier for a video and I think it’s like, during the last four years, approximately four years, 210,000 blocks. There was, I think it was 2,625,000 Bitcoin were mined and now in the next go round, it’s going to be for the next four years, 1.3625, 1.3 I can’t remember. 1.35, why is my math off on this?

JChains: I don’t know.

BitBoy: I don’t know why I can’t remember. But it’s a little over a million. It’s a shade over, 1,312,500, that’s what it is.

JChains: Great, man. That’s amazing.

BitBoy: Yeah, that’s amazing. So that’s how many are going to be mined over the next four years. And then after that is just going to get incrementally smaller. But I think, one thing I talked about on my show today was on the, my YouTube channel is, we look at the halvening, like the language it’s always used with it is ‘block rewards.’ And that’s what it is, they’re block rewards. But I don’t think your average person that comes into crypto really understands mining enough to know what that– like, it’s much simpler than that. It’s half the amount of Bitcoin that were produced the last four years are going to pre-reproduced in the next four years. That’s what it boils down to.

JChains: That’s what it boils down to. And that’s, I mean, it’s good for people like us people that HODL, people that trade, people that stack sets or you know, just whatever you do, it’s not necessarily good for the miners. At what point does it become non-profitable?  And again, you know, we’ve talked to Chris Joaquin, Crypto Chris about mining and stuff, and I think at some point this year, our plan was to set up a mining rig.

BitBoy: I’ve decided. I’m going to get a miner.

JChains: Alright, which one are you going to get? What are you going to get?

BitBoy:  I don’t know. But I decided to actually like literally today. I was talking to my assistant and I said,  ‘you know what I’m going to get a mining rigs.’ So, I’ve now made the decision now it’s time to start looking into it and figure out how, when, because, you know, when I got into crypto. Well, I mean, I’ve been in crypto forever when I started creating content on YouTube in 2018. You know, I wanted to, you know, do news and for a long time, I was like, ‘You know what, I don’t want to do trading, I don’t want to do mining, I just want to do news.’ Well now I’m knee deep in trading. Like I’m, I’m in trading now for sure. So now the only thing I don’t really do or know about that much is mining. So, I’ve decided, ‘you know what, I’m going to go and grab me one. Probably go ahead and get a Bitcoin node too. And it’s not going to run something for Lightning Network’ Just so I can, you know, have my hands on a little bit more in crypto.

JChains: So explain. Because that was explained to me recently. And it was kind of, I thought it was a little bit fascinating. What’s the point of running a node? Because you’re not mining, right? So, running a node is different. You’re helping the network be powered in a way.

BitBoy: Yeah, all you’re doing is participating in the network when you have a node, really. You’re helping to relay the transactions. You’re not actually mining the blocks per se. But when you think of decentralization, right? Well, I think what most people probably think of is kind of like a digital web kind of deal, like a grid with like lines connecting, a decentralized network. Well, those nodes have to run somewhere, they’re not actually all digital, there’s some hardware that comes with running a node. So, or you, I don’t—yeah, you have to have hardware to run something digital, right? I mean, you can’t, like you can’t just make something appear out of nowhere and you know, whatever. So, it’s really just participating in the Bitcoin network. And it’s something that like, it’s one of these things I didn’t really think was you know, people kill Peter McCormack, for not running one like, ‘how can you be a Bitcoin podcast and not run a node?’ Like c’mon nerds, let’s be for real. But I want to run one check it out.

JChains: My node likes to run in the fall.

BitBoy: Dude, that was a good joke, man.

JChains: That was a year level joke.

BitBoy: It was. I think the last time I told you that you made a bad joke, you got offended. So, I’m going to tell you that was a great joke. That was hilarious. J.

JChains: Thank you.

BitBoy: I laughed so hard.

JChains: You didn’t.

BitBoy: Yeah, I really didn’t.

JChains: We had to cut it out, that’s how hard you laughed.

BitBoy: Yes. We had to cut out the last joke because it was bad. We did do that; we did do that. But yeah, so I’m going to try to get into mining and see, I want to participate. I just want to participate more in crypto. Like, I mean, I guess a lot of people would say it’s hard to participate more than I already participate. I make two videos a day and you know-

JChains: You’re like the James Brown of content creation for crypto.

BitBoy: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I like to think so. Anyways, hopefully it’s going to pay, it’s paying off now. People are watching my channel, like, getting explosive growth, podcast is growing, everything’s growing. So, things are going really well. But now I’m just kind of a point where I’m like, ‘okay, like, what more do I want to extend into?’ And so, I think mining is a natural thing because I love to talk news. But when I talk about things like mining, like, we’re talking about the hash rate and some of the, you know, I don’t really understand it. I’m not a nerd, you know what I’m saying? So maybe if I actually get one, I can look at it and see it. I don’t care about making money with it, that’s not why I want to get in, I’m not looking at it like, ‘Oh, I’m going to make so much Bitcoin.’

JChains: You just want to understand it better and kind of learn what’s happening with it.

BitBoy: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

JChains: There you go.

BitBoy: So, that way, it gives me a little more depth of knowledge. When I talk about mining other than like, ‘Oh, this is what this article says,’ you know? So the halvening is a big deal, obviously. We know it, we know the price is going to go up, we may go down first, we know the price is going up. We all understand. Let me tell you, by the end of this year, things are going to be nuts. I’m positive of that.

JChains: You think it’s going to be a quarter four run?

BitBoy: Well, that’s a question, J. Let’s throw that back and forth. What is the next thing? Like what’s next? What is the thing that you’re looking for? You know now, the halvening is over. Now we’re kind of in this Limbo of like when’s it going to go up? We know it’s going to go up, when’s it going to go? What are you looking forward to?

JChains: Just the all-time high, the next all-time high. That’s it. I mean, yeah, personally, that’s what I’m looking for. I think that’s what a lot of us are really chasing at this point because you’re not going to be looking four years down the road for the next halvening.

BitBoy: For me personally, I think if we’re looking at dollar amounts that I would love to see I think $15,000 is big for me and the reason why I would say that is like yeah all-time highs? Let’s get there. Hundred k? Let’s get there, let’s do it. But you know, we got a 14,000 before it got on that fake out pump from last year. And when you really look at Bitcoin and where it went like we all talk about 20k is an all-time high. That’s pretty much ‘wick’ you know what I’m saying?

JChains: That’s true, that is true.

BitBoy: I was pretty much a wick. 18,500 I believe was the highest it closed out on the daily chart.

JChains: Okay.

BitBoy: So when you look at that, and then you think ‘well, it really was not over, it was not over 15,000 for that long’ I’d have to look back at the charts.

JChains: Just a quick run.

BitBoy: Yeah, it was a quick run, it happened really quick. So, to me, once we get back up to $15,000, where we kind of break through where we were at last year and we got the halvening that’s already happened and people are pumped and excited. Man, I’m looking forward to that. That’s going to be great, man. I can’t wait for new people. I’m seeing new people coming in every single day to the space. People I know are asking me about Bitcoin and the only thing is though J is like, sometimes it just feels like, you know, we’ve been here before though, you know?

JChains: It ain’t our first rodeo, homie. I’ll tell you that.

BitBoy: Yeah, I know. You probably give them some stats.

JChains: Oh, you’re right. It was probably about a– So if you look from say maybe December 10th through December 18th you know, that was somewhere between like 16 to 20k?

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: But for the most part, I would say that it probably averaged around 12k for November through the end of January,

BitBoy: Who would forget about that? I mean, we, you know, we all look back and talk about the all-time high, but that was a ‘wick’. I mean, that that was that was straight up, straight down. And we were all very confident about where it was at that time. And looking back, we were pretty, pretty dumb with the way we were moving around money and invest in all these crazy projects and stuff back then.

JChains: We were all hitting the opium real hard.

BitBoy: We were. But you know, the thing about that Bull Run is even though the price started going up pretty early on, it was really slow. And I mean, I think we may see that again, we could see it go up faster, but I think this is going to be kind of a more prolonged, euphoric feeling. I don’t think this is going to be like, you know, ‘hit it and quit it’ ‘Oh, my Guys, we’re going straight, straight down, man’. We’re really looking over the next 18 months for the price to go up. And when we talk about that, I mean, we’re going to see a lot of ups and downs between now and then.

JChains: You are and you have to know that most of the people in the space, whether they be, you know, ones that read custodial services or exchanges, they have, even though they don’t want to, you know that they’re going to have to play the rules and, and kind of bend to some of the regulations and in doing so, you’re going to not see 20k overnight, like you say, it’s going to be a little prolonged. I think for the last six, maybe even longer months, you and I have been calling for it to be a fourth quarter, really kind of a sustained thing, you know, until then, so.

BitBoy: Yeah, and I think we’re going to see that I do think, though, that there is an argument and I made it, on a video, why this could be different? And we could start going up a little bit faster. It’s not necessarily that we have to go up very fast from here, but it’s just if we go backwards a pretty good bit like if we go back down to 6k, people are going to get really discouraged again. And you know what, I just don’t want to see that man. Like, I’m hoping you know– the biggest drop ever after that halvening was 30%. The first halvening only saw a 10% drop the last one had 30%. So that doesn’t mean that we’re going to have this huge drop. Now what neither one of those cycles had was a 60% market crash, which we had less than two months, almost exactly two months to the day of the halvening. So, neither one of—you know, it was the second biggest crash of all time. So, I wonder sometimes, how much that crash is kind of priced in to where we’re at with Bitcoin right now. So, we may not see another huge drop. I know I don’t want to see one.

JChains: No, I’m ready. I’m ready. I don’t think anybody’s really ready.

BitBoy: I mean, these people are like ‘Nah, man Oh, Oh, I need more time to accumulate, more time to accumulate.’

JChains: You’ve had three years.

BitBoy: You’ve had three years bro. Come on. Like, ‘No, man, I’d like to accumulate for 10 more years’. What?

JChains: No.

BitBoy: People say that stuff but you know

JChains: They’re crazy.

BitBoy: Yeah let’s move on, let’s talk about our really hot token.



BitBoy: Okay, so let’s talk about a project that has been really hot lately and came out of the 200’s all the way up into the top 100, charging up the charts. UBT, Unibright. A lot of people like this project, and things like that. I personally I love it, I think there’s a lot of great stuff about it. What do you think about it, J? Give us some numbers.

JChains: Give us some numbers. All right, here we go. So, a circulating supply they got about 149 million.

BitBoy: Not bad.

JChains: Just shy of that. Not too bad. Out of a total supply of 150 billion or 150 million, Excuse me. So, it’s not like they’re hiding anything and stashing things away at the moment, market cap 46 and a half million. You see that thing popping up? It’s 93 right now.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: Let’s see, 52 week high -low 39 cents and just under a penny, so it’s got some pretty good fluctuation, that’s a nice little popper. Yeah, so this thing is done like, what 3x in the last month?

BitBoy: It’s killing it. It’s killing it. It’s doing so good man.

JChains: And it’s based on Ethereum, I actually don’t know a whole lot about it. I popped over to the Unibright Telegram today to try to get a little bit of information, talk to those folks. I know that they’re on Ethereum and there’s a couple updates that there’s going to be coming up with, but what do you know about them?

BitBoy: I actually do know a pretty good amount about this project, which is good that you don’t and I can tell you. So, kind of the way I’ve described it, I think the easiest way to think about it is, it’s kind of like, it’s not a website design template, but it’s kind of trying to do for blockchain, what WordPress did for building websites on the internet. So, if you were to go back to the internet, let’s say in 1999, let’s say we started this podcast, we thought we wanted to make a website on the interwebs, how would we do it? What would we do?

JChains: I don’t know. Maybe GoDaddy? Was GoDaddy around?

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: But I don’t know if they made websites, I actually don’t know. I wasn’t doing any graphic design stuff around the turn, was that the ‘turn of the century?’ Right?

BitBoy: Well, yeah, century, yeah.

JChains: No.

BitBoy: Millennium.

JChains: Millennium.

BitBoy: A millennium and a century. Both.

JChains: Wow.

BitBoy: Wow. Blew your mind right there. But what you’re saying right here is perfect, because that really demonstrates the point. You would have had no idea where to start.

JChains: Oh, like if you’re trying to tell me like, ‘Oh, I need to start a blockchain for my company.’ Dude, I would have no idea where to start.

BitBoy: No idea. You work with buses, right? NCAA buses, things like that. Now, if your business wanted to go on the blockchain, how would you do it? You would have no idea. That’s kind of where UBT comes in. So, they have templates that help businesses get their business running on blockchain, it’s like plug and play.

JChains: That’s nice.

BitBoy: Yeah, you integrate their template, their portal, whether it’s your supply chain or your data, storage, whatever it might be. And they’ve got kind of different– kind of like with WordPress, how they have themes, you know, like, ‘Oh, we want this theme and it comes with all these functions.’ They have kind of similar things too so they got different kinds of templates for different businesses. So, anybody without a knowledge of blockchain, if they just understand how to use a computer, you can now integrate your business with blockchain. I think, man, that is just giant for the space.

JChains: That’s big time. Yeah, I guess some of the things that will be worth noting is that they’re coming out with something. I don’t really know what really any of this stuff was but something to do with like their framework. Oh, I guess they’re doing something with Microsoft, right? Yeah, they partnered with Microsoft and SAP and Lufthansa.

BitBoy: Oh, Lufthansa.

JChains: Yeah, that was something that said that they SAP, Microsoft Dynamics with Link, Oracle’s coming this month.

BitBoy: So, yeah, and I think I see a lot of similarities, honestly, in this project and Chainlink. Not in terms of like, you know, obviously, one is Oracle’s and one is blockchain templates to get your business on blockchain. But, when you look at all these companies partnering with Link, they’re partnering with Link to use their, you know, decentralized smart contracts or their Oracle’s. And it’s like, Link has a service they’re providing and they’re helping businesses and crypto projects work hand in hand. And that’s what UBT is too. I really believe in a lot of these projects that they lift up the entire space, it’s not like Monero for instance, like, I love Monero, it’s a privacy coin though, like, it’s not really, you know, unless you’re wanting to do shady business or keep your transactions private or whatever. Like, if you’re another crypto project, like Monero is not really doing anything for you, like your business, it’s a store of value or it’s a currency, it’s not doing anything for you. But these projects are doing things to spread blockchain, to make it easier to integrate with real life. And I think that is one reason why Chainlink has been so successful and Ethereum the same way. Ethereum is a project that has kind of enabled the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem to exist. If it wasn’t for Ethereum like what would Altcoins really be?

JChains: That’s a great point. Vitalik said that ‘2.0’ is coming like at the end of July or something like that, like without fail? I know It’s been like long anticipated and delayed but I heard that he had made some announcement that it was like the end of July or something but I could be wrong, I have to fact check that

BitBoy: Dude, I think when they announced ‘ETH 2.0’ I think we had just started the podcast or something like that.

JChains: I know, it has been a long time.

BitBoy: And I just remember, I remember thinking when they announced it, they’re like ‘it’s not going to come out for a few years.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, will we still even be in crypto in a few years?’ And here we are. It’s coming out pretty soon. Crazy.

JChains: It said that it’s still on track for a July launch. I guess it doesn’t say when in July. I’ve just always assumed just take it to the end, so that you can give yourself the whole month in case there’s a delay.

BitBoy: So anyways, yeah, I think UBT has kind of a lot of potential. I think it’s got a lot of potential to be a hot up and comer. If you’re looking for a coin that has got potential to get up into the top 20, top 30 that’s, you know, relatively low on coin market cap. I think UBT is probably as good of a pick as any to get into.

JChains: Absolutely. Yeah. So, if you want to learn more about coins, and if you want to have say maybe your favorite coin or projects or things that you’re investing in appear on Token Time we can talk about it. Make sure that you join our Telegram channel Beards. It’s  t.me/beardsandbitcoins. Come chat with us about your favorite projects. We’ll try to get that one and we’ll talk about it. But if you’re also, if you’re from the Unibright Telegram channel, hop on over to our channel and talk to me more because Ben knows a bunch, I could learn more.

BitBoy: Yeah, I can only teach him so much

JChains: He’s like the Sensei.

BitBoy: The Sensei. Alright guys, let’s head on into a place where we can actually just be dudes.



JChains: Alright. There was a video that came out yesterday of this gentleman, training Mike Tyson, ‘Iron Mike.’ Holy smokes dude. What did you think of like the explosive power in this guy who’s 53 years old?

BitBoy: Well, unbelievable. And I will tell you this though, when I saw the video and you said that he could be training for a comeback, man that gave me goosebumps. There’s nothing I would love to see more.

JChains: Who would he fight?

BitBoy: I would pay $200 to watch Mike Tyson fight again.

JChains: Dude you know that he’s got to fight someone young because there’s no one his age that could still play, that could still box like that. Dude, the guy who was training with him, I felt bad for him like if he took one to the face, he’d be done.

BitBoy: Okay, let me say this. Let me say this. I’m going to say this right now and we’re going to stick to this. If Mike Tyson hasn’t come back, you and I are going to the fight.

JChains: We’re going.

BitBoy: We’re going, for sure. We are going. It’ll be the hottest ticket. I don’t care how much it is, we’re going.

JChains: I don’t care if we’re sitting in the nosebleeds. We’re going.

BitBoy: No, I don’t mind sitting on nosebleeds, that don’t ever bother me. I like having a good view from up top, okay? But I think when I saw that video though, and you said he was making a comeback, I got the goosebumps. I was like, ‘Man, this is crazy.’ But it made total sense to me that he would be making a comeback based on that video. And the reason I say that is because Mike Tyson has been very adamant before that he does not like to work out and train because when he does, he said it takes him to a really, really, really dark place. Like, he gets in that killer, killer, killer mindset. And so, when I saw him training, and I read I was like, oh, it makes sense. If he’s doing it, he’s actually going to try to box someone and really fight someone. Mike Tyson doesn’t work out or train like that, like for fun.

JChains: No one would be moving that fast for fun. That guy is like he’s after something and I think like it’s funny, like at the end of the video when he looks, he’s like’ I’m back’ like oh.

BitBoy: Oh, my gosh. One man I’ve got a couple real big regrets in my life and like when it comes to sports, one is never watched Michael Jordan play basketball in live, in person.

JChains: Dude, please tell your story but I got a thing about that.

BitBoy: Yeah, so I never watched. That’s why I watch Kobe a lot of times like he’s my favorite player, I went to LA a couple times to watch him so I’m here in Atlanta, and things like that. But I never got to watch Mike Tyson box, in person. And if I got that opportunity, I’m taking that for 100% of that. Mike Tyson’s got to be one of my top three athletes of all time.

JChains: Oh, I mean, just absolutely. And like yeah, he might have bit, was it Holyfield? He might have been his ear off. It doesn’t matter.

BitBoy: That was such an unbelievable story. Like I remember, so when that fight happened, I was in Hilton Head, South Carolina on vacation with my friend and his family. I was probably 13, something like that, we’re out there like trying to peep on girls and stuff. But every morning before we go hit on the girls in the bikinis, we would go and fish in the morning with his dad. His dad’s name was Tater, Tater would take us fishing down there on the beach. So, we go down with Tater, and we catch some sharks. And so that morning, I got up and went down there and you he was down there fishing and we met him and he said, ‘Boy, you hear about what happened last night? I was like, ‘No’. And he went talking about how, ‘He bit that ear off! I couldn’t believe that I’m watching him bite his ear off!’ It was just so funny, to tell the story and I’m just sitting there like, as a kid trying to understand like, ‘How did this man bite another man in a boxing match?’

JChains: I think he bit his ear off.

BitBoy: Because it was crazy. And so you know, right after we got done fishing, I ran up, you know, watch Sports Centre. Back then you actually had to wait for it to come on. You couldn’t just click through their internet, you know, back then, really or we weren’t using it a lot.

JChains: So, things were way different back then.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: Way different. So Alright, so speaking of ‘back then’. Speaking of boxing and all this, that’s going to be our Twitter poll this week, right?

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely.

JChains: So, let’s talk about who is your favorite boxer of all time. Now, with that being said, we understand that Twitter has got limitations to four boxers, and there’s more than four best boxers of all time and everyone’s got their own opinion. But for the sake of a poll, we got four on.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: Who do you think? Obviously because we’re talking about Iron Mike, we got to talk about him, he’s got to be on there, Mike Tyson.

BitBoy: Yeah. I mean, obviously, you got to go Muhammad Ali, obviously.

JChains: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

BitBoy: Yeah, I think you have to go Floyd Mayweather. I hate Floyd Mayweather. I think I cannot stand to watch him. It’s like watching paint dry, watching him box.

JChains: That fight with him against Conor McGregor, I hated it.

BitBoy: Oh gosh.

JChains: I wish McGregor would have just torn him up.

BitBoy: I wanted McGregor to win so bad but it became very obvious after about the third round because McGregor was doing pretty good to me. It became very obvious that Mayweather was just toying with him in the beginning, just toying with him. So sad. But I know we had somebody we kind of talked about for the fourth one. But the fourth one to me is kind of difficult. I mean, I think those are the three you kind of have to put up there. Some people would say, I think Sugar Ray Robinson would, I think Sugar Ray Robinson is number one for a lot of people. He’s undefeated, I believe, but I don’t know, who is that fourth you’re going to think about putting it in the poll?

JChains: I don’t know man. We could put Sugar Ray. I mean, you got Holyfield, you got Foreman. I mean, those guys– actually foreman wasn’t

BitBoy: Muhammad Ali. He did pretty good.

JChains: There’s a lot of good people. I mean, we could leave the third place– Lennox,

BitBoy: Lennox Lewis is really underrated. He was a great boxer.

JChains: Remember Butter Bean?

BitBoy: Butter Bean. Yeah, yeah. What about these new guys? We actually got some new guys

JChains: That’s funny, since MMA started I have that’s what I stripped it over to for my kind of combat arts, right? But now if Tyson’s coming back, I shit you not guarantee, I’m watching this fight.

BitBoy: Oh guarantee. So, you didn’t watch the Wilder-Tyson fury fight? Okay so you know Deontay Wilder, he’s like the ‘New Mike Tyson’ now he got beat but Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, Tyson fury is like a giant, he’s like seven feet tall, he’s huge. And I will tell you, I paid for that pay per view and I watched it here in my office. That was the first time in years and years and years where I felt like I was watching real boxing. Because like we’ve watched Pacquiao-Mayweather

JChains: They’re just dancing around. These guys are just dance-dance.

BitBoy: Yeah, man.  I want heavyweight’, heavyweights.


JChains: Slugfest.

BitBoy: The last probably, the last good boxing match that I remember watching was like, I think it was probably Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson. I think when Mike Tyson was trying to come back then, I think that Mike– it gets foggy what order it was in but after Lennox Lewis and those Klitschko brothers started winning. That’s when like, Klitschko brothers are so boring and nobody that they really fought and been good. So, the Fury versus Wilder fight even though Fury roughed him up pretty good. It was the first time that I was like ‘this is boxing’ and dude to me, boxing is so much better than MMA when it’s done right, when it’s big boys in the ring.

JChains: Yeah, when they’re having just a shootout, just blasting each other and going at it. That’s the thing that I think to me, like once MMA started and it got like, really exciting and they started building these good cards and there were these guys that were animals because like growing up man when it was like Liddell and whatever. I mean, like all these guys that were just animals like well this is so much more exciting than watching two dudes just dance around in a ring with like a couple hits here and there like this is action but it’d be fun to see some real fights.

BitBoy: There’s nothing better than good heavyweight boxing in my opinion. To me MMA gets boring, it’s really watered down to me. Because it’s like they got a new UFC card like every other week. You can’t keep up with who’s who, who’s the best, whatever. They just get each other in these little locks and yeah, you mean sometimes you get some good punches, but their short rounds, their short fights. I mean, I guess the rounds are actually kind of long but they’re short fights like five rounds at the most, I think. The thing about heavyweight boxing that makes it so special, is it’s so hard to get to that very, very, very top is we’ve seen how it’s been so boring lately like not only it’s already at the top, it’s hard to even have good people at the top. So, when it happens, it’s really special. And there’s not like 10 guys where you’re like, ‘Oh, these guys can all win the championship. We want to watch all 10 of these guys you know box or whatever’. So, getting a good heavyweight boxing match is kind of like a unicorn, you know what I mean? And like, that’s why I really like it and I’ve tried to get into like the smaller, you know, lightweight boxing guys and stuff, but I can’t do it.

JChains: Welterweights, featherweights, ‘weenie-weights’

BitBoy: I mean, that Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight was so freaking dumb and boring. And we’ve all paid so much money for that. We’re so excited, it sucked, you know?

JChains: What was the one that was just maybe like two months ago?

BitBoy: That was the Wilder-Fury fight.

JChains: Oh, then I did see that. My next-door neighbor’s a baseball player and he invited us over because he’s home.

BitBoy: Must have been really memorable.

JChains: It was, it was. Honestly.

BitBoy: You have a couple to drink?

JChains: I had a couple sips, couple of pops.

BitBoy: Couple sips, couple pops. We don’t know what happened. Dude, Deontay Wilder came down to the ring wearing that mat, he came in like this black mask and then friggin’ Tyson Fury came in on like this throne. It was nice, dude. I’m looking forward to a rematch or whoever they fight next. I’m going to watch those two guys box now, for sure. If they’re boxing, I’m watching, I like both those guys. So, it’ll be really fun and I would think that Mike Tyson’s coming back, he’s coming for one of those guys.

JChains: Dude, can you imagine that?

BitBoy: Oh my god. I’m telling you dude; we’re really going though. I want you to know this, we are going to this fight. Whatever it is.

JChains: We’re live streaming everything from there.

BitBoy: Oh, dude, I dude, it’ll be so fun. It’ll be in Vegas. Dude, we’ll be living it up partying, you know what I’m saying? Chillin, chillin, chillin, chillin. Watching boxing, I love it. Well, it is definitely been a great show, today. We’re going to get that Twitter poll up for you guys. Man, I love talking man stuff. I know that.

JChains: I know. We get excited. We could talk about that stuff all day long.

BitBoy: All day long. All day long. Thank you guys so much for listening to the Beards and Bitcoins Crypto podcast. Till next time, we’re out.

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