Episode 83: Stock Market Closing? WHAT?!?!



Today BitBoy and JChains discuss the craziness surrounding the disease outbreak and the affect it is having on their lives. It has been absolute madness & JChains thinks he actually had the virus!

For Newsbreak, today the boys discuss the upcoming recession and the insanity around the NYSE. The New York Stock Exchange will close down starting on Monday. In addition the circuit breaker has been thrown 3 times this week.

In Token Time, the boys pit two great coins against one another . CRO & BNB both look to be recession proof coins.

For Manspreading, the JChains talks about this love the Chicago Cubs and how sad he is baseball may not happen this year. BitBoy explains how he is very sad about the Olympics because his wife loves them so much.


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Episode 83: Stock Market Closing?? WHAT?!?!!?


JChains: Hey y’all, thank you for joining us for another episode of Beards and Bitcoins, we are a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and yes, the ladies that love us and then hey, just so you guys know we are happy to announce I mean, if you’re looking at us if you’re watching on the video, Ben and I are in great health. I beat the Coronavirus, I had a little dry cough last week. Ben’s doing well, we hope you’re doing well. Thank you for joining us. We’re happy to be here, healthy.

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, before we started recording as soon as I saw J, I said, I think you had it. He was like, ‘Yeah, I think I probably did’.

JChains: There’s a strong chance that I did, man I had a weird cough and I’ve always had respiratory issues. So, like I probably wouldn’t even know if something came up.

BitBoy: You wouldn’t even know if something went down your throat. Wait, what? What did I say? Whoa, family-friendly guys, okay? It was oxygen guys, oxygen. So yeah, so what’s going on over in your neck of the woods, man? Like it’s crazy over here, I think it’s crazy over there I think everybody who’s listening, things are probably going crazy for them. So, what are you doing right now?

JChains: Well I have voluntarily self-quarantined myself, my family or my wife and I, we were just kicking it at the house, man. Bought a couple cases of beer and I got enough black beans and rice to last me at least a month, I think. Although I’m really kind of strange about things, man, like, I went to the grocery store, we did all this stuff and I’m not a prepper right not by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to be prepared. We wanted to get some stuff and so I got like myself like all these boxes of granola bars and I got to tell you, man, like I probably went through like three boxes of granola bars before we even started to quarantine myself. Like I’m not going to rush it like ‘ohh I’m going to try this one’ because it got all different flavors, I got to try these, I got to see how good they are. But it’s good. We’re just self-quarantine, doing the thing at home, taking the dog for a walk, not seeing anybody, what about you guys?

BitBoy: Yeah so, I mean we’ve been self-quarantine for about 10 days now. I mean we knew this was coming, we knew this was going to be bad. The way my wife and my family we look at it, we’re doing our part you know what I’m saying? Like we’re not looking at it like we’re stuck in the house. This is like, there are people out there that are being so irresponsible right now, it’s insane like all people go into spring break in the middle of this.

JChains: Oh, dude that’s crazy.

BitBoy: Isn’t it nuts? Have you seen the video of the college kids talking about partying in front of Costco or something like that?

JChains: Like the two Chad dudes there’s one they’re just like, oh god you just give, you give millennials a bad name.

BitBoy: I know I mean, we’re at the top end of the millennials and they’re at the bottom end and yeah, they’re definitely bottom biz matches. The reason why like– people don’t understand this like in my opinion, unless We get a cure that’s able to get out to people, which feels they can’t cure a virus, but they are having some success, treating it with some different things like malaria medicine, and some HIV medicine and then the Japanese flu medicine, today, they came out with a study. If we can’t get on the back end of this and cure it by treating it. I mean, there was a report today that said we could be dealing with 18 months.

JChains: No.

BitBoy: Did you see that?

JChains: Yeah, I did. And like to me, like, I couldn’t handle that. Like, there’s no way I can be in my house for 18 months. Like, I’ll be outside of my house interacting with people in like, the next two weeks, like, I’m getting close like, I’m kind of getting stirred crazy, you know what I mean? We can take the dog for a walk so I can go and get fresh air, but like, I kind of like, I like to see people. I’m not typically a hermit.

BitBoy: Yeah, no, I feel that but I mean, unfortunately, there’s just not going to be anything you can do other than go for a walk. I mean, that’s where things are heading and people are going to go crazy. So the plan is the 18 month plan and we are going to talk crypto today guys just so everybody knows, we’re just talking about what’s going on with our lives and things. We are going to be talking coins and stock market recessions, stuff like that. We’ll give you the full intro here in a minute. But, the plan for the 18 months, if this lingers that long, it’s a five month quarantine, followed by a two-month, or a five month quarantine followed by one month of being able to get out and about, and then two months of quarantine, one month out, two months quarantine, one month out, two months quarantine, you know, all the way up until 18 months when they can get the vaccine.

JChains: I’m going to refuse to believe I even ever heard what you just said, that’s never going to happen.

BitBoy: It’s scary. It’s scary. I mean that people think that our entire world is changing right now.

JChains: Oh, 100%. I mean, I do know that. I know that every, how many industries and how many segments of our kind of daily life are being affected? I mean, I know that like the small little niche of the world that I’m in for my daily business, like, it’s just rough, man, like people are going to go out of business. But I mean, you think about like, you got friends and like the service industry, in the retail industry. I mean, you got a lot of people that kind of live that paycheck to paycheck life, because that’s just like the style.

BitBoy: 90% of America lives paycheck to paycheck.

JChains: Dude, it’s rough. It’s going to be whatever. It’s sad to even think about.

BitBoy: Yeah, it is definitely insane to think that they say 20% of people, I’ve seen numbers as high as 50% of people could lose their jobs. And I mean, I don’t know what the government’s going to– like we may actually because of this, end up getting some kind of crazy change to our entire government, like, a restructuring of our government completely because there’s has to be something there’s going to be done on like a socialism levels, like there’s going to have to be because people aren’t going to have enough money to survive. So, there’s going to have to be something. But you know, speaking of socialism, this is a-

JChains: Great segue. Great segue,

BitBoy: Worst segue I’ve ever made in my life. Speaking of socialism, I want to share something really cool with you guys, which is our show sponsor, Monarch. So Beards and Bitcoins, Monarch is not socialist, by the way. I’m sorry. This is the worst segue ever made. Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast is brought to you by Monarch Wallet. Rule your own financial Kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That’s right, man. The team at Monarch are absolutely working hard to bring you the one app to access all of your crypto services these guys are, they believe in delivering you tech, not hype.

BitBoy: Yeah, with the Universal Decentralized Monarch Wallet that is not socialist. You can buy, store, spend and earn crypto, with Monarch Pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments in capitalism.

JChains: What a beautiful thing. If you need more information, check them out. You can go to the App Store, or monarchwallet.com, monarchtoken.io for more info today.

BitBoy: That has to go down in history as possibly the worst segue, not just our show but in the history of podcasting and radio, that might have been the absolute worst segue. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry, guys.

JChains: Sorry, Beatles.

BitBoy: Sorry. They are American. Okay, at least. Go ahead, tell them what’s coming up on the show today, J.

JChains: Alright. Well, we got a fantastic show planned for you. Obviously, we were talking about what’s going on in our self-quarantines, we’re going to talk about the stock market, kind of what’s going on with the recession there at News Break. Token Time, what are we going to do for Token Time?

BitBoy: Yeah, so for Token Time, we’re both going to actually give our quarantine picks for what we think which coins we think will do the best during a recession or during this time. I know what mine is I don’t know what yours is so we’re going to be coming at this definitely pretty interesting. And then for Manspreading we’re going to talk about what sport or event that got canceled do we miss the most. And I definitely got something I’m missing terribly, I’m sure you got one too as well.

JChains: No doubt man that sounds good to look forward to getting in with you.

BitBoy: Well let’s kick it off.



BitBoy: Alright guys, as always, before we get started with News Break we do just want to remind you guys that if you need to get information about our show or you want to watch episodes, make sure to go to beardsandbitcoins.com, that’s spelled out beardsandbitcoins.com and you can sign up for our mailing list and you can get the 21 Bitcoin Best Practices Guide for absolutely free. And then also on top of that every week, you’re going to get an email personally for me, telling you guys what you can expect on the week shows. You guys definitely make sure you do that. But for News Break today, we’re going to be talking about something that is absolutely insane going on right now which seems like we’re on the precipice of a recession no question about it, I think we’ll kind of like you can’t call the top or the bottom until well after, I think we’ll look back at this is definitely the beginning of the recession, the stock markets are going crazy that they said that starting on Friday, I think they’re closing the stock market.

JChains: Whut?

BitBoy: Well because someone got Corona on the stock market floor.

JChains: Oh wow.

BitBoy: So, they’re going to move to electronic trading but kind of– Justin let me know what’s kind of your first overall thought about what’s going on with the recession, stocks, finances the whole nine yards, and I’ll look story up real quick.

JChains: Okay. For me, it’s crazy, man. Like to hear I what is it now three, two or three times in the last week, the kill switch has been engaged in the stock market–

BitBoy: It’s the fourth time wasn’t it?

JChains: Fourth time, was it? I mean, that has to be unprecedented like when was the last time that’s ever that had happened? Like that’s nutty to me.

BitBoy: I didn’t even know that was a thing, did you know?

JChains: No, I didn’t actually. But it’s crazy to see like, you know, it’s crazy to see like what’s pumping, what’s dumping like Blue Apron.

BitBoy: Oh, wow. I didn’t think about that.

JChains: Dude, it’s like a 3x in the last two and a half weeks I think is going crazy, it went from, I want to say like three bucks? It’s up to like 16 or 17 right now like the thing went crazy.

BitBoy: That’s nuts and then you got you got businesses like Delta is down 60%.

JChains: Cruise Lines.

BitBoy: Bitcoin falls 50% and everybody’s like, it’s a Ponzi scheme and then you got Delta down 60% everybody’s like, ‘Oh, well, that’s just the brakes when you trade stocks’, like what the heck?

JChains: Yeah, you know, it’s interesting to hear and he obviously everybody’s been kind of I would assume paying attention to the news, learning what’s going on. But the airlines just approached the government looking for a $60 billion bailout, they’re getting squeezed. I mean, nobody’s traveling, I understand that. But, you know, nobody’s going to hotels, nobody’s allowed to go to concerts. I mean, what about these artists that have had these tours planned for in X’s of a year that all of a sudden things are getting canceled? I know that the business I’m in, man. I had to cancel a lot of business. And I don’t know, we thankfully didn’t have to pay like cancellation fees and stuff, but I know that there are some businesses that can’t get away from that. I mean, you’re not generating the revenue from the show to justify the fees that you’re having to pay on some of this stuff.

BitBoy: Yeah. I mean, even in my YouTube business, like creating content on YouTube, I do sponsored reviews on my channel. I had two companies that paid me and then said after like in between when I was making this month, the reviews and all this happened, they said, ‘We need refunds. We can’t do any sponsored content right now.’ I was like, ‘well, you already paid me, I already did the reviews.’ But I ended up going ahead and put them out on my channel. I mean, I talked to the people and it was all good, it worked out in the end. But I mean, that just shows like the panic, like people want their money back and they want to try to be as safe as they can during this recession and it’s just not going to work out. I mean, we could be looking at the end of our financial system in a lot of ways, which is great news for Bitcoin. I think, I think.

JChains: I mean, it’s proven itself the other week that it’s not a safe haven asset. I mean, but at the same time it’s still just 2 weeks.

BitBoy: But look what it’s done this week, though. This week, it’s actually stayed steady, while the market has had its two biggest decreases of all time.

JChains: True. And you have to think like, when a lot of people were freaking out and thinking like,’ Oh, God, how long has this quarantine going to happen? How long am I going to be out of work like I might have to liquidate some of my assets just so that I’ve got cash in case I got to buy food’. If you have to buy food to survive or hang on to your Bitcoin, what are you going to do? You’re going to buy food to hang on your life.

BitBoy: You’re going to get liquid, you’re going to get wet.

JChains: That’s one of my favorite parts of ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington when he looks over at Ethan Hawke is like, ‘You want to get wet?’

BitBoy: That’s funny, man. That’s a great movie, great movie. But I do want to give a little bit of history here for people on the stock exchange. So, after Black Monday, after 1987, October 19, 1987, they put in something that they call ‘trading curbs’ which allows them to flip the circuit breaker when it drops tremendously to stop panic selling, which doesn’t seem like market manipulation. It’s really crazy to me.

JChains: 100%

BitBoy: Yeah, but this was actually the first time this was ever used was on my birthday, actually. October 27 1997, is I was turning 15 and actually this exact time this was going on, I was probably popping up a pimple because I had bad acne or either yeah, doing something crazy, skipping school who knows what I was doing. But I was 15 years old when this happened on my birthday, 1997, and it only dropped 500 points. We saw a drop, I think 2200 points earlier, yeah. 2200 points.

JChains: 22-23. Something like that. Yeah, for sure.

BitBoy: yeah, between definitely 23% anyways over the last three days, so it’s not good, what’s happening. And you know, the day that it got pulled, it was only 500 points, like the first use. So, we look at how severe what we’re going through right now is and this is a lot different than 2008 you know what I mean?

JChains: Oh, yeah, I mean, but 2008 is why Bitcoin was even born, right?

BitBoy: Hell yeah.

JChains: Satoshi was working out before but it was the 2008 recession is kind of what culminated in the delivery of Bitcoin to the community.

BitBoy: Yeah, you know, what’s really interesting is, is Bitcoin crashed last week. So, if you guys didn’t know, we record these episodes usually on Wednesdays, we’re recording this one late Wednesday night. You guys are going to get this first thing in the morning, so there’s not going to be a big gap. But like last week we recorded on Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning by the time we post the episode, everything was different

JChains: Dude, last Thursday, we’ll go down in history is probably one of the worst days, it was the biggest drop in Bitcoin in how many-

BitBoy: Seven years, it’s the second biggest drop ever for Bitcoin, the worst for almost every altcoin.

JChains: Yeah, I mean, it was last Thursday, man, I’ll remember that one. I’ll remember the day that I got into bitcoin like my first five acts in one day and then last Thursday like those are like my three days that I remember the most.

BitBoy: The first time you ever got Bitcoin that was when you got the male escort or no? From the Silk Road, from the dark web? Is that what that was?

JChains: No, no, no, man. So yeah, that was not it.

BitBoy: That was not it, man. I’m hot today, I’m zinging today.

JChains: You got those jokes, man, you must have that Cabin Fever, you got those pent-up jokes.

BitBoy: Oh man, it’s just because I’ve been so serious all the time. You know, I’m just ready to let it out, let it loose, have some fun.

JChains: You should start another channel, the CEO of Seriousness.

BitBoy: CEO of Seriousness. The CEO of Dread. I mean, that’s pretty much what I do on my CEOofFacts channel, but which is crazy. I mean, I got that thing up to 25,000 subscribers in 10 days, my CEOofFacts YouTube channel, so-

JChains: That’s crazy.

BitBoy: You guys want COVID19 updates, make sure you head on over to my channel CEOOfFacts on YouTube. I give those on the daily, but I didn’t want to talk about this. So, starting on March 23, the New York Stock Exchange will temporarily close its historic trading floor and move fully to electronic trading. So, I believe that’s on Monday. So, the move came after two–are they not doing it tomorrow? The move came after two people tested positive for Coronavirus infection at screenings it had set up this week. The interns were stopped in medical screenings. So, they got caught when they were screening people coming in. So, this is the first time the physical trading floor of the stock exchange has ever shut independently, while electronic trading continues. What do you read into that?

JChains: It’s all a scam. Yeah, that’s someone’s back there pulling triggers that someone’s making things happen. I mean, like, if there’s no one down on the floor to make these calls I mean, isn’t that like, what triggers the whole thing to begin with?

BitBoy: But well, yeah, this is what I’m reading into it. I’m reading into it like, Hey, this could be the stock world getting exposed to the way crypto trades. Like 24/7 electronically, we don’t have to have a stock exchange like, could this be a transition? There was some other big news this week about CoinBase legal officer now getting a high appointed position in the government. The number two person regulating banks.

JChains: Who knows? Like the Secretary of Treasury named him like the director of finance or in charge of all the–

BitBoy: His official title is the ‘Deputy of the OCC’ which stands for the Office– This is such a crazy name.  In my video, I said, it sounds like someone from the ‘Derrick’s Zoolander School for Kids Who Cannot Read Good School’ named this. It’s called the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. That’s the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

JChains: That’s so dumb.

BitBoy: And that sounds so weird.

JChains: Yeah, I wouldn’t want that title.

BitBoy: No. So, but you know, he was a big proponent of a digital dollar. So, he had a big article in The New York Times about this. So, could that be the case? And another thing just really quick, before we move on, we got to move on over to Token Time here. Well, I do want to say like last Thursday, things looked bad for Bitcoin. We saw the drop; the price went down tremendously but now you’re seeing that stocks have actually started dropping further below than Bitcoin did and Bitcoin has managed to maintain. So, is it possible that Bitcoin dropped, a lot of people lost faith in it, but during this time just like it was born out 2008, maybe its use case and adoption can be born out of this crisis?

JChains: Absolutely, very well be. I mean, this is like the first financial crisis that Bitcoin has been exposed to.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: I mean, this, this could be what it’s made for.

BitBoy: Yeah, unchartered or uncharted territory. I keep saying ‘unchartered’ uncharted territory, but you know, speaking of uncharted territory. Let’s check out some token picks.



JChains: Alright guys for Token Time today, Ben and I are both going to make a pick based on what we feel is a great project to either be invested in or to be holding throughout a recession times like this, alright. So, it’s a little bit different than what we normally do, we’re both going to make our selection. But before we get into there, you guys have to make sure that you join our Telegram because we’re always talking about projects. We’re always looking for your opinions and what you want us to talk about during Token Time. And plus, we’re always just there, so we can shoot the breeze with you, talk to you. Let’s talk about crypto. We talk about sports, we talk about crypto, we tal about all sorts of things. So, join us on Telegram that is t.me/beardsbitcoins

BitBoy: Beards and Bitcoins.

JChains: Beards and Bitcoins, thank you, t.me/beardsandbitcoins come join us on Telegram. Alright, Token Time. Ben, what’s your recession pick?

BitBoy: Okay, so I recently did a video on this on my channel so if you guys watch the video then you’ve already seen this, if you’re listening on audio then you probably didn’t. But my pick is actually Binance Coin. I think the BNB is a very good hold right now and for multiple reasons. First reason I would say is because one thing you want to look for in a recession is a coin that can decouple from Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is going to stay sideways, based on the economy unless it’s able to just rise like a phoenix, you’re going to want to have a coin that’s going to be able to move against Bitcoin and the most popular one that we’ve seen do that recently is Chainlink. However, Chainlink had a huge fall, it went from almost a top 10 all the way down to like, what 18 or 19, on CoinMarketCap.

JChains: That’s brutal. It was a tumble.

BitBoy: Yeah, definitely a tumble. And so, people also have a little bit of faith in it. But one coin we’ve seen do this before also is Binance Coin. And so, the decoupling is huge, because we saw it once it could happen again. But the other thing that I want people to pay attention to is this, if we get into a long drawn out recession, if this is like crumbling world economies, which a lot of people think is a very real way with what we’re facing right now, then you’re going to want something that’s going to be able to reap rewards based off of other people’s failures. And if you look at the bear market destroyed, so many crypto projects and so many exchanges, and they were only able to hang on by a thread, because of the promise of a halvening pump. They’re like, if we can just get to this place, we can survive. But now with everything going on, I think it is a great chance. Now we’re definitely going to see capitulation, we’re going to see exchanges closing, we’re going to see projects closing down. I think we’re going to see a lot of stuff if we’re in for another extended version of the bear market. And guess what, if all those exchanges aren’t closing who reaps the benefits of all that? Binance, the number one most popular exchange in the world, and Binance US, and Binance.com—while they’re technically different companies—they both use the same coin. So-

JChains: That’s interesting. That’s a good pick. Man, I do love BMB. I think it’s a solid play, it’s a solid hold and from where it was, to where it is right now, I mean that’s there’s a solid little jump you got in there.

BitBoy: Yeah definitely. However though really quick, I do want to say this, while BMB is a great buy, I believe right now. Airbnb is not, do not invest on Airbnb right now, you will be selling

JChains:  Airbnb, VRBO, all this stuff man, stay away.

BitBoy: Did you know it’s not VRBO? Did you know it’s ‘verbo’?

JChains: Whatever. The guys at REKT, shout out to the guys at REKT, I think Bunchu? Was it Bunchu? Chamber?

BitBoy: I think it was Chamber.

JChains: Chamber. He had a trip booked with Verbo, VRBO, whatever. And I know that they were giving him some hassle about trying to

BitBoy: Get back here to Atlanta for the ‘Final Four’

JChains: Hot-lanta!

BitBoy: Well he said for the NCAA Tournament. So maybe I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t the Final Four but it was the NCAA Tournament.

JChains: Okay. But, yeah, stay away from them. I’ve had only had bad experiences with them. So whatever. They want to call themselves, good luck. Yeah. Anyhow, so back what’s your track.

BitBoy: What’s your pick? Tell us what your pick is.

JChains: So, my pick is CRO. CRO, it is one of the Crypto.com tokens. I am currently in my third round of staking.

BitBoy: Oh wow.

JChains: I love– this time I did a three-month stake. So, I’m earning 16%. So regardless of what happens for the next three months.

BitBoy: Is it 16 or 18? I think it’s 18% isn’t it?

JChains: I’m not staking it with– I don’t have the MCO stake, just the CRO.

BitBoy: Yeah. 16% is still good though.

JChains: Dude, I mean that’s great, right? So, I’m earning 16%. It’s locked up, I can’t sell it while things are down. So, it’s forcing my hand to hold and I really like the project. I think it’s going to go places. I’ve just bought a whole bunch more and threw that into the EARN program and so I’m going to wait that out three months and that to me is my recession plan is to just earn and HODL.

BitBoy: Well you know what’s very interesting? You don’t really watch my videos, do you?

JChains: Sometimes I log into some of your live streams, I will watch some videos just to kind of see what’s going on and learn from you. You are a great YouTuber, but I don’t watch every video.

BitBoy: Of course, you don’t, that was the answer I was looking for was ‘no.’ Because what’s really interesting right here is, you’re actually exactly proving something I said on my Top Recession Proof Altcoins video I did last night or well would have been Tuesday night by the time you guys are listening to this, which was I put CROs.  CRO is one of my top seven coins. And the reason being is because if you go and you look at the liquidity, if you look at the volume, the trading volume on CoinMarketCap for CRO, you’ll see it’s actually very low. When you compare it to, let me actually go ahead and just give you guys the numbers here on this so you guys can understand. So in the last 24 hours, so CRO right now is coming in at number 21, it wasn’t 19, I wonder what past it there? But it looks like Dash went back up or whatever, you’re having a lot of stable coins moving up too, so the CoinBase dollar is now up above, Dash and Ethereum Classic Crypto.com, but the 24 hour trading volume so Crypto.com is coming in at number 21. So, I’m going to give you 15 through 20 and then I’ll tell you what Crypto.com is. So, 15 or I’ll start at 16, Chainlink is at $300 million, Monero is at 129 million, CoinBase dollar is at 700 million, Dash is at 821 million, Ethereum Classic is at 1.3 billion, this is 24-hour trading volume. Crypto.com? 16 million.

JChains: C’mon now, come on. Let’s get up there. Give me a billion-dollar market cap on CRO and I got a boat, you guys can all hang out with me.

BitBoy: But what’s cool about that is what that tells you right there is that the trading volume is we’re talking about 10 times, yeah, 10 times lower than like Ethereum Classics. But the market cap is almost the same. So that means that people when they get this coin, they’re holding on to it and because you stake it, that people aren’t trading it as much, and because you stake it like you can’t panic sell it, you know what I’m saying? And that prevents the price I feel like from dropping compared to a lot of other projects. And I love that you brought that up because man that just illustrated, that my favorite thing, which is that I’m right.

JChains: Yeah, that’s good. Obviously, every coin took a tumble. I think, a week and a half ago, whatever it was, it was about six cents right now it’s like three and a half. So, you know, it did lose about 50-40 you know, 40, some percent, whatever. But it literally just kind of like hold strong all the time, so I think the you know the more the market cap goes up on that one the happier everyone will be, so that’s that is my pick for kind of like the whole plan that goes into it it’s the buying it, it’s the project, it’s the  staking it and just holding it I mean like you said, you can’t panic sell it, it’s stuck then you know you agree to locking it up for three months and that’s what I got 85 more days, I can’t even touch it.

BitBoy: Yeah. And I I just love the fact that like this is confirmation to people that CRO is a great project for this because you know a lot of people know like they work with me on my channel, that they’re like a monthly sponsor kind of my channel so I’m obviously talking about them a lot but I do believe in it. But you’re not though, like JChains is not sponsored by them in any way.

JChains: Nope.

BitBoy: And so, I put them on my list of Top Seven Altcoins during a Recession. And then you backed that up and you come in and give a totally, you know, the reason lines up and so you guys are getting confirmation like that. That’s a coin we’re both picking for totally separate, well, kind of almost the same reasons. But definitely didn’t talk about this before, I didn’t even know what coin you were bringing to the show today.

JChains: That’s how we do it, man. Sometimes, well, during the during Manspreading, that’s when we kind of know what’s going on so that we can sometimes take a little bit of a different approach, but not on Token Time, man. We’ve never done a split Token Time before, I like that.

BitBoy: There’s nothing better than going both ways when Manspreading. So, by the way, let’s go. Wait, no, that did not. Wait. That’s another terrible segue. Hold on. That’s not what I meant.

JChains: This is the bad segue show.

BitBoy: This is the Bad Segue show. Did you know the Segway Scooter By the way, which I remember people rapping is going to be bigger than the internet before people found out what it was. Do you remember that? People were like’ this is going to be bigger than the internet’ and then it was a Segue Scooter. Did you know– what’s that?

JChains: Terrible.

BitBoy: Did you know that the creator of the Segway Scooter died when he fell off a cliff driving a Segue Scooter?

JChains: Shut up.

BitBoy: That is a true story. 100% look it up. True story.

JChains: What a nerd.

BitBoy: What a nerd. Let’s go and move on. Let’s get out of this nerd talk. Let’s head on over to Manspreading.



BitBoy: So, we’re back guys and I don’t know who my co-host is over here. He went from looking like the JChains that I know and love to looking like Carrot Top and a WWE wrestler had a baby and throwing a baseball cap.

JChains: Yeah.

BitBoy: Oh gosh, he hit me with it. So yeah, today for Manspreading we’re going to be talking about what we’re missing the most when it comes to sports being canceled, and obviously, I’m going to let J go first today because I mean, if you’re not watching the video here, he looks ridiculous.

JChains: Yeah, you should be watching the video, if you’re not. Contrary to popular belief, my day to day job actually is would have been working for March Madness. It’s actually to me, that’s not what I missed the most, unfortunately.

BitBoy: Just say it, just say it. Go ahead, say it still. Tell the people.

JChains: Go Cubbies.

BitBoy: No, no. Tell the people how much you loved that March Madness was canceled.

JChains: Oh man. So okay, it really isn’t–

BitBoy: You can’t say it out loud. I said it for you, okay? I’m putting words in your mouth, because I know I don’t think you can technically say that. Okay.

JChains: I don’t think that I technically can say that, you’re right. So, the month of March has just been like, just a train wreck of a nightmare just as far as busy-ness goes for the last 10 years of my life. This is the first time that I’ve never in my professional career had to do March Madness work March Madness. So, I miss– if you’re watching the video, I miss the start of baseball season. I miss my beloved Cubbies. Go cubbies.

BitBoy: Yeah. Go Cubs. How about that? Well, you know, what’s really interesting is they’re looking at starting the baseball season at least eight weeks late. I mean, there might be a chance this whole season lost, there’s a chance.

JChains: You know, they would have to play a lot of double headers to make it up because obviously you can’t, you know, playoffs–

BitBoy: They’ll cut the amount of games for sure, though. It won’t be a full season, no matter what this will not be a full season.

JChains: Okay.

BitBoy: Yeah.

JChains: That’s sad. Sad news. But, you know, obviously, you can’t extend it past October. So no, you can’t play baseball in November.

BitBoy: No, you can’t.

JChains: It’s Football season.

BitBoy: What’s that?

JChains: And it’s football season.

BitBoy: And it’s football season and it’s football season for sure. So, for me, I think what it comes down to is you know, I definitely love baseball. I definitely love our local Atlanta United Team here. But for me, I’m going to say that the thing that I’m the most disappointed getting canceled has not actually been canceled yet, and I think that it will for sure get canceled. I don’t think there’s any way they can play it. But I’m going to go with the Olympics here. And the main reason is because not because I’m a huge Olympics fan but my wife like you guys don’t understand, my wife loves the Olympics, like every time the Olympics come around, well, we’ve only had kids for one round of the Olympics, because my kids are under eight, this would be my oldest one, second Olympics. Like, they literally go out and play every Olympic game. Like they go to a place that has rowing and then they go to a swimming pool and they’ll go to a volleyball court. They play all the Olympic Games.

JChains: That’s fun.

BitBoy: Yeah, they’re so excited like my wife does a little press conferences for my kids, where, you know, like, there’s like little human-interest stories on them. Like, it’s cool.

JChains: That’s really cool. That’s really cool.

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s really cool. And we’re going to miss it and it’s really sad. Now Japan is saying they’re definitely not going to cancel it. However, the president of the Japanese committee has the Coronavirus.

JChains: Oh really?

BitBoy: Yeah, he has it. So, the IOC I think eventually is going to step in because the Olympics isn’t something like, don’t get me wrong, I miss March Madness, I miss basketball, I miss everything. But the IOC is not going to, it’s not like those sports where they could have maybe played without fans. You can’t do the Olympics without fans and even if you could, you’re getting athletes from every single one of these infected countries to come to your place.

JChains: That’s not smart.

BitBoy: No. So, I mean, for me-

JChains: And the spectators, you just invite everything.

BitBoy: You invite everything and one of my favorite things about the Olympics is all this the sex stories. Like-

JChains: Ooh, did you ever hear that like, they go through like hundreds of thousands of condoms and-

BitBoy: Crazy amount of condoms. Yeah.

JChains: What?

BitBoy: Like, what the heck, you know? Okay, now I’m a happily married man. Okay. But I mean, if I was one of the mathletes I mean, my gosh, like you got to be walking around with STD by the end of that thing, right? You have to.

JChains: That’s why they use the condoms, man.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah. That’s a good point. That’s a good point. Have we thought about trying condoms to stop the Coronavirus or no?

JChains: Like body condoms?

BitBoy: Maybe. Well dude, let me tell you something was so funny. Something that was so funny was I was watching the news one morning and one of the guys on the news, they have these new finger protectors. So, like, I’m not kidding you, this is true, okay?

JChains:  I know. I know. Yes sir.

BitBoy: They have finger protectors you put on your finger and so you take in touch things like an elevator button or a doorknob or whatever it might be and their little condoms like their little like micro, right? Micro penis condoms, what they look like, okay. And the guy on the news, like he had him and he was like, ‘Oh, look at these finger protectors’ and he had them all on his fingers. He was moving his hand around and then like there was one moment where it all clicked for him and he goes ‘Alright, we’re going to go to commercial break’.

JChains: Oh, what have I done?

BitBoy: Oh my gosh, it was absolutely hilarious. But let’s get this to a vote I mean, let’s find out on the Twitter poll, you know, what people want, let’s see what event they missed the most. Baseball, The Olympics, I guess we’ll do NBA.

JChains: Moto GP was cancelled.

BitBoy: I mean yeah but I mean that’s a small niche, this little thing I think what we should do is let’s see what people are going to miss the most, the Olympics, The Masters, Baseball or NBA/NCAA basketball. I think that that’d be good so let’s find out which one the most. Have you have you tried watching sports or anything like that recently?

JChains: Nah, like dude our news like our news guy the other day like he did his news segment and he’s just like, ‘Well, to be honest with you for the next couple of weeks. I don’t even know what I’m going to talk about.’ But I have seen some funny videos I’m sure you have as well like online where people are just like, ‘What are you watching now?’ It’s just like these dudes were like– I think they look like a frat house like they were watching like bowling on TV and just like going nuts like–

BitBoy: That’s funny.

JChains: Yes. All sorts of weird stuff. Yeah, it’s just sad.

BitBoy: Well, we actually had the news yesterday that Tom Brady you know was going to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which is also crazy like there’s going to be no press conference probably for that, if it is, probably going to be him in his house. He’s not going to get to go meet the players, the fans aren’t going to be able to welcome him to Tampa arena like that which I’m a Falcons fan so screw Tampa and screw Tom Brady. So I watched–

JChains: I thought he was going to go somewhere in California. I thought he’d go to San Diego or Los Angeles? Cause that where he’s from.

BitBoy: San Diego doesn’t have a football team. But-

JChains: I know I know. They got rid of them.

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s crazy.

JChains: It’s Los Angeles now.

BitBoy: But I actually watched Sports Center last night for the first time in, a week and which crazy because that’s all I have it on ESPN all the time and the first time I’ve turned it there. And they’re basically like, it’s so sad like, instead of having NCAA Tournament games, which was supposed to start last night, the playing games, they’re doing like, you know, every night, they’re throwing back to like a famous NCAA moment, you know, and it’s like, it’s so sad. And then they also did their highlighting, this is really cool that they’re doing because they got no content other than NFL free agency in the way that the virus is affecting sports. What they’re actually doing is they’re highlighting like college and high school teams that didn’t get a chance to finish their seasons. They are highlighting like the Kansas basketball team. They were highlighting some of high school in Sacramento, they got their season canceled two days before they’re supposed to play for the first ever championship in the state of California. Yeah, so I thought that was kind of a cool thing. What do you think?

JChains: Yeah, I mean, dude I haven’t put on ESPN. We cut the cord so I don’t really watch, I watch like some Netflix or like a movie with the wife or whatever. But I don’t really get a chance to watch anything. I just catch up on my news online. But yeah, that’s it.

BitBoy: Yeah, I will probably will never get rid of DirecTV until they make me. I love DirecTV. I got to have ESPN. I don’t mind paying a couple hundred bucks a month or however much it is, you know, like, I’m a baller like that, you know what I’m saying? Like, let’s just Sports Center up on this easy.

JChains: Can’t you just get it like on its own? Like that’s the thing is like they need to start offering which is like, okay, ‘I want ESPN. I want the Food Network and I want HBO’ and those are the only three channels that I want, they give like 10 bucks a month and then that’s it.

BitBoy: Well, I got kids too, so they watch all kinds of stuff too. But the kids actually mostly watch Netflix but we’re getting off topic here guys. Let’s go ahead and wrap it up for sure. But yeah, guys, so thank you so much for listening to Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and the women who love them. Each week we’re bringing you guys news, information, and stories to spread awareness about cryptocurrency and we got a special announcement we recently did a contest where we gave away some Bitcoin based upon some people leaving us some reviews on ratethispodcast.com. We are going to do a live stream on my channel BitBoy Crypto on Friday. We haven’t got a time yet but we’re going to announce the winner or winners of that contest you guys make sure to listen in for that on my channel, BitBoy Crypto on Friday. And then you know, really looking forward to giving away some money and then we’ll just chat about some crypto on Friday as well.

JChains: That will be fun. That would be fun. And guys, if you did enjoy this episode, please like Ben said, leave us a review or rating. We’ll have a link called ratemypodcast.com I think that’s what it is?

BitBoy: Ratethispodcast.com

JChains: Ratethispodcast.com, thank you. And it’ll be in a post later this week. So please do us a solid. Also spread the word by sharing your favorite Beers and Bitcoins episodes on your social media channels. That would be superb.

BitBoy: Yeah, and we also got a very special announcement coming next week on next week’s episode, so you’re definitely not going to want to miss that. I don’t even want to tease it. Just know we got a very special announcement coming next week on the podcast. So, make sure that you guys subscribe sign up for the email letter list or the mailing list so you can get access to that as soon as we drop the episode. Don’t forget to visit beardsandbitcoins.com or join our Telegram group t.me/beardsandbitcoins today. Boom.

JChains: We’re out


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