Episode 87: YouTube Censoring Crypto


Episode 87: YouTube Censoring Crypto

We talk about a range of topics in this episode—a popular video platform banning some of its users, a utility token, a question from our lady listener, and Summertime meat.

In News Break, we discuss what happened to some of the YouTube channels getting removed including Jason Appleton’s Crypto Crow. We answer these questions like, why is crypto one area that’s targeted more? Is this an attack? Listen to our theories and analysis on this segment.

We feature Crypto.com’s MCO and CRO on Token Time and we talk about its features and the numbers. We also discuss the difference between MCO and CRO.

For Whatcha Thinkin, we got asked by a lady listener, Wendy Martinez, with this question: What advice or what would you want to say to women and girls looking to get into blockchain and crypto, and whether it be as a developer, content creator, trader or some other segment of the industry?

Manspreading’s all about meat—ham, steak, chicken, brisket, sausage, pork ribs, and a whole lot more! We also discuss how these Summertime meats are cooked—smoked, grilled, barbecued etc.

Time Stamps of Segments
5:07 News Break
10:33 Token Time
16:44 Whatcha Thinkin’ (New Segment!)
21:32 Manspreading

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Episode 87: YouTube Censoring Crypto


BitBoy: Hello and welcome to Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and the ladies who love them. As always, I’m joined by my extremely incredibly good-looking co-host JChains. What is going on Chains? Tell ‘em what we got in store for them on the show today.

JChains: Oh man things are good things are good another day in the life and quarantine show is going to be good man. I’m really excited. We’re going to talk about a popular video platform that is banning their users for News Break. When we get to Token Time, I think right now one of the most popular utility tokens around I look forward to discussing about this and kind of what it’s all about. For Whatcha Thinkin’, we actually got a question from a lady listener. Believe it or not, there is actually a lady that listens to the show. I think there may be a couple bucks. So, we’ve got a question from a listener. And then on Manspreading it’s getting warmer in some parts of the country. It’s already really warm but some people I know got some snow just the other day but it’s getting warmer. So, what is your summertime meat that you’re throwing in the grill or the smoker?

BitBoy: Yeah, nothing better than summertime meat.

JChains: Summertime meat. So, get your meat hot.

BitBoy: Get your meat on. Yeah, so we also guys, we want to tell you guys about something we’re doing very special on the show this month, for the month of April. So, there’s a few more weeks left in the month we’re about halfway done, but we’re going to be giving away $10 free in Bitcoin to anyone who reviews our podcast on iTunes. Now we got to cap it to the first 50 people so we can’t do any more than 50 I mean that’s 500 bucks for this month. We would have to see what we do for next month but we really need the reviews are really up the ante here on the show.

JChains: I like it. I like it. So, what we want to hear from you Yeah, we will post we want to hear what you think of the show.

BitBoy: Yeah. Well

JChains: Five stars.

BitBoy: Yeah, only five stars guys. Sorry, if you give us a two-star review, like, you know, I don’t think I’m sending you a Bitcoin, okay? I might tell you like, thanks for the review and maybe we can do something constructive with that. But yeah, you’re going to need to get up on top review at least a four if you want to get some money. You know what I mean?

JChains: I like it. Four.

BitBoy: Yeah, so all you got to do is go find Beards and Bitcoins on iTunes or on Apple podcasts and hit that review up hit us with that five star, four star Well, you know, I mean, don’t you dare go lower than a four and you tell us what you like about the show, and then screenshot your review and then email that screenshot along with your Bitcoin address to info@beardsandbitcoins.com and then we will hook you up by the end of the month. Like I said–

JChains: We’ve actually got a link for you to use to find the quickest action to your podcast delivery service, just in case you were wondering, and that link just so you know, is podcast rate, ratethispodcast.com/beardsbitcoins, and it’ll pull up, it’ll pull up according to your device. All of the services that you can leave a review on.  So, leave us a review. If you got iTunes. That’d be the best one.

BitBoy: Yeah, definitely. So, for the contest, we’re giving away the free Bitcoin. We only do on iTunes right now. So, if you have an Android, you know, you probably need to be taking a look at some of the decisions. You made it your life.

JChains: I like that thing that happened on Twitter, or, yeah that was good.

BitBoy: He said my haircut was not good, the guy said, and so I said he posted it from an Android phone. So, I said, what room do you have to talk if you’re using an Android, okay? Come on, guys. This is America. Okay? If you live in a poor country, Androids are fine. This is America. Get yourself an iPhone. Let’s be for real.

JChains: You’re darn right.

BitBoy: That’s how I feel about it. Well anyways guys, let’s check out, don’t forget to hook up the contest guys make sure you guys get your $10 free in Bitcoin. But let’s go ahead and talk about a place that holds Bitcoin which is the sponsor of the show. Beards and Bitcoin Crypto Podcast is brought to you by Monarch Wallet rule your own financial Kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right sir. The team at Monarch is working hard to bring you the one app to access all the best crypto services. They believe in delivering tech, not hype.

BitBoy: Yeah, with the Universal Decentralized Monarch Wallet, you can buy store, spend and earn crypto with Monarch Pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: That’s pretty cool. So, if you need more information, make sure you check out monarchwallet.com or monarchtoken.io today, and it’s in both app stores. So just search for Monarch Token, I believe and Monarch Wallet and it’ll pop up and you can download it, use it, store your Bitcoins?

BitBoy: Absolutely. Well, let’s move on to another platform in News Break.



JChains: All right, ladies and gentlemen, today for newsbreak we’re going to be talking about a social media platform that is banning its users and creators on the platform, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Now the good thing is we’ve got an insider in the situation because our man right here, he’s got a YouTube channel.

BitBoy: I do. I actually do have a YouTube channel. Most likely you’re watching it right now.

JChains: Oh, that’s probably a good point.

BitBoy: That’s probably a good point. I do have a YouTube channel but I want to talk about what happened this week with a good friend of mine, Jason Appleton, aka The Crypto Crow. Now, I will say this, everything ended up being fine and that’s what we usually end up seeing in crypto with YouTube. For the most part, YouTube does end up correcting a lot of these problems. But all of a sudden, he goes to his telegram group last week and someone says, ‘Hey, your YouTube channel is gone.’ Now, keep in mind Crypto Crow, he’s got about 80,000 subscribers. He is actually the creator of a large Telegram group that a lot of the crypto influencers are in that I’m an admin of. So, like, he’s done a lot of good stuff for the space. All of a sudden, his YouTube channel was completely gone and he was freaking out. He had never even had a warning before on his channel and it was definitely a very scary thing for him. And we’re seeing that there’s something that’s really happening in crypto a lot, which is people are getting strikes or getting their channels removed. Now eventually, he did get it back. But you know, why is crypto, one area where it seems like we’re targeted more than any other place on YouTube?

JChains: I mean, I’m sure there’s got to be some kind of suppression from some organization that really doesn’t want it to succeed, because if it does, then the people take the money back and the government doesn’t want that to happen.

BitBoy: But I mean, like, logistically, you really think that someone is at YouTube saying like, ‘we can’t we can’t have these crypto Youtubers here like we got to get rid of them’ like you think that’s actually happening?

JChains: Oh, I’m sure there’s some advisor somewhere that says that to them. Absolutely. Don’t you think so?

BitBoy: I don’t know.

JChains: I think that’s why it happens so much. I mean– so sorry, my Rona.

BitBoy: Yes, he has the Rona y’all

JChains: We got the Rona, right. Like, I think that there has to be some kind of crazy algorithm that’s flagging this stuff and is flagging it for a reason. I mean, there’s just too many videos for someone to be sitting back there watching it. I’m sure that there’s some kind of buzzword that’s getting triggered that’s pulling these things, right? I don’t know much about YouTube.

BitBoy: That’s what I think. I mean, I think that well, you’re a big YouTube star on my channel once a week. Oh wait.. Well, you know, the thing about it is like, I think that’s right. I think that there’s something that’s triggering these videos. The video that Jason made that got triggered, the guy’s channel removed, was about the capital gains tax of all things.

JChains: That’s interesting.

BitBoy: Yeah. So there doesn’t seem to be really a rhyme or reason. And what some people think, is that there’s actually an attack, not coming from YouTube itself, but from coming, coming from scammers that are mad that people have legitimate YouTube channels, and they want the legit ones taken down so they can push their scam YouTube channels, which what they do is, it amazes me that people fall for this. There’ll be like, ‘Charlie Lee giving away 1000 Litecoin. All you got to do is send them Litecoin and then he’ll send it back to you’ just like what we used to see on Twitter with Ethereum. Yeah, but what these people do is they set up these livestreams, where they have bots that are making comments and live streams to make it look like people are in there, but there’s nobody on there and then they’re having like a pre-recorded interview of Charlie Lee or whoever it might be. And people all the time are coming in my Telegram group and like, asking, ‘Hey, is this legit? Is Charlie Lee really giving away all this Litecoin?’ I’m like, ‘No, what!?’

JChains: No, he’s not.

BitBoy: Yeah. And so, it seems like there’s like a battle between the people that are legit and then the people that are the scammers. They’re flagging all the regular YouTubers, because they know that we’re talking about it, and exposing it. And then we’re obviously reporting all their channels every time they try to. Here’s the funny thing to me, though. This is what I wonder. I wonder if a lot of these scammers that are running these livestream scams and we’re doing the Eth giveaways, wonder if they’re regular people on crypto Twitter that we know?

JChains: Wouldn’t it be crazy?

BitBoy: I think it really is. That’s nothing. I mean, what do you think? I mean, think is just somebody that’s never goes to crypto Twitter. It runs it. I mean, it makes sense as somebody that we would know you know? Like maybe YouTube. Listen, for someone to do these Bitcoin, Litecoin crypt, you know, Coinbase, livestream scam livestream scams on YouTube, they had to be really familiar with cryptocurrency and with YouTube.

JChains: That’s a good point. That’s a really good point. So, if you’re one of our friends and you’re a scammer, piss off.

BitBoy: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, no question about it. You suck. Well, let’s talk about a coin that is definitely not a scam.



JChains: Alright, so for Token Time today, we’re going to cover one of my favorite coins. I’ve been pushing it everywhere, you guys know. We got a pretty exciting announcement for the channel today for the podcast about this token. Today, we’re going to be talking about MCO CRO Crypto.com. Definitely a project that’s out there pushing for adoption. What do you know about it, J?

JChains: Well, I am a big fan of the platform. I think it’s probably say one of the more– I wouldn’t say exclusive but definitely my best choice for kind of what I’m doing and my strategy with crypto right at this point. I love the ‘Earn’ feature like love, love, love, love, love it. It’s been like fantastic through this kind of crazy market, right? Like I’m not losing any money. Like obviously the value fluctuates a little bit here and there but with the ‘Earn’ feature, I mean on any one of the tokens, I mean, the CRO token the MCO token like both of them, like you earn pretty good. Like right now, I did the three-month lock-up for a couple of coins. And it’s great. It keeps you from selling too which is like one of the probably the most fantastic things about it.

BitBoy: Now it keeps you from jumping in and out of coins too much.

JChains: Yeah, which is great for me because I’m like sometimes by the top, so it’s good just to sit and hold and earn man. Like, I love the platform. I love like the way that it looks, it’s slick, I think it’s professional. I think Crypto.com like you can’t like, you can’t beat the domain.

BitBoy: Yeah. I remember when they bought it again? They paid millions of dollars for it

JChains: From Monaco, right?

BitBoy: No Monaco is Crypto.com

JChains: Yeah, that’s right.

BitBoy: I forgot what they bought it. They bought it from somewhere kind of weird. But anyways, yeah, I mean, I didn’t know they were going to rebrand to make their name Crypto.com But I mean, I’ve been working with him for a while and we actually have a new link if you guys want to get the card through the podcast instead of through, my channel and if you’re listening, I’d love for you to do it for the podcast, as well. That way, you know, JChains over here can stay within the shadow of my clout, okay? Stay within the shadow of my clout and he can make some money and feed his families and treat his Corona. So, tell them what the new link is J.

JChains: So, if you wanted to do that he was got to head to mco.beards.live

BitBoy: That’s right.

JChains: Really easy, really easy.

BitBoy: mco.beards.live. Super, super, super easy. Some people may say. But let’s look at some of the numbers.

JChains: Sometimes that Corona makes you blind when you’re looking at note sheet.

BitBoy: And they say that Corona makes you do crazy things, are you feeling psychological effects?

JChains: Probably man. I had a bad day today like to be perfectly honest with you like I was like really grouchy in a bad mood today.

BitBoy: Really? Yeah, is that Rona side effect? You know, Chris Cuomo has it from CNN, and he did a podcast or a radio show or something today. He’s like a big anchor. He’s our main primetime guy, you know aside from Anderson Cooper and he was just talking about how much his job sucks and he hates it. And he’s like, ‘I don’t think I’m going to go back.’

JChains: That was awesome.

BitBoy: I was just like, man, I think it does crazy stuff to people for real though. But listen to some of the numbers on Crypto.com. We’re looking right now. CRO and MCO are two different coins. CRO right now is coming at number 18 and it’s at about five cents and it’s like I said, coming in is in the top 20. Now MCO, I think is, in what? Like about the top 50?

JChains: That’s number 53. It’s coming in right now. It’s five bucks 11 cents.

BitBoy: Yeah. So, I’ve done a review on the two different tokens, like they do different things. One is like kind of the internal token of the app itself. And then the other one is, you know, for all intents and purposes, a staking token. How much money are you earning with Crypto.com? Like what’s your percent on the tokens?

JChains: I want to say like with the CRO token is like 14% or it might even be higher than that because I’m doing the– Oh no, I didn’t do the stake. Because there’s like a– man.

BitBoy: There’s an 18% option. I think?

JChains: There is but you but you got to like I think you got to be stake. My phone’s all screwed up right now. I dropped it today. Whatever it is, maybe it’s like 16% or something like that? But I’m not doing the stake with the MCO when I did it. I didn’t do it at the same time when I stake them. But so, it’s like 16% or something like that on the three month.

BitBoy: Yeah. Well, I think Crypto.com is only going to continue to get bigger and bigger. I mean, they’re doing so many things. They just got a partnership with Ledger, which is really big. I think you can pay for your ledger with CRO now or MCO on the Ledger website directly which I don’t think they do that with any other coin maybe they do with Bitcoin. But whatever it was really big announcement. And you know, what’s really cool is, is they’re giving back I think it’s 10 or 20% like on DoorDash or groceries or something like that. Did you see that announcement?

JChains: No, that’s cool, man. That’s like right now, that’s huge. Like all those companies right now are just like, I guess– and they’re still hiring and like, you know, they’re taking people on because they want to, they want to be the ones to help you A lot while they’re doing some things. So, it’s like 16% right now on the CRO tokens, and I’m getting 4% on the link.

BitBoy: Nice, 4 percent on link. So, that’s compounded gains when it’s going up like it has recently. Well, listen, guys, if you want to go sign up for the card, make sure you guys head on over to mco.beards.live get a Crypto.com account, you get $50 for free, and we’ll get 50 bucks, you’ll get 50 bucks. That means 25 for me and 25 for J, you know, maybe we’ll do some

JChains: That’s beautiful thing.

BitBoy: Maybe we’ll do something where whoever has the longest beard will get the most because right now, you’re barely ahead of me. I think right now.

JChains: That’s true. That’s true. That’s true.

BitBoy: So alright guys. Well, let’s check out a question from the audience.



JChains: Alright, today on Whatcha Thinkin’ we’ve got a question from a female listener. A lady listener, a lady crypto lover, wanting to ask us a question. So, let’s hear what she says.

Wendy: Hey, guys, love your beards. Got a quick question for you both with the crypto industry pretty much made up of men. What advice or what would you want to say to women and girls looking to get into blockchain and crypto? Whether it be as a developer, content creator trader or some other segment of the industry? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks so much. We love your show Keep it up.

BitBoy: Well, it’s a great question. Thank you, Wendy. For the question. This is not Crypto WendyO by the way, if you wonder who’s calling it’s a different Wendy is not the same Wendy.

JChains: I believe it was a Wendy Martinez.

BitBoy: Wendy Martinez coming in hot with the question here. And I think that my biggest advice to a woman or like a young girl who’d want to maybe pursue like, you know, education and blockchain or whatever it might be, is just do it. You know, just jump into you know? I mean, there’s a lot of male dominated industries out there. But, look at like I mean there’s a female coach in the NFL now. You know not a head coach but there’s female coaches in the NFL. And you know a lot of industries they do start off male dominated for whatever reason, but over time, it kind of evens out and I mean if you look at

JChains: look at by Binance US you got Catherine Coley, the CEO of by Binance, US. I mean, yeah, look at what she’s doing, follow her, talk to her send her notes. I know that, if you’re on the Binance, US Telegram. I think that she’s on there and she talks to people. I know that she talks to people on Twitter. So that’s probably a good bit of inspiration for any young ladies or ladies of any kind.

BitBoy: Yeah, she’s funny too. I love Catherine, she’s awesome.

JChains: Did you see video dancing at the NBA All Star game?

BitBoy: Yeah, I did. What’s wrong with her? Does she have a TikTok account? I need to know. But yeah, I think that’s the best advice is just jump in and do it figure out, you need to figure out what area you want to get into like, do you want to get into coding? You want to get into programming? Do you want to be an influencer? You know, do you want to be a trader? Whatever it is there’s opportunity for you everywhere and I will say this, if you do want to get in on the social media side of things like it is much easier to grow an account as a woman than it is as a man in the space and the reason is  I don’t think it’s because like you have to show skin or you have to do this, I think it’s mainly-

JChains: Bikini shots, bikini pics never hurt you. You get a few thousand followers.

BitBoy: Well look, I didn’t say that okay? J said that. So, all can report him to the Me Too Movement. But what I’m saying here is that there just aren’t that many, so they stand out more. If you’re looking at your like on Trader Twitter and you see like, post after-post, after-post who do that. So, if there’s a lady in there, stands out, you know, and I think it makes it much easier for you to catch attention. You don’t have to show skin or do something crazy like that. It’s all about the fact that if you bring value to the space people are going to notice you easier in a completely male dominated area or whatever it is.

JChains: It’s not Hollywood baby, there’s no casting couch.

BitBoy: No, there’s not– I don’t know, I’ve heard some stories, but not involving me, that’s what I’m saying. Not involving me, not involving me. But I do think though, that it is important to just put yourself out there and figure out wherever you want to go and where you want to fit in and then just do it. I mean, it’s just like any other person that would want to jump in. So J, do you think at some point we will see the wall of male dominance and crypto fall at some point?

JChains: I think Yeah, why not? There should be.

BitBoy: So, a bunch of nerdy incels.

JChains: Yeah, let’s even the game a little bit. Women are smart, man. Women, they’re better at a lot of things than we are.

BitBoy: Absolutely, Absolutely. They certainly are. I know that. I know my wife does stuff I can’t do. So, alright guys. Well, thank you so much for a question, Wendy. And if you guys want to ask us a question, make sure you guys head on over to ask.beards.live and you can drop us a question on our contact page, right there. We got a new website up too, so hope you guys are enjoying that.

JChains: It’s pretty and fierce.

BitBoy: Very, very pretty. It is absolutely beautiful. So, let’s go ahead and let’s be dudes for a minute.



BitBoy: Alright, so for Manspreading today, we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite things, meat. I love meat. I actually got some ham in my refrigerator, I’m about to go raid here in just a few minutes, but it’s not smoked. It is not smoked ham. It’s just some ham, we bought it all the– we cooked it, my wife did a killer job. It was really good. But we all know like smoked meat is really good, barbecue, whatever the case may be. And when I went to Austin, Texas, and we hung out last year, which I got to get back there as soon as the air you know, we can fly again.

JChains: It was probably like a year ago like around this time.

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s right at a year ago. It really is. Yeah, actually, almost exactly. I think

JChains: Crazy. I got to find one of those koozies from the from the– I don’t remember the date. It was probably like right around this time though. For sure.

BitBoy: Yeah, I think it was and we ate some meat while I was there.

JChains: It was so good. So good. Was it the bison rib whatever?

BitBoy: The bison rib, it was killer. But my favorite story from that entire weekend. Well other than finding out that you were the proofreader for the white paper for Bitcoin, that’s another story. My favorite story for the whole weekend was the first day when I got there to Austin. He came pick me up we went straight to Franklin’s. I was like, ‘Where’s this guy taking me that we got to wait three hours in line to eat food. ‘You’re like ‘Nah, trust me, it’s worth it’. So, we went, we went to Franklin’s barbecue place in Austin. How long do we wait really? Like probably three hours?

JChains: Probably about three hours. I think you came in about 8:30 or so? And line started moving about 11:30 or noon.

BitBoy: Yeah. And we got in there and we were chowing down. My favorite thing was I had a rib, and I was eating the rib and the meat literally fell off the bone and it splashed in the barbecue sauce underneath where I was holding the rib, and it splashed all over the guy next to me. So, the guy turns around, he’s got barbecue sauce all over and he looks at me and I’m just holding the rib with no meat on it just like

JChains: It just fell right out. I forgot all about that, man. That was awesome.

BitBoy: Oh my gosh, that was so funny. But yeah, so what do you think man? What kind of meat are you trying to try to grill out this summer because we’re going to all have to be grilling out. We got nothing else to do.

JChains: No, nothing else to do. I actually just smoked a chicken this past weekend, and it was delicious. It’s funny, so we moved like a few months ago at the end of last year and I had this old stereo system and it’s not going to work with the new house because we’ll do the one in the ceiling and stuff. And so I put up on Craigslist and some dude bartered me for a smoker, brand new smoker in a box, a little like portable one, do you know those little green propane tanks that you go camping with and stuff. It runs on that or you can throw it on a 20 pounder. It’s got to get an adapter or whatever. So, I threw a whole chicken in there. Dude, this thing was perfect. Now I can’t wait. My favorite is a brisket. I mean, a brisket or a pork shoulder. And raw sausage.

BitBoy: You love Sausage. You love sausage more than any person I’ve ever met.

JChains: That’s not fair.

BitBoy: What’s not fair? JChains loves sausage, that’s all I’m saying.

JChains: At the barbecue joint. Yeah, smoked sausage.

BitBoy: Why do you think I point that out?

JChains: You’re a funny guy. Funny guy over here.

BitBoy: What? I mean is it false?

JChains: No, that’s a true statement. That is a true statement.

BitBoy: It’s a true statement. Everywhere we went, he was like, ‘where’s the sausage?’ You know?

JChains: Every barbecue restaurant that we went, yes.

BitBoy: Well, that’s right. Yeah, that’s true.

JChains: I just want to make sure that we clarify just so we can be clear. Now, what about you? What? What do you, what are you smoking this summer?

BitBoy: Well, I mean, I love to cook out a good steak. I would grill out a good steak. I mean, it’s hard to really be you know, a steak but I mean, some pork ribs. You can’t go wrong with pork ribs either.

JChains: That’s true. There are so many good options, man like you really can’t go wrong.

BitBoy: Yeah, I think if you were to say like what’s my favorite barbecue like salsa barbecue, I would definitely go with a shredded pork. But when I’m grilling on the steak, or when I’m grilling outside, like I’m throwing a nice steak. Burgers are great too. But I say you know; I like to throw good fillet on there. A good sirloin, whatever it might be and just cooked that mug up. Puts seasoning on it. Yeah, the thing about grilling is you’re really in control of that thing.

JChains: It’s a man against a fire and you’re in control, especially if you know what you’re doing. Do you know the there’s a thing about cooking temperatures of steak? It depends on how you pinch your fingers?

BitBoy: Yeah. Wait, wait, isn’t it? Is it like you press your thumb or something?

JChains: So, you touch like your thumb and your fingers together. And that’s the doneness of the steak. So, when you touch your pinky, it’s real firm, that’s a well done. When you touch your index finger that’s like a rare steak. So, depending on your hand mean, like that’s the stiffness of what a steak should feel like

BitBoy: I love hand meat. Hand meat is some of the best meat out there.

JChains: If you had to do that to survive, would you would you eat human meat?

BitBoy: I don’t know. I mean, it’s questionable. It’s questionable. If somebody else cooked it up., I could. I don’t know if I could cook it though,

JChains: I don’t know if I could.

BitBoy: You know, it’s funny is these used to be like really hypothetical questions. But now, with what’s going on in the world. I mean, you really might have to weigh this out at some point one day, you know? Like, you never thought you would be thinking about things like this, but we’re not there now. But you know.

JChains: Yeah, but the end of the world is closer than you ever thought it was. That’s for sure. Or like, not the end of the world. That’s probably a little extreme. Well, you know, civil society.

BitBoy: Do you know about this volcano at Yellowstone?

JChains: No.

BitBoy: Okay, so there, there’s a super volcano at Yellowstone Park. This is true. This is not an urban legend, not a conspiracy. There’s a literal super volcano underneath Yellowstone Park. And in the history of the world, two of the three largest volcanic eruptions in history, billion years or whatever it is where the Yellowstone Park super volcano. If it blows, it could have the potential if it blew to the size that it has before, it would actually cover the entire United States in volcanic ash. Yeah, it also depends on what time of year like if it blew in January, it would cover the whole United States. For some reason if it happened in like the summer, it wouldn’t be quite as bad. But I’d still get covered where I’m at no matter what. Three inches of ash. It would destroy like half the United States.

JChains: That’s crazy to think.

BitBoy: Yeah. And it hasn’t exploded and I think like 6 billion years something like that? Or 6 million years something like that.

JChains: How do they know that? They can just carbon date things?

BitBoy: Yeah, carbon date or whatever. The biggest volcano eruption ever in history was in Indonesia and it was so bad. It caused a 10-year winter.

JChains: Whoa, that sucks.

BitBoy: Yeah. But my whole point is this is humans have only been around for like a really small segment, like modern humans have only been around for a very small segment of history. And we’ve never dealt with one of these crazy, giant natural disasters. And I think really, this whole epidemic we’ve been or pandemic we’ve been going through recently, it really just shows you how fragile everything is.

JChains: It’s crazy to think, you know, like, the Earth’s restoring itself, you know, there’s like, marine life, like coming back into the canals in Venice, Italy. I just saw something on the TV today it was a like a satellite image from some, whatever, like, air quality organization, it’s like the air around New York and like, the whole metro area from Boston down to like, the Carolinas, whatever. Like, it’s healing itself. Like, you know, it’s not as purple like, I don’t know what everything was, but, you know, it’s like the Earth’s healing itself, like, we’re all stuck inside. It’s interesting.

BitBoy: It is interesting, but while the earth is healing itself, it’s very important that people like you and me step up and destroy the animals on it. So, we want to know for our poll this week, what you’re going to smoke?

JChains: That was awesome.

BitBoy: That was maybe my best segue.

JChains: That was amazing.

BitBoy: That was an amazing segue

JChains: I was at the edge of my seat. Just so you know.

BitBoy: So guys, we want to know in our poll for this week, we want to know what you’re going to be smoking. What you’re going to be grilling, is it going to be chicken, fish, beef or pork?

JChains: No veggies. I know there are veggie guys.

BitBoy: No. Screw veggies, dude. I would never.

JChains: If you’re a vegetarian. Just pick fish.

BitBoy: If you’re a vegetarian, you’re probably not listening to this show. That’s a good point. I don’t know if you made it through the whole meat section if you’re a vegetarian, but

JChains: if you did, let us know. Because we just want to know.

BitBoy: Yeah, we want to know who the vegans are. I mean, send us your IP address.

JChains: No, don’t be mean, there’s vegans and vegetarians, we know the difference.

BitBoy: And pescatarians and fruitarians.

JChains: I don’t know if there’s such a thing.

BitBoy:  I think they are I read this to the fruitarians, they will only eat fruit that falls naturally from trees, they will not pick it. That’s true.

JChains: How could you do, why would you want to do something like that?

BitBoy: You don’t want to destroy the earth you don’t want to hurt a plant. I mean if you’re pulling the fruit off the plant, you’re hurting the plant. You know–

JChains: God, give me a break like this. How could you be like that type of person?

BitBoy: It’s crazy, but they’re out there, for sure.

JChains: Sorry. If you’re listening and that’s you. I apologize. I should be more sensitive. It’s the Corona, I’ve been Cuomo-ed.

BitBoy: Cuomo-ed. He is losing his brain. But alright guys, well that is that’s all we got for the show today. Thank you guys so much for listening to Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and the ladies who love them. Each week we are bringing you guys news, information and stories to spread awareness about cryptocurrency

JChains: That’s right and if you enjoy this episode please Like we said before, visit ratethispodcast.com/beardsbitcoins to leave us a rating and review. It’ll take you right to the easiest one for you again, iTunes is the best. And please help us spread the word by sharing your favorite Beards and Bitcoins podcast episodes on your social media.

BitBoy: That’s right and don’t forget to visit our website beardsandbitcoins.com, the newly revamped beardsandbitcoins.com or make sure you guys join our Telegram group t.me/beardsandbitcoins. So that’s all we got for today, guys, thank you so much for checking out the podcast. See you guys next week.


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