Episode 88: Ripple’s YouTube Lawsuit


Episode 88: Ripple’s YouTube Lawsuit

This episode is jam-packed! We discuss a lawsuit against YouTube, a token in the gaming world, our favorite altcoins, and one of the known athletes coming out of retirement to play for a new team.

In News Break, we talk about Ripple’s lawsuit against YouTube which centers around “XRP giveaway scams” that the video-sharing platform failed to police. Find out how these scams operate and what this lawsuit against YouTube means for crypto.

For Token Time, we feature a “super nerd coin that can make you a lot of money”—Enjin coin. We also discuss the numbers and why Enjin coin is called “blockchain: gamified”.

In Whatcha Thinkin’, we answer this question from Ross: What are your favorite shitcoins? What do you think is the price projection of HBAR will be worth in one year from now?

Check out our answers in this segment. You too have the opportunity to ask us a question (and become a Beards & Bitcoins Celebrity) by sending us an audio message at ask.beards.live

Manspreading’s all about Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski—who comes out of retirement to play with Tom Brady for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We also talk about the teams we hate, and the football season amidst the COVID19 pandemic

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Time Stamps of Segments
11:33 News Break
19:02 Token Time
25:23 Whatcha Thinkin’ (New Segment!)
32:13 Manspreading

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Episode 88: Ripple’s YouTube Lawsuit


JChains: Hey Friends! Welcome back to Beards and Bitcoins. We’re a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and yes, the ladies that love them. It is a beautiful spring day here joined as always with my compadre Bitboy, you know him as Ben as well. What’s up, dude?

BitBoy: What’s up Chains? going to be an interesting week. It’s definitely been an interesting few week. Today the country starting to open up, they say. So, we’ll have to see what happens. But on the show today we got a big jam-packed show for you guys, as always. During News Break today, we’re going to be talking about one of the biggest projects in crypto that is going to be suing or is now officially suing YouTube. You got to hear the details on this story. For Token Time, we’re going to be checking out a coin that’s actually a token, and it’s in the gaming world and it has been on a tear. So, you’re definitely going to want to figure out what that coin is. And you may want to get in try to buy it. I’m not a financial advisor or wait, are you a financial advisor?

JChains: DYOR, baby.

BitBoy: DYOR. You guys heard it here first. And then for what Whatcha Thinkin’, we’re going to be talking about price predictions for all coins. I know you guys want to hear that. We talked a little bit about that with Bitcoin in last week’s question, or a couple weeks ago in Bitcoin– in the question when we talked about bitcoin price, or gold coin price today for that. And then for Manspreading, we are going to be talking about one of the biggest most known athletes in sports, coming out of retirement, and going to play with a new team with his old buddy. And hey, I like to play my old buddy, that’s you.

JChains: Hey, old buddy. Old buddy, old pal. Ah, man, that’s going to be exciting.  It’s going to be fun.

BitBoy: Yeah, we can’t wait to talk about that. We love to talk sports on the show. So, you can-

JChains: -and there’s no going on at all? So-

BitBoy: Yeah, I mean, there’s no sports. So, you guys can listen to the first part of the show here, If you’re a nerd, and you just like sports, you don’t care about crypto, you just go to the end, you know?

JChains: Don’t just listen to the whole thing.

BitBoy: Yeah, just listen, even if you’re not going to actually hear it, if you’re not going to really listen to it, at least play it. So, we get the clout from it. So, right?

JChains: and listen to the whole thing. So, we get that consumption, right? We want that consumption

Bitboy: That consumption. You guys, please consume us.

JChains: That sounds nice. You know, what’s not being consumed. Dude, this is a great segue. What?

BitBoy: I don’t know J tell me.

JChains: Gasoline.

BitBoy: Gasoline. I was watching today. The lowest price in the United States is in Wisconsin. 89 cents today.

JChains: Shut up. Dude, that was like 89 cents was a gallon of gas when I was probably like a junior in high school. I mean, you could fill up your gas tank. You could get a coke and you could get a pack of smokes for like under 20 bucks.

BitBoy: Yeah, and maybe even a little crack rock.

JChains: Maybe, it depends on which gas station you went to?  Things you don’t do anymore. I get that. I don’t smoke cigarettes anything so

BitBoy: Oh, just crack. But in all seriousness though, yeah, I remember the cheapest that I ever saw gas and once I started driving would have been probably about 2002-ish? maybe 2003? I got gas for 73 cents in Alpharetta, Georgia and I won’t forget it.

JChains: Wow, that’s one of those lifetime moments, man that that defines things the cheapest gas you ever pay in your life because remember when it was crazy, I know like, I was like we were in Chicago at that time and it was man, was it like six bucks or something like that?

BitBoy: Did you know when it was from? Do you remember?

JChains: No.

BitBoy: Hurricane Katrina.

JChains: That’s right.

BitBoy: Yeah, when Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster to ever hit the United States and messed up a bunch of gas or oil in the Louisiana area off the coast there.

JChains: Down in the Gulf Coast on the bayou over there.

BitBoy: Over the Gulf Coast on the bayou, how does that sound?

JChains: And you can’t spell Goji AUX. That just doesn’t even work.

BitBoy: God. I got to be honest with you. I’m just not a big fan of that area of the country at all. I’m sorry if you live there. I know we maybe have some listeners there but I just hate the St. so much. It’s hard. And LSU I hate–

JChains: Who dat- who dat- who dat

BitBoy: It was painful this year watching the national championship. I mean, I was pulling for Clemson so hard because it’s not that I hate LSU that much. I do hate LSU but I hate Saints fans so much that I know a lot of Saints fans or LSU fans and the thought of them getting any joy or happiness. It really makes my heart set.

JChains: That’s deep seated hatred, huh?

BitBoy: I would say that you know, this could be a good topic for us one day would be rivalry in sports for Manspreading but I think the Falcon-Saints rivalry is probably the most heated in all sports. We hate each other. But Auburn Alabama probably as well, but they can keep it friendly a little bit. We hate each other. That’s the truth.

JChains:  Like fans fighting in the stage in the stand’s kind of thing.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah. I mean, we just– Oh, God. So, it Well, the thing the reason why it’s so crazy here with that is because after Hurricane Katrina, so many people from New Orleans moved here, and so they live here, but there’s a huge contingent of Saints fans here. And we hate that for sure. But yeah, so gas prices totally tanked this week, though. The gas futures prices went to negative $40. First time it had ever been negative before. And what a Ponzi scheme, right? Dropped 98% in one day.

JChains: That’s crazy. I read something that said that if you were able to take in, it was like 1000 barrels a day— if you could care if you could take in 1000 barrels, you actually were going to get paid like 37 grand to do so when it was in that Negative Zone I think that was like something that came out earlier today it’s crazy, can you imagine that?

BitBoy: How is that even possible? So crazy.  Well, I think  the net negative price I think is on the future so I don’t  know how that’s going to affect everything I don’t know what the actual literal price of oil is per gallon right now or for per barrel but with the drop yesterday, I know it had to be hit significantly. If we’re seeing gas right now at 89 cents, how low is gas going to be in a week from now?

JChains: Oh man, probably half a buck?

BitBoy: 20 cents a gallon?

JChains: Dude that would be crazy.

BitBoy: I mean, you wish you could fill up an oil tank or something, you know? I don’t really go anywhere anyways, but that’s the problem, nobody’s going anywhere.

JChains: That’s thing and that’s why it is, that production has to be at a standstill now because all the reserves are filled up. No one’s consuming anything, hardly anyone.

BitBoy: Well, the thing is, is nobody’s consuming anything but Saudi Arabia and Russia are refusing to cut the production or really Russia. All this is Russia. Russia is the one that’s behind all this. They’re refusing to cut their production and when they refuse to cut production, that means other places around the world can’t cut their production. It’s like, all the whole oil industry has to move in sync. And when it’s not moving in sync, then you know, it just throws the whole thing off. So yeah, definitely pretty crazy.

JChains: So, is this the end of like, it’s not the end of fossil fuels, and we know that, but now do you think that a lot of people say ‘Listen, man, we can do this better? We can do this cleaner. Why even worry about this dirty oil?’

BitBoy: it’s got to happen at some point, but the whole Middle East is built on oil. I mean what are they going to do, you know?

JChains: Too bad.

BitBoy: Well, I know I’m right there in agreement with you. I mean, I feel the same way but I mean,

JChains: shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Shoo, shoo, shoo.

BitBoy: I’ll be careful with what I say right?

JChains: This isn’t a financial advice but I know that

BitBoy: Buy that oil, son. So, alright guys, well, that was a fun little talk there. We do want to remind you guys that we do have a giveaway well not a giveaway. You can get $10 in Bitcoin for completely free all you have to do is go to rate this podcast.com if you’re watching on YouTube, there’s a link down below where I’m talking, I don’t have it handy right now. But you go there or you just visit iTunes and find us on there or Apple podcasts and review us all you got to do is review us four-five star minimum, is all I’m going to say. I mean you can give us any great one, 4-5 stars minimum.

JChains: 5.

BitBoy: 5 stars minimum, give us a rating and review whereas a $10 at the end of the month in Bitcoin absolutely free. So how many of you think we got maybe 30- ish something like that?

JChains: 30, I would say around 3- ish.

BitBoy: around 30, so we giving out some gwop, okay? We handed out some money but the thing is, we’re only doing it for the first 50 so there’s only 20 spots left. You want to get the free Bitcoin for the month. So, if you want to go on there and do the math, you guys can probably figure out about when we’ve got a, you know, too many, so you’ll be able to see the number of reviews.

JChains: Yeah but a review never hurt anybody.

BitBoy: Review never hurt anybody. Review never hurt anybody. if we get more than 50 this month, we might be able to roll you over to next month’s giveaway. So, just go just go do the right thing. rate the podcast tell people how great we are, tell people whether you’re on Team BitBoy or team JChains. I’m rocking my team BitBoy shirt today, you can get these bad boys on JChains who can buy his own shirt but you can get these bad boys right here on beardsandbitcoins.com but let’s talk about our sponsor for a second. We have a sponsor of the podcast dear friend of the show, Robert Beadles, he’s the president of this company. The beards and bitcoins crypto podcast is brought to you by Monarch Wallet, roll your own financial Kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right Ben. The team at Monarch, like we said, Beadles his his crew, they are working hard to bring you the one app that access all of the best crypto services. These guys they believe in delivering tech, not hype, right?

BitBoy: That’s right, with the Universal Decentralized Wallet, you can buy store, spend and earn crypto with Monarch Pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: Nice! If you want more information, make sure you check out monarchwallet.com or monarchtoken.io Today, and while we’re throwing out links and URLs, there’s another one that we got. We talked about it last week. It’s a good one. If you go to MCO.BEARDS.LIVE sign up for a crypto.com account Okay, it’s really easy. You sign up for an account. You load it. You’re going to get a little chicken. We’re going to get a little chicken.

BitBoy: Oh, I love chicken.

JChains: We’re not talking. We’re not talking like chicken wings or like, chicken Caesar salad. We’re talking ‘moolah’ baby. Yeah, chicken. gwop.

BitBoy: Absolutely. Well speaking of gwop, one company is trying to get some major gwop from a serious video platform that you guys know and love. Let’s check it out in News break.



BitBoy: Today for News Break, we’ve got a crazy story for you guys. I just went into YouTube mode. We have a crazy story for you guys, as one of the biggest companies in crypto. My hair are doing crazy stuff. I’m trying to get out of my face but it’s not working. You can tell I need a real haircut. But one of the biggest companies in crypto Ripple, who is behind XRP is suing YouTube. Absolutely insane. You might be shocked to find out why, well tell him tell him about the story, J.

JChains: So, it’s got to do with them not policing their own, like their own ads that are being played on the platform, right? So it’s got to do with scam videos that are coming out with I think, using the likeness and image of prominent figures, but going on to be scams and I think they go on to say, you know, they generate how many billions of dollars in ad revenue, but they can’t police their own service. So, yeah, so they’re going after them. I think he said damages, interest, all sorts of stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

BitBoy: Yeah, a second ago, I said that they were going after money from YouTube and I was like, well, are they? They’re suing them, so I went I looked at it a little deeper in the story here and it does say that what they are seeking is for YouTube to shut down any alleged scams that use Ripple’s, registered trademarks to promote giveaways to be more proactive in shutting down future scams to stop verifying any alleged scams and for damages, restitution, costs, and interest. So, I wonder how much that damage is going to be?

JChains: Man. You remember those scams that were crazy. It was like all over the place.

BitBoy: The ETH giveaways?

JChains: Yeah, like, I don’t do a whole ton of YouTube stuff. But for me, it was all the ETH giveaways. Like that was just crazy, just how prominent they were.

BitBoy: That’s how prominent these are on YouTube right now.

JChains: Wow.

BitBoy: They’re everywhere. Like, I wonder if I pulled up YouTube right now. I know the audience can’t see it. But if I pulled up YouTube, I wonder if I would see one of these right now.

JChains: Everyone knows like that one skinny guy who’s always doing the cryptocurrency videos.

BitBoy: Oh, that guy. No, he’s not. I know that guy. Did people know who we’re talking about that skinny guy with the glasses? I think he looks like maybe he’s Middle Eastern or something like that, maybe. He’s like, ‘you have to find his trading strategies, incredible. It doesn’t matter though prices are going up with the price going down, you will make incredible money’ and it’s all a big, you know, thing to sell a course or whatever. So well, right? Go ahead.

JChains: No, go ahead.

BitBoy: I was saying right now I can’t find one. But basically what these are is on YouTube, you will find some of these videos that appear as live streams and they look like someone legit is giving away Bitcoin or crypto, whether it is Brad Garlinghouse from Ripple, whether it is Elon Musk, even it has been you as a person they pretend to be Charlie Lee, CZ from finance. And what they do it’s the same thing as the ETH giveaway scam and the ETH giveaway scam, basically people say, you know, hey, send me this amount of Ethereum and I’ll send you more back. I’m Vitalik Buterin and if you send me this ETH, I’ll send you twice as much back. And of course, you send it in, you never get anything back. Well, this has now become as prominent on YouTube, as it was on Twitter during the Bull Run, which is saying so much because it was so crazy back then.

JChains: Right? Wow.

BitBoy: Yeah. So, what they do is they put enter pre-recorded interviews of those big names, and people will see the pre-recorded interviews, and they think they’re live and then they’ll have something about how we’re doing a huge giveaway to celebrate this random thing that makes no sense. I am shocked how many people come into my telegram group and say, ‘Hey, is this legitimate? Is Elon Musk really giving away Bitcoin right now on YouTube?’

JChains: No, no. He’s not he’s definitely not giving away Bitcoin on YouTube.

BitBoy: Like how in the world would you think that? Maybe if you’re brand new to crypto but I mean even then, what they do is they have all these bot comments like they have, you know, bots in the chat to make it seem like the live streams are legit like, ‘Oh, I just got this money. It’s so incredible blah blah blah blah blah.’

JChains: You know what I think we should do.

BitBoy: We should do one of those

JChains: New one. Yeah, absolutely. No, we should start a service. We should start a service like the big brother club. Right? Yeah, it’s like you adopt a newbie.

BitBoy: I like this.

JChains: This is this is what you do. This is what you don’t do. Don’t fall for these scams.

BitBoy: Yeah, I like that.

JChains: Like a mentor, a mentor crypto Mentor Program. This we’re starting it, we’re doing it.

BitBoy: A crypto mentor?

JChains: A mentor.

BitBoy: Are you a mentor a ‘menter’?

JChains:  Man, I don’t know which way would be the right way to say this. Personally, I’d be a mentor.

BitBoy: No, no, I mean, would you know people say it ‘menter’. Have you heard people say ‘menter’, not mentor, ‘menter’

JChains: Oh, did I say ‘menter’ too?

BitBoy: No, you didn’t? I’m saying like ‘menter’ is a totally legit way to say that word and I hear people say it all the time and I’m like, how why do you pronounce it like that? But apparently people say ‘menter’

JChains: There’s so many words like that right? You got like, ‘anyways’ ‘anyway’

BitBoy: What about this one, this is the closest example to that. Where I’m just like, why do people say that way? niche, people say a ‘nish’ who says ‘nish’ ? Why would you say ‘nish’? If you say ‘nish’ —

JChains: I think that’s how you say it.  but I think that’s how you say it, right?

BitBoy: You say niche like can we be for real? We’re in the south. We don’t get frickin’ fancy.

JChains: Hey, that’s a frickin niche market, man.

BitBoy: I tell you what, as you have a good niche right there, you need jump right on in that thing, muskets and better flags.

JChains: Like chickens running around everywhere.

BitBoy: I’m making fun of my own heritage.

JChains: Wow.

BitBoy: What, who said that? So anyways guys, so yeah, so that’s what’s going on there suing YouTube. Now, I think this is actually very bad for crypto and the reason why is because now YouTube is probably going to go to extremes to try to monitor crypto content and now–

JChains: Oh, you think it’s just Ripple stuff?

BitBoy: Oh, well look, if ripple wins this case, guess who else will automatically by precedent be able to win a case against YouTube? Litecoin, Coinbase, Finance, Ethereum, I mean, Ethereum is decentralized, but–

JChains: is this is this like a David versus Goliath, or no?

BitBoy: no, no, I mean Ripples big money too. I mean, there not big money as YouTube but I wouldn’t call them a David by any stretch of imagination. I don’t know, if you if you could kill Goliath with a fidget spinner, maybe. Alright guys, let’s move on. Let’s talk about a different coin not quite as controversial.


19:02 Token Time

JChains: Alright today on Token Time we are talking about nerd and gamers, this this coin is just like a crypto nerds’ wet dream. Can I say that on the show?

BitBoy: Yeah, you can and you did. I like it. I think it’s true.

JChains: Good. Good. It’s Enjin coin everyone if you’re watching the show, you probably know what it is.

BitBoy: Well, I mean, you would think that Enjin coin would be like really manly like not nerdy stuff, right?

JChains: Like a 457′ Chevy

Bitboy: Got my ‘Hammy’ Got my 5.7 ‘Hammy’ right here. You would think that–

JChains: I don’t even know what a 457 Chevy is? Is that a real thing, 457 is it like a 454?

BitBoy: I’ll just say it like this sounded legit to me.

JChains: Sounds good.

BitBoy: Sounded legit to me. But tell him a little bit about this super nerd coin that can make you a lot of money.

JChains: It can. So, it came about in 2009. Enjin has launched a gaming community platform called the Enjin Network. And it has grown I think they got millions of users 20 million plus, something like that?

BitBoy: Something like that.

JChains: Yeah, the ecosystem encompasses of the platform. There’s a wallet, they got beam and they aim to empower gamers with ownership of digital assets and enables the game industry businesses to increase their revenue.

BitBoy: -and it’s been on the news.

JChains: It’s just really quick, I’m smashing the nerd alert on myself just for (inaudible).

BitBoy: Yeah, you’re a dork. I’m sorry.

JChains: It’s fine.

BitBoy: Look guys, gaming is a path to adoption. I mean, we all know that. Can we-

JChains: This will be the biggest coin for path to adoption through the video game systems. 100%.

BitBoy: Let’s, let’s talk about this for a second.  Can we have a heart to heart?

JChains: Yeah. My man.

BitBoy: I think we’re nerds. I think we are man. Look, this is a crypto podcast. We’re literally right now doing a crypto podcast talking about video games. I think we’re nerds.

JChains: What’s my life become?

BitBoy: What is wrong with us? Is this the quarantine that’s doing this? Or do we volunteer for this already?

JChains: It’s the quarantine.

BitBoy: We’re going to blame it on the quarantine.

BitBoy: When we talk about video game coins, this is Crypto Stash’s territory and we know Crypto Stash is a giant. We love him.

JChains: We should have him on the show soon to talk and we can talk more about Enjin coin because like he knows a lot about it.

BitBoy: Yeah, yeah. He’s big with Enjin. He knows their team and everything. So, we love Crypto Stash, he’s a good guy. But the thing is, it has been on tear lately and it is right now coming in about 10 almost 11 cents. It’s up 7% just today it’s coming in ranked number 54 on coin market cap it is— I believe engine itself is excuse me, an ERC20. But I think that the-I don’t know? It’s an ERC, maybe 1122, I think? These are non-fungible tokens, NFT’s I would have to really understand a little bit more about how Enjin itself is related to its NFT’s that are on its blockchain. Because if I’m correct, maybe somebody could correct me on this. I think–

JChains: You know what they should do? They should they should join our telegram. If so, if you’re part of the Enjin community, if you’re part of the team, join our telegram come talk to us teach us about this. We want to learn more.

BitBoy: I think Enjin itself is an ERC20, so was built on Ethereum. But I think, it’s non fungible tokens are I think, 1122 maybe? It’s a different kind of ERC question. So, nerd alert, nerd alert, nerd alert. I hope I got that wrong. I hope I got that wrong.

JChains: I hope for you that you got it wrong.

BitBoy: For my sake, I hope that I got that wrong. If I got that right then I may not be able to show my face on this manly podcast again. I might have to shave my beard.

JChains: You would have to shave it off, that would be your punishment as a– just a clean face for an episode.

BitBoy: So, do you know about these Teeka Tiwari Final Five coins?

JChains: Yeah. You did a video on this a couple weeks ago, didn’t you?

BitBoy: Yeah. Did you watch it?

JChains: I did. I did watch this one actually.

BitBoy: Wow. J, I’m honored.

JChains: My man.

BitBoy: My man. Yeah, so anyways, this was one of his five coins that people pay $2500 or $5,000 to get access to and then the price pumped huge. But his reasoning for it– I tell you what I will say this about that guy. That research, it’s because I actually got my hands on the actual report. Somebody sent it to me. And the report itself, is it worth $2500 or $5,000? I mean, no, you get that information anywhere. But the report had some really good research and information on it. I was honestly really impressed with that report would never pay that much money for it. But I was impressed with it. And his reasoning for Enjin, you know, doing so well. I mean, it really makes a lot of sense because he talks about in the report the same thing I’ve been saying for a while, which is, my kids would rather get V bucks for Fortnite for their birthdays than real things.

JChains: That makes sense, man. That’s how it’s going to happen.

BitBoy: Go ahead, J. Go ahead.

JChains: What?

BitBoy: You can call my kids nerds.

JChains: No.

BitBoy: You better not, you better not.

JChains: I wouldn’t do that, they’re super cool.

BitBoy: But the point is, is to change generation these days. And they are more interested-

JChains: Little nerds.

BitBoy: What?

JChains: Little nerds.

BitBoy: You son of a bitnotch! Come on, man. Don’t you call my kids, nerds.

JChains: I’m just kidding. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Because your kids are cool.

BitBoy: Yeah, my kids are cool. But in all seriousness, you know, it is just changing the guard and we will probably see you know, these video game tokens like this like Wax, get really, really big in the future. So, we’ll just have to see how it all shakes down. Speaking of shaking down.

JChains: Don’t get shaken down.

BitBoy: What?

JChains: Don’t get shaken down by the cops, man.

BitBoy: Well, somebody is about to shake us down to find out what our altcoin price predictions are.


25:23 Whatcha Thinkin’

BitBoy: Alright guys, so for what you’re thinking today for our segment here where we let the viewers ask us a question or listeners. Today we got a question coming from Ross. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Ross: I was curious what your favorite shitcoins are. And what do you think the price projection of HBAR will be worth in one year from now?

BitBoy: So, Ross wants to know what we think about altcoins pretty much going into the halvening cycle, the next cycle and he also wants us to pick out some altcoins, tell what we think they’re going to be at, and then give a prediction on HBAR, specifically. So where do you want to start, j?

JChains: All right, let’s start with HBAR. I really like HBAR, I think right now, it’s around what? Three cents somewhere around there?

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: Three and a half cents or three cents. My price prediction in a year from now is going to be hopefully somewhere between obviously if it’s higher, great, wonderful, 50 to 75 cents somewhere in there. That’s my that’s my guesstimate. What do you think?

BitBoy: If you don’t think it’s going to a dollar, you need to get up out of here.

JChains: Give me that dollar though

BitBoy: HBAR is going on a dollar. It’s working with Google isn’t making big moves. We don’t get the Bull Run. Bitcoin going to a million Well, maybe not a million but it’s going up. I’m saying HBAR to the moon, $1 maybe.

JChains: Oh, man, that’d be big time.

BitBoy: Hey, I’m here for you and your HBAR bags. But I mean do we think– are altcoin’s dead? I mean, that’s what people want to know, are altcoins dead? Is this still even a thing?

JChains: I don’t think, I mean we’re still here right? So, that means that we’re believers in this whole thing. I think Altcoin’s have their purpose. I think that one altcoin will be the one that is the currency if we ever switch to a digital currency as a world global unit. Obviously, it’s not going to be bitcoin that’s just going to be the digital gold.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChainz: Or store value. Our currency would have to be faster, cheaper, safer, right?

BitBoy: Yeah. I think so. I mean, I I think all coins are going to be very healthy in the next cycle. I really do believe– I need a haircut, guys. I just got to be honest with you.

JChains: You got that quarantine, look at this

BitBoy: Oh God, look at you. Wow, you look

JChains: Dude, I need to get out of quarantine so I can get a haircut and a beard trim.

BitBoy: Yeah, I feel that. Well, I think altcoins are going to thrive. So, let’s talk about some more coins we think are going to do well. I’ll go first. I’m going to say Chainlink. People love Chainlink, okay.

JChains: I love Chainlink.

BitBoy: It’s already Chainlink. All-time hide it out. Okay. It probably isn’t going to get no hundred x. Okay; people think is my get a hundred X. It’s already got a bunch of X’s. I’m going to say–

JChains: You think it’ll 10 x from here?

BitBoy: I think it’s going to be 20X. I’m going to put the thing at $60 in a year, $60 Chainlink, you can’t get a Chainlink fence for that price.

JChainz: Thanks.

BitBoy: Yeah, Chainlink Fences are more expensive than Chainlink. But yeah, I think Chainlink is going to do really well. But it’s not going to be one of the biggest movers and the reason is because it’s already axed a bunch of times, so I don’t see it being like the number one mover of the next market. You got to look for some kind of undervalued coins that are still strong. So, for one, I think we’re going to do even better. I’m going to say, Cosmos, it’s coming in number 24. It’s got some dysfunction, in its team, there’s some things about it that aren’t great. But Cosmos has a very interesting structure and they’ve geared it to where they can get a bunch of developers, they’re using (inaudible) hubs. They got a lot of interesting stuff going on. And Cosmos reminds me of Chainlink when it first launched because there was a lot of dysfunction. We were like disappointed in it and that’s the feeling that people have about Cosmos. I think they’re going to end up getting past that smooth sailing. I’m going to say Cosmos going to go crazy. I’m going to say going to go for $2 and 25 cents to $100.

JChains: So, if you got a Cosmos bag, if you don’t have a Cosmos bag, load it up. But that’s not financial advice. So do your own research first.

BitBoy: Yep.

JChains: All right. I think one of the first altcoins that I think is going to be doing well, and I’ll throw a little prediction at is Tezos, XTZ. A big fan of that project. I think that I think it is going through a little bit right now. Do we get overbought? Maybe a little bit, couple months ago.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: But I think it’ll come back. I think it’ll make at least a $15 coin, we’ll see.

BitBoy: A $15 coin. Okay.

JChains: 15.

BitBoy: Where is it at right now?

JChains: Three something right? Oh, no maybe it’s like way down isn’t it?

BitBoy: What is Tezos at?  What is old Tezos at? Tezos is at $2.16. You think it’s only going to like 6x?

JChains: No, it’ll go more than that.

BitBoy: 6x that’s nothing. Imagine only having six times more money than you have right now.

JChains: Yeah, you know that’s, that brings up a good point. That would be nice to have. So my other one though, I think it’s actually going to do better now, Dash right? Like on the inside like 70-75 bucks right now, but there’s only what, like 9 million of them?

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s not a lot.

JChainz: Not a lot.

BitBoy: Isn’t it? I have to look, I’ll look it up right now, you can go kind of keep talking. I’ll look it up.

JChains: So not 9 million 457

BitBoy: Oh yeah, you’re right, nine and a half million.

JChains: So low supply. So, if you get that market cap up, I mean, it’s what like three quarters of a billion dollars, something like that pretty darn change. So, you mean you get that thing up, man, that price is going to shoot up and that is scarce, man. That’s three times as well, half as scarce as bitcoin is it?

BitBoy: How much are those nodes? I wonder how much those Dash nodes are.

JChains: I don’t know.

BitBoy: I might want to get in on one of them, actually. I mean, you’re making some pretty good point. I do think Dash is kind of a sleeping giant right now. I think Dash is going to have a big comeback. I really do think that we’re already starting to see it. A lot of all coin research sites are putting Dash very high right now.

JChains: I mean, it’s an all-time high. It’s 1600 and it’s (inaudible)

BitBoy: Oh, it was killing it. It was killing it. So, I’m going to have a look and see how much those are. I might look into getting one of those bad boys. I wouldn’t mind having one myself.

JChains: A little ‘scooby scoob’ just in case.

BitBoy: A little ‘scooby scoob’ just in case. But let’s talk about– can we talk about some sports please for the love of God?


32:13 Manspreading

JChains: Alright, this is some major sports news. Because there’s really no sports news. One of the best tight ends in the game coming out of retirement and not only is he coming out of retirement, but he’s moving to a new city to be with an old friend. We’re talking Gronk Brady Bucs. We think-

BitBoy: Well, talking about teams I hate we’ve already talked about one of the teams I hate, which is the Saints. The other team I hate the most down there in Tampa Bay. Sure, do hate-

JChains: Not a Bucs fan either, huh? I hate Carolina. I hate Tampa and I hate New Orleans. I hate every team in my division. I’m sure as a Bears fan. You can relate.

JChainz:  Oh, big time do we hate the Packers?

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: The Vikings. I hate them all, the Lions.

BitBoy: Yeah. Well, Lions, whatever, you know.

JChains: I mean you can’t really hate the Lions. It’s like hating the kid down the street that has half a brain. That was terrible.

BitBoy: That was terrible. We’re going to keep it in though. We are going to keep that in. But yeah-

JChains: Insensitive. I am. I appreciate that.

BitBoy: I hate the Buccaneers a lot. I’m, I’m obviously, not a fan of any team in my division. This is an interesting move. I do like Gronk Brady and whatever. You know, he’s the GOAT. We all know it. But we’re all tired of him at this point. But it is going to be fun to see Gronk playing again which is going to be painful because if he does something good, that means the Bucs did something good. And I’m going to hate that.

JChains: It’ll be interesting. I got to tell you I was not a Patriots fan. I didn’t like Twomey. I mean, he’s not 20 anymore. I mean, how do you say that like a Florida person?

BitBoy: Twomey, oh gosh, I never— Did you get that from my story?

JChains: No. What?

BitBoy: When I was at the Super Bowl, the Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl, there was a Patriots fan behind me the whole game even when they were down 28 point or you know 25 points whatever. ‘Come on Twomey, Come on Twomey, you can do it Twomey.’ Like it drove me crazy. And they were so silent. Like, you know, right before they started to come back. I was like, thank God and then all of a sudden just got so much worse. Oh, that was painful, painful, painful experience

JChains: Twomey. So that’s going to be interesting, man. It’ll I like Gronk I think one of the one of the best things that he’s done since he’s been in retirement. Did you see? Was it New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey when he did the Gronk spike of the Steve Harvey football head?

BitBoy: Yeah. Well, he was just on The Masked Singer.

JChains: Oh, I heard he did really good. I think I don’t know.

BitBoy: Well, he made it to the final night and I think he went out in like maybe eighth place or ninth place something like that? Which he made it out of his out of his group so that they star—. I never watched Masked Singer before but we were been watching it with my family. My kids love it and it’s actually is a pretty good show. Now that I’ve actually watched it, the concept of it’s very interesting. And yeah, so I knew it was Gronk right away as soon as he came out, and the first song he’s saying I knew this was Gronk. But the way they do the show is they got three groups of six and they eliminate three people out of each group and the left with nine and so he made it to the final. He made it to like where they’re all together. So, it was pretty significant for him. But I mean, there’s real talented musicians, you know, when singers and stuff like that they’re in the show, I mean, Seal won it last year, so can’t expect to be beat somebody like Seal. How long is it? A long season?

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s about as long as football season. It’s a long show. It’s crazy how long it is.

JChains: Oh wow.

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s been going on ever since January, or no, that’s not true, it has been going on since the Super Bowl.

JChains: Okay.

BitBoy: Two and a half months?

JChains: Ah, dude, speaking of Super Bowl, did I did we ever talk about this? That I was on a cruise for the Superbowl.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah.

JChains: And did we talk about the package that they had for the internet? So like, because it was international waters. It was through ESPN not through Fox.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: So we got no commercials. It was literally two commercials the entire Superbowl. It was a 20 for 20 about Mike Vick. And then it was India vs Pakistan for cricket. Literally the commercials run back and forth the entire game. It was terrible.

BitBoy: That’s crazy. Did you watch it at the pool?

JChains: It started at the pool and then I actually got kind of chilly. And so, we went to the schooner, the schooner bar.

BitBoy: The old schooner bar. Wait, which ship where you on?

JChains: Rhapsody of the Seas, I think?

BitBoy: Oh, you’re on Royal Caribbean? Yeah. Royal Caribbean. Well, you made it just in time before all the chaos happened, right?

JChains: I was actually on that cruise and that’s when that the Italian cruise liner I think it was the one that was over in Japan or whatever.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: Like this is all happening so like we’re here in…So like, like when we got on the boat they were asking like, ‘Have you been sick?’ ‘Do you have Coronavirus?’ ‘Have you been to China?’ It’s like, no. And then go to find out like all this stuff happened. Like while we were in the water. It was nuts.

BitBoy: Wow. It was definitely crazy time. You know, and things like that. But, I mean, speaking of crazy time, what the heck is going to even happen with football season this year? Are we even going to get to see these games? The draft is going to be the night that this podcast debuts which is on Thursday, and the draft starts on Thursday night.

JChains: Fun.

BitBoy: Is it? I mean virtual draft? I wonder if it will move faster or slower.

JChains: Everybody’s going to take the full time, right?

BitBoy: I mean, you would think. but I was actually like ESPN. Talking about when the draft happens that there will actually be people that—there will probably be trades that were missed out on just because it’s all having to be done digital and it’s going to slow things down.

JChains: Yeah, yeah. Interesting. I want to watch it, just to see.

BitBoy: Of for sure. Dude, I cannot wait to watch something sports related for the love of the Lord, you know. I’ve been watching indoor rock climbing and I that’s my go to now and watching my own TikTok videos. That’s the only sport I get. But it was it was really refreshing to see this news today about Gronk and Brady you know playing together in Tampa even though I hate Tampa, it was good actually see a sports story.

JChains: Yeah, something like exciting. Something that made you excited like I’m excited for the football season whenever it’s going to start, who knows but I’m excited for it.

BitBoy: Watching ESPN has been painful, I bet well, you know they asked all their all their top people to take 15% pay cuts.

JChains: Oh really?

BitBoy: Yeah, that was last week they had to take pay cuts. So crazy times going on for sure in the sports world but it was nice to have a story today to be able to talk about a football trade. They traded the Patriots traded Gronk he came back out of retirement they trained for a fourth-round pick going to the Tampa Bay Bucs. So I’ll get to see him play twice if we have football season. I usually go down to Tampa and also got season tickets for the Falcons. So be interesting, but yeah, I think that’s going to wrap up the show today, guys, and we have a poll for you guys. What’s our poll question this week, J?

JChains: It’s going to be about Gronk in the NFL and something to do with it.

BitBoy: Who’s your favorite player who came out of retirement? But, Gronk, Michael Jordan.

JChains: Michael Jordan, when he came out of basketball retirement to baseball.

BitBoy: Well, then he came back and out of retirement and basketball second time, played for the Wizards. Brett Favre is another big one, obviously. So, we know we’ll have Gronk, Brett Favre, Michael Jordan. We’ll have to come up with who the other person is. We’ll come up with a fourth person. You guys vote on that. Let us know what player is the best to ever come out of retirement after being in retirement?

JChains: Ken Griffey Jr, right? He did?

BitBoy: Did he come out or I don’t think he came out retirement. I don’t know if he retired. We’ll have to come up with a fourth one but just trust me the fourth one will be worth it. We’ll come up with a good one. It’ll be very juicy. But guys, thank you so much for listening to Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast. Each week we are bringing you news, information and stories to spread awareness about cryptocurrency

JChains: That is absolutely correct. And if you enjoy this episode, we ask that you please rate this podcast. You can visit ratethispodcast.com/beardsbitcoins, leave us a rating and review on Apple iTunes, we would greatly appreciate it. Also please help us spread the word of this podcast by sharing your favorite Beards and Bitcoins episodes on your social media. Go ahead and tag us on Twitter @BeardsBitcoins.

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Episode 88: Ripple’s YouTube Lawsuit

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