Episode 77: Crypto Fyre Fest Implosion & ICX Explosion


EPISODE 77: Crypto Fyre Fest Implosion & ICX Explosion

Episode 77: Crypto Fyre Fest, ICON Pumps, & Greatest UFC Fighter

JChains gets ready to go on a one week cruise vacation while the market is pumping. We take a look at the markets and how they could help everyone in crypto take vacations! In this episode BitBoy & JChains talk about the most interesting storylines from this week in crypto.

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

JChains is going on vacation. BitBoy discusses the market & how the stock to flow chart looks like Bitcoin is heading to at least $90k in 18 months.

Token Time this week features Celsius Token $ICX –  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/celsius/https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/icon/

Icon has been on an absolute tear and shows no signs of stopping. At one point it was down 98% and was the face of the bear market. But finally it looks like altcoin season is upon us.

This week for News Break.. we talk about what is being dubbed the crypto Fyre Fest. The Massive Adoption conference in Memphis has been postponed several times. People have asked for refunds, and now founder Jacob Kostecki has announced he is cancelling the conference. People have claimed he is scammer from Poland who is currently on the run and people will never get their money back.

For Manspreading today, the boys give their picks for the best UFC Fighter of all time. BitBoy is taking Jon Jones while JChains goes with the classic Chuck Liddell. 

This week, the Beards & Bitcoins podcast has announced their new telegram group t.me/BeardsBitcoins




Stock to Flow Chart


Jacob Kostecki

Fyre Fest

Massive Adoption

Rob McNealy



Jon Jones

Joe Rogan

Chuck Liddell

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Episode 77: Crypto Fyre Fest Implosion & ICX Explosion


BitBoy: Welcome to Beards and Bitcoins, a Crypto Podcast. Today, it’s episode number 77. We’re going to be taking a look at an event that was such a debacle that Twitter could not stop talking about it. We’re also going to be taking a look at a coin that is pumping insane that was down 98% and then we’re going to take a look at top UFC fighters, and we want to know who is the best UFC fighter of all time, so you’re definitely not going to want to miss it. Also, guys, whatever platform you’re listening to, please don’t forget to rate and review the podcast. That helps us to get more listeners to the show. So, thank you guys so much for listening. Here’s the episode.

JChains: Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of Beards and Bitcoins, we’re a Crypto Podcast for the man’s man, oh yes and the ladies that love them. As always, I am joined with my compadre, my amigo, my co-host, Ben Armstrong. What’s up doggie?

BitBoy: Not much man just chillin just making it happen one day at a time and you are actually getting ready to do something pretty fun. You want to tell us about it?

JChains: I will. I got that fresh fade ready. I got my bags packed and I’m ready to go. Got an early morning flight tomorrow to Tampa, Florida and I am setting sail on the high seas, going on a cruise.

BitBoy: Wait, I just realized, are you going to be on the cruise during the Super Bowl?

JChains: That’s what it is. It is a Super Bowl cruise. My buddy and I have been doing this for a couple years now. We take a cruise, sans the wife, sans the families. We’re going on a man’s cruise for the Super Bowl. I feel that just sounded terrible.

BitBoy: Dude, that is so cool. So, let me get this right. So, let me get this right. You guys are going on an all-male cruise during the Superbowl? That is the manliest thing I’ve ever heard. So, the cruise with all dudes. I love it, dude.

JChains: No, no, I think that was a misunderstanding there.

BitBoy: Was it?

JChains: Yes, yes. There will be plenty of other people on the cruise, not just men.

BitBoy: Oh, okay, well that’s definitely good to know.

JChains: Well, you know, you got to be gender inclusive. I’m sure there’ll be some people that don’t adhere to the male-female thing.

BitBoy: Right. How many genders are there though? Here’s the question. How many genders are there? I’m putting you on the spot. This is big.

JChains: There are two. There are men and non-men.

BitBoy: I like it. I like it. I can go with that. What about aliens though?

JChains: Aliens?

BitBoy: I’ve never seen their private parts. So, I don’t know what gender they are.

JChains: I don’t think they reproduce like that. So, I don’t think they have a gender.

BitBoy: Oh, okay. Did they finger touch? Is that how they do?

JChains: Family-friendly man.

BitBoy: Family-friendly, getting family ‘friendlier’. Yeah. So that’s cool. You’re going on vacation? I thought man, like it might be cool. Like, what’s the coolest vacation you’ve ever been on?

JChains: Oh, man, I’ve been on some really cool ones. I’m a cruiser though. So, this is again, this is something we do every year. I go on a couple cruises a year. I think for my honeymoon was probably the best vacation I ever went on. It was a two week long cruise, we did the ABCs of the Caribbean. We went to like nine islands in two weeks. I think by far the coolest not just because it was my honeymoon. But because of all the fun stuff that we did like, one of my favorite things probably that I’ve ever done away from the United States was on that cruise, we went to St. Kitts. And I got my wife to, we rented ATVs and so we went like on this non-active volcano and after five minutes, she was so comfortable. She was ripping around corners, she was flying this thing. So it was so fun and then after that, we followed it up with a beach day. And this was when I tell you probably one of the most soothing sounds I’ve ever heard in my life, the waves how they came in on St. Kitts at this beach, but it was these little micro shells. So, it made this little tiny jingle of shells, coolest sound I’ve ever heard, the coolest place I’ve ever been to. That’s mine. What about you?

BitBoy: You know, I mean, we’ve done all the, we’ve done all the vacations pretty much, you know, I mean, we’ve been, you know, we do the family vacations, you know. So, you know, we went to Disney World, LegoLand, with the kids down there. We recently went to Disney World just a couple months ago. I stayed on property which was really cool. But we’ve been to the beach. We’ve done the whole thing. I’ve been to Cancun, I’ve been to all kinds of places. But the coolest trip I ever went on was when I was 13 years old and my grandpa took me on spring break, we went like on a road trip and to me that was the coolest vacation. We went to Washington DC. So that was the thing, like, we want to go to Washington, DC and see everything and we went there and we were like, we saw everything in a day, we’re like, well, let’s just keep going. So, then I ended up driving up to New York City and so we went to Central liberty. We went to Ellis Island, we saw everything there was to see in New York City, and we’re like, ‘we’re not done yet.’ So, then we ended up driving all the way up to Niagara Falls and going up there and it was really cool. That is a really long drive.

JChains: Yeah, that’s awesome and you guys hit all the hotspots.

BitBoy: Yeah and it’s something that will always have me and my grandpa together that we did that trip when I was a kid, and it was a lot of fun. And I do remember that when we were at the Capitol, we were at the US Capitol in DC and I got lost. So, my grandpa, like, he’s like, ‘I’m going to sit down for a minute you go walk around.’ So, I ended up getting lost in the Capitol and I’m actually like, walking back, like, where the senator’s offices are and the congressman offices. I’m like, 13, and they’re all staring at me, and I’m just walking around and it took me like, 30 minutes to find my way back and my grandpa was like, ‘Every single person here thought I was a terrorist, thanks, son.’

JChains: Oh, man, that’s not a position you want to be in these days, though.

BitBoy: Oh, no, definitely not. I mean, this was back before 9/11. So, I mean, it was definitely much different back then.

JChains: Do remember, like flying and taking trips, like pre 9/11? Where I mean, there was no TSA, you never took the shoes off, you never did any of that. Like you could just hear people flying, moving around the air.

BitBoy: I only flew one time when I went to Mexico. There’s only time I ever flew when I was a kid like before 9/11, I mean, when 9/11 happened, I was 18, I think, 18 or 19. So, but yeah, it was definitely much different. So pretty much all my flying life though, I mean, I’ve just known the TSA you know, and they still do, like it gets crazier and crazier every time. If you ever like seen like I’m sure you have to travel more than I do. You know, the bomb sniffing dogs, like they make you wait in the line and then you walk by and the dog walks around you and it’s like a little overkill. I don’t know.

JChains: There was one time I was flying back from Vegas and I had brought a little stuff back on with me. I was coming home-

BitBoy: Some oregano?

JChains: Some oregano, and I am clear, because I do fly quite often, that’s where you scan your fingers or your eyeballs to get through. And I’m thinking, ‘Hey, I’m fine’ and this one particular time, everyone, no matter who you were, what you were, what your status was, you were going through and they brought the dogs walking by you. And they were checking for bombs and I was sweating bullets, but as you can see, in here.

BitBoy: Well, I’d made a TikTok when I was walking through TSA that showed the sniffing dog and the caption was, ‘I have a larger than regulation size of toothpaste in my bag, and I’m so scared right now.’ Dude, I’m a killer when it comes to sneaking in the toothpaste. So, but anyways, speaking of security, we want to say thank you to our sponsors, starting with Monarch who is a very safe crypto wallet. I think you want to say a little something about Monarch, right J?

JChains: Yeah, absolutely. The team at Monarch, we know them really well, they are working hard to bring you the one app to access all of the best crypto services right there in the palm of your hand.

BitBoy: That’s right. You can buy, store spend, and earn most ERC20 tokens among a ton of other features.

JChains: Yeah, that’s absolutely really cool. And if you need some more information, make sure you check out monarchwallet.com or monarchtoken.io today.

BitBoy: And additional support for the Beards and Bitcoins channel comes from Manscape, The Leaders in Below-the-Belt Grooming.

JChains: Yes, fellas, fellas, fellas, you listen up. We all need to take care of our hair down there, alright? So, check out manscape.com today for some more information. They’ve got this thing called the Lawnmower 2.0. It’s got proprietary skin safe technology. This trimmer is not going to nicker or snag your nuts, all right? It means Manscaping accidents are finally a thing of the past. Trust us guys, your balls and that special someone in your life are going to thank you.

BitBoy: Absolutely make sure you guys head on over to manscape.com and use the promo code, ‘beards’ for 20% off and free shipping. That is manscape.com. Code ‘beards’ And you know, it’s really cool that we’ve been talking about vacations because a lot of people are getting ready to go on more vacations very soon. And what I mean by that is the markets pumping and everybody going to get rich.

JChains: Pump -pump- pump- pump. Oh man, it’s so fun. It’s like, you know, I look forward to waking up and checking block folio popping into my crypto.com app and seeing where things are. I think I’ve actually been doing that more often than block folio lately, because I’m doing some of the EARN features, so it’s fun to see how that grows every day.

BitBoy: Oh, I love to see it grow much bigger. That’s my favorite thing. Listen-

JChains: That’s what she said.

BitBoy: That’s what she said. Listen, let me tell you this, I have really been looking a lot and I’ve brought it up on several videos I’ve done. Have you seen this stock to flow chart?

JChains: No.

BitBoy: Okay, so the stock to flow chart is a chart that basically works off of the amount of Bitcoin in circulation and then the flow of that Bitcoin. It has everything to do with the halvening basically. And this chart has never been wrong, like that the price of bitcoin may go above or below the chart, but it always snaps back at the chart and it really makes me think, like, over the last couple years when, I mean, we all started creating content—and we also are creating content basically either at the very end of the bull market or the beginning of the bear market—and it’s been very discouraging, and we’ve all wanted the price to go up because we want listeners, we want followers, we want to make money. Everybody wants that. But the reality is, Bitcoin is designed to pump during certain times. It’s designed to pump leading up to the halvening and that stock to flow chart really shows that, it shows us getting up to $90,000 by next May, so in about 16 months from now.

JChains: So, pack your bags, load them up, buy your Bitcoin. This is not financial advice but buy some Bitcoin.

BitBoy: It is financial advice, you buy it– I don’t give a– Sue me–

JChains: We don’t give a rip.

BitBoy: No, we don’t give any rips around here. That is financial advice, y’all can take that to the bank, sue me, sue me if Bitcoin is not 90,000. No I’m just kidding y’all. Please don’t sue me. That’s all a joke. I’m really not a financial advisor. Justin might be, I’m not.

JChains:  No, no, no, no.

BitBoy: This is financial advice. Don’t buy bitcoin. So, there you go. There you go. But in all seriousness, though, the price is looking very, very juicy right now and it is in May, according to the stock to flow chart is when the price is really going to start rising immediately following the halvening and I believe that $100,000 Bitcoin within 500 days is almost 100%.

JChains: It’s not undoable, I mean, yeah, we’re I think we’re over 10% in the last week. So It’s nice to see, you know, it’s been a grind right now, like what you were saying, making content through a bear market, it’s tough, but we’re firm believers, we’re here for you. We enjoy bringing you information, news stories, collections of everything. That’s what we do, that’s why we’re here. But it’s been a grind man and it feels good to kind of be on the happier side of things.

BitBoy: Yeah. And to have some hope. I mean, last year when we would have Bitcoin 2019, the price was going up, and it felt very exciting. But if you look at the stock to flow chart, like that was an abnormality. Like it actually shouldn’t have been pumping during that time and a lot of people think that when we did go from 6, 000 very quickly up to 14,000. That was purely based off the one coin and plus token, Ponzi schemes that have basically really propped up the price of Bitcoin and looking back on it. It looks like that was the case.

JChains: Yeah, well, I’m just happy. Like you said, I’m going on vacation. I hope that everyone listening to this show is going to take a 2020 vacation. I love you know like on crypto Twitter when they’re like ‘We’re all getting girlfriends’.

BitBoy: It’s just Charles, he’s the only one that says that I think. Charles wishes he had a girlfriend.

JChains: That’s funny, I love all these guys. They’re so funny, man.

BitBoy: Yeah, they’re definitely a lot of incels out there on crypto Twitter, they can only get a girlfriend if they have a huge amount of money for sure. So, I bet they can’t get girlfriends even if they do have a lot of money. They’ll just be like rich nerds, you know?

JChains: That’s true.

BitBoy: You can’t buy social skills.

JChains: No, but you can buy a mail-order bride.

BitBoy: You can do that; you can do that for sure. And there definitely will probably be some people that will be doing that.

JChains: I wonder if there’s a way to correlate the rise in Bitcoin with the rise in mail-order brides.

BitBoy: We should make that chart for those guys for real, though. But yeah, so, let’s move on. Speaking once again like the theme today seems to be vacations. You guys may remember the Fyre Fest. We’re going to be talking about that in News Break.



BitBoy: That’s right guys. Justin, you want to tell him a little bit about this story? Like, it is crazy.

JChains: This is crazy, man. So, all right, I’m sure if you’re if you’re looking online, there’s a festival, a crypto Bitcoin conference that’s supposed to be happening in Memphis, Tennessee, supposed to be at the end of February. Now this is I think the second or third time that has been postponed for various reasons. There’s a lot of people that are really kind of upset about it. I know it’s really kind of been spearheaded by Rob. He’s been on the show.

BitBoy: Friend of the podcast.

JChains: Yep, Tusk. He has been on the show. And  there have been a lot of things going back and forth where you know, alright so the way that they said is and usually if you’re in the media kind of like what we are, we go to conferences, we get asked to come to conferences, you get a media pass. This seems to be set up a little differently where there are no media passes or maybe there were very few, other people looking to cover the event had said, ‘okay, you can buy this package and it includes your airline, your AirBnB, your conference ticket and all this stuff.

BitBoy: You stacking up that cash.

JChains: Stacking up the cash. What was weird about it, and I think it was Amina? Amina is also a friend of the show, she had been offered to buy one of these tickets to the conference but it came with a caveat where she had to buy this ticket within 30 minutes, or else it was being sold to someone else, which dude, we go to a lot of conferences, I have never heard that my life.

BitBoy: No, absolutely not. I mean, there’s no selling out of the conference. I’ve never been to a conference that was sold out, they can always squeeze another person in.

JChains: Yeah, especially if you’re someone with a lot of followers and you and you make content, those are the people you want at your festival because that’s how people find out about it. That’s how people promote it for you and then that’s how you have a second year, if you’re charging everyone to coverage your event. No one’s going to come back, man.

BitBoy: It’s weird. So, this guy’s name is Jacob Kiseki. He’s followed me on Twitter for a while, he’s sent me messages. I mean, he’s responded to a couple things I posted, or whatever. And I’m really disappointed by this situation, for sure. But it was a little weird to me because he had sent me a message and like, look, guys, I’m not famous by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not even the most famous Beanie Baby collector at our Beanie Baby conference. But I do have a following. I mean, I’ve got 17, almost 18,000 followers on Twitter. I have, you know, about 15,000 on YouTube and so usually when somebody sends me a message about coming to a conference, they’re like, ‘Yeah, we’ll give you a pass.’ They may not pay for the travel, they may not pay for food and may not pay for you that stuff, but at least they’re offering me a free pass. That way I can go cover it, I can cover it on my website, on bitboycrypto.com, if it’s for the podcast, we can go do a live podcast. And that’s good coverage for the conference. So, it’s beneficial to them. But he didn’t message me about anything like that. It was, ‘Hey, here’s a promo code, so you can get 10% off on your ticket, we’d really like to have you there.’ And I’m like, that’s not the normal way that crypto conferences operate. So, I was very apprehensive. Of course, I didn’t buy a ticket. I didn’t even really respond to him. I never responded to him. I don’t think I’ve ever responded to a message he sent me. And if I did, it was very minimal. So, it was just really weird and I didn’t even know when he asked me to buy a ticket for this conference. Like maybe about two months ago. I didn’t know this was the same conference he was asking me to buy tickets for last year. He’s just postponed it. I thought maybe it was the second one. But I still never responded. So, it’s definitely pretty crazy. What’s the guy’s name in the Fyre documentary? Is it Gary? Was his name Gary?

JChains: I think it was Gary. So, who was it? It was Ja Rule was one of the co-founders, it was-

BitBoy: Andy, it was Andy. His name was Andy.

JChains: Okay. Thank you.

BitBoy: Andy is the guy who literally offered to give fellatio, fellatio to do one of the commanders in the country they were holding it at to save the festival. You know, he was really ready to take one for the team there.

JChains: Holy moly.

BitBoy: Who is Crypto Andy? I need to know.

JChains: Oh God. That should be the pole that for this week, who’s the-

BitBoy: Who’s the Crypto Andy? Who’s it going to be?

JChains: Alright, someone should start that alt account Crypto Andy Fyre.

BitBoy: Yeah. But we didn’t even really talk about what happened here. So basically, the long and short of it is this guy has been accused of being a scammer, the guy who set it up, there’s a bunch of people who he owes refunds to and then kind of as the stories came out, like he’s from Poland, and he’s been in a lot of trouble in Poland. He’s being sued. People are saying he has warrants out there, that’s why he’s here.

JChains: He’s changed his name to kind of go under-the-radar kind of thing and that obviously came out pretty quick.

BitBoy: Yeah, exactly. So, and once all this stuff started coming out now everybody pulled out of the conference and now he’s had to cancel the whole thing and he’s telling everybody that it’s going to take him six months to pay back all the refunds. I can go ahead and tell y’all ain’t getting refunds, I don’t even want to hide it.

JChains:  You won’t get a refund. Actually, I just saw the other day Pomp posted something because he was supposed to be there. And he’s a pretty big name in the in the space and so his name was up on the website and the marketing materials and  he told the folks at the Crypto Fyre Fest, aka mass adoption that he wasn’t going to make it, please remove him from the website in the marketing materials, all that stuff. So, I know that they’ve scrubbed a lot of the stuff off the website as of recently, so.

BitBoy: Yeah, well it looks like the guy’s just a straight up scammer, unfortunately. And you want to think people can change, I definitely believe people can change though, just because someone did something in the past that is not necessarily a reflection of what they’re doing now or in their future. I know I’ve got a crazy past. Nothing to do with money laundering or with scamming people just to do with things I was doing in my personal life as a teenager and in my 20s, like most of us have. But I don’t want to be judged, you know, 15 years later, because of what I did before. But when you were just scamming people last year, and now you’re trying to do a crypto conference, that’s a little sketchy, so.

JChains: Yeah, come on, man.

BitBoy: Come on, man. So yeah, so definitely very interesting. Well, we’ll just have to keep following this. But uh, let’s talk about a token that some people thought was a scam, but now it’s pumping.



BitBoy: Alright, J, let’s talk about one of your favorite coins.

JChains: Woah. When you say one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorites from– alright, everyone, this happened to everybody. So, I know that it’s not just me, right? Back at the tail end of 2017 when things were just raging. I mean, you could just throw a dart at a dartboard and get like a 10X-er. So I went heavy and, on this coin, heavy, and it proceeded to go like 99.9% down.

BitBoy: Some people might call it an iconic loss.

JChains: It wasn’t an iconic loss because the token of Token Time is ICON, ICX. And so, it’s actually doing pretty well. It’s up 10% today, or 11% excuse me, it’s up to 25 cents. Let’s see market cap, 130 and a half million with a 24-hour trading volume of 65 million.

BitBoy: Yeah, ICON has been pumping all week and when you look at all the charts for all the altcoins, it is just straight from the bottom left to the upper right like that’s what you want you want to see on any growth chart you want to see down in the bottom left, up in the top right, that means that it is on the way up. The funny thing is, when you look on CoinMarketCap, and you look at the full chart of the all-time history, since basically the very end of 2017 to now, it is just like straight down into the very, very, very end, you can see a little bump going up. And it just looks like that coin has been flatlined for so long. And ICON is a coin that was actually down at one time, 98%. So, it still got a lot further to go. But to me, when I think of the bear market, and I think of the projects that really led the charge of the bears, ICON’s the first one that comes to mind for me.

JChains: Yep, yep. I mean, that was you know, everybody speaking of diversification back in the day was man, that was a hard hit for me. I sold at a big-time loss, I never thought it was going to recover. I wouldn’t say that it is close to recovering yet because it was probably close to $13 or $14 at one point, but, man, it’s good to see I think it’s up. At the time of recording this show, I think the 30 day it’s up like 122%. So, if you bought in on the long tail, good for you, if you were like me and bought a ATH-

BitBoy: Let me do some math. Let me do some math here. So, it was down 98% at its low. So, from right now where it’s at, at 20, about 26 cents. Let’s see, divided by, let’s see, what, four times 12. It has to basically like 48x from here to get back to its all-time high.

JChains: What are the chances?

BitBoy: I mean, pretty good. Is that math right? Because it’s got a 4x to get back to $1 and then it’s got a 12x from there. So yeah, it’s got a 48x.

JChains: God, man.

BitBoy: To get back to the all-time high. That’s crazy.

JChains: Well you never know, man. Once Alt season is–

BitBoy: It could happen for sure.

JChains: Yeah, it could. This is not financial advice but hey maybe buy a moon bag.

BitBoy: Well that’s been one thing that’s been really interesting about this latest overall crypto pump is that we are seeing hope for the Altcoins again. I mean it looked like for a long time that maybe the maximalists were right but maybe Altcoins are never going to pump again, which I mean, I never really believed but it was like “Dang, maybe there’s something to this” because these Altcoins are not budging. But now I mean they’re really looking like they’re getting ready to pop. I mean, we had last week where a lot of them were up 40%, BSV was up like 250% Bitcoin cash was up over-

JChains: The BSV thing, that was an artificial pump, right?

BitBoy: I mean, I think so, we all think it was. But not necessarily that but it wasn’t all artificial, I don’t think because there was a court document filed on behalf of Craig Wright, that said that he had in fact received whatever from whatever courier.

JChains: The courier showed up.

BitBoy: Yeah, the courier for the Tulip Trust or whatever was supposed to send and the court documents said that he received it, but then of course later on it came out like but he still doesn’t have access to the Bitcoin. That is for Satoshi’s wallet because guess what? He’s not Satoshi.

JChains: He’s not Satoshi, he’s such an albatross in this industry.

BitBoy: Yes and no, I mean, it. I think Craig Wright is just a guy that people inside of crypto like to argue about. No one else cares.

JChains: I mean, no one else if you’re outside of crypto, you don’t even know who the guy is.

BitBoy: Yeah, exactly. And well, I mean, I think there’s a lot of people that are invested in crypto that have no idea what’s going on with crypto. I would venture to say most people who have an investment in crypto, they couldn’t even tell you who Craig Wright is.

JChains: I wonder what the percentage of people that are in like that hold crypto that don’t participate in social media versus the people that do hold crypto that-

BitBoy: Much larger, much larger. There’s a much larger percentage of people that own crypto that are not in the community at all—hey’re not watching YouTube, they’re not on Twitter, they’re not on Reddit. I would say the vast majority of people who hold crypto are. Now when I say crypto, I mean your major ones, XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Now, if you hold Nano, then yeah, you’re probably in the community, you know, cause you’re probably going to the Nano subreddit, or either you’ve sold it, but a lot of people that own Bitcoin that lost a bunch of money like they. Trust me, I know a lot of people that own crypto, they could care less what’s going on. They’re just like one day is going to go up, whatever. It’s an investment and they don’t pay attention to it.

JChains: Yeah. So, what is ICON?

BitBoy: ICON I believe is like interoperability. I think it’s part of this thing called ‘interoperability alliance’ which is like ICON, Wanchain and Aion, I think? They have a platform that you can build daps on and things like that. Our friend Steve McGarry from ACC crypto, he’s roping on ICON and he was actually at one point had me involved in a project where it was basically like incentivizing followers to do things, to earn crypto tokens, it was built on ICON. So, I think ICON also has a master node program where you can earn ICON by just holding a bunch of it. So that’s pretty much what it is. I mean, it’s kind of like everything else in crypto like it’s not to its full form yet.

JChains: Yeah, they’re still working on moving past the ICO. Here, I’m going to read a little bit on the vision section of the intro of the White Paper. The vision of the ICON project is to introduce the new era of decentralization by redefining the meaning and communities and creating a new world by connecting such communities. Communities today are commonly defined on social and political functions. Through ICON communities can go beyond and be free from traditional economic systems and promote frictionless value exchanges with other communities. That’s all I’m going to read.

BitBoy: Oh, great sounds like every other project I’ve heard of.

JChains: Yada yada

BitBoy: What does it say there that’s really different? Like if I read you that definition and said name is project, you’d probably name 20 projects.

JChains: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. It’s funny that we’ve talked about this before and back in 2017 and through most of 2018—I was working for an exchange which no longer exists because it sucked. One of my jobs was to review every token, project that was interested in being listed on the exchange and we had this committee and then would list tokens and projects based on our findings.

BitBoy: Aren’t you glad I rescued you from that?

JChains: You did, man. You were like my, my knight in shining armor. You have given me such good advice throughout the years—dump this project, dump this project.

BitBoy: Just dump everything. I’m your friend. Everybody was telling you to buy and invest and I was telling you, dump it all.

JChains: And my man, you saved me.

BitBoy: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Well, speaking of saving, one person that could not be saved over the last couple weeks, was also known as ‘Cowboy’ Let’s talk about it in Manspreading.



JChains: Oh, yeah, dude. Manspreading this week, we’re going to talk about UFC, the fight that just happened. It was a quick one between Conor McGregor and the ‘Cowboy’. What’s his full name?

BitBoy: Cerrone, I think? I don’t even know. It is Donald Cerrone. I just call him ‘Cowboy’

JChains: I always call him ‘Cowboy’ That’s all I know.

BitBoy: Yeah. So, it was definitely very interesting, it was a 40-second fight. This was like a big main event, really, really built up. It was Connors return to the UFC. I mean, pretty much everybody knows who Conor McGregor is, by now. He had retired from little bit, the boxing thing with Floyd Mayweather, came back, and he knocked cowboy in 40 seconds and the question is with UFC fights when you pay 60 bucks for a fight, which I didn’t, by the way, I watched somebody live streaming on Facebook, so I watched it for free. But—oh don’t tell the FTC that—but the question is, is when you pay $60 for a pay per view, and this is all hyped up, is a 40 second knockout really what you want?

JChains: I would, man, I could probably argue both sides of the coin on this one, right?

BitBoy: You’re so good at going both ways, it’s unbelievable.

JChains:  Shut up. What I like about a quick fight like that a 40-second fight is that it is just the Ultimate Fighting Championship, that was just a UFC joke. But it’s just to have someone just that dominant and to just blow someone out so fast, it’s impressive. It does suck if you’ve paid a lot of money. Now they throw a lot of fights on these cards for this to happen, right? I mean, if you get the fight, you’re going to see six to eight fights, right? It’s not the only one you’re going to see. Obviously, you want to see this main event go into the second round, I think at least, because you want to get your bang for your bucks, but I like to see a quick knockout every now and then. But did you see, what’s that social media guys named Dan Bilzerian? Or whatever.

BitBoy: Yeah, Dan Bilzerian.

JChains: Yeah, he’s always got the honeys. Did you see how much cash he put up on cowboy?

BitBoy: Uhuh.

JChains: Dude, it was like a table full. I think, dude, if it was not a million dollars, it was darn close to a million dollars in cash on a table. And like his whole post was and he’s like, ‘hey, cowboy, no pressure, I’m betting on you man and ‘Kapowski!’ He got lit up.

BitBoy: He lit up so quick too. I mean, the thing about knockouts is sometimes they’re kind of fluky. You know, like, you just happen to connect that one shot they turn a certain way. Like you might throw that same punch like 20 times and just that one time like he just happened to react so he turned, got him right on the chin, whatever it is, you know I mean sometimes you have the knockouts are brutal because you can tell the other guys just so much massively better but Connors got a lot of knockout power and we saw what he did against Floyd Mayweather. I mean, it’s not enough to knock out a boxer that knows how to defend very well. But I mean, here’s the thing, I will say this, do I love a 42-second knockout? Yeah, I do. I’ll just say it. Yeah, I do.

JChains: Right.

BitBoy: Yeah, I would much rather see a 40-second knockout than a five round 15-minute, draw than knockout.

JChains: A ‘dance-a-ton’ that is boring.

BitBoy: It’s boring. And that’s why I don’t like Floyd Mayweather, I don’t like to watch Floyd Mayweather fights because there’s never knockouts in his fights. All he does is just, he’ll hit you. It’s basically like he’s just playing for points. Like he’s like, ‘*Whoop, whoop* there’s a hit. Okay, I’m going to defend-defend *Whoop, whoop* there’s a hit. Like, I want to see people get knocked out like Mike Tyson is one of my favorite athletes of all time. I love seeing Mike Tyson knock people out for sure and–

JChains: He called me an animal.

BitBoy: Yeah, exactly. So, I would love a 40-second knockout. I love eight second knockout. I love any knockout. I want to see a knockout. I don’t want to see anything go to a judge score at the end, in anything I’m watching and that’s how I feel about it.

JChains: Remember a few months ago, did we challenge some other crypto podcasters to an MMA fight?

BitBoy: Yeah, we said back crypto. We’re going to beat him up.

JChains: We didn’t even get a response. What’s up? What’s up t? TW? What’s up, Joe? If you’re listening.

BitBoy: If you’re listening, you’re probably not but if you are, we’re coming for you. And if you are listening, we’re really sorry, we don’t actually mean it. I’m just kidding. I’d knock your mother– out. Anyways

JChains: You want to knock his mother out?

BitBoy: Yeah, I would know his mother– out in a second.

JChains: That’s mean.

BitBoy: I don’t care. I don’t care.

JChains: She’s probably a nice lady.

BitBoy: She might be a nice lady and she’s even better when you knock her out. The Mike Tyson used to say he would knock an old lady out if he had to like to eat because that’s how Mike Tyson got started because he got started fighting for food because he was like

JChains: Oh, really?

BitBoy: He would’ve knocked out any lady on the street for food when he was younger.

JChains: Reminds me of that joke, what do you tell the lady with two black guys?

BitBoy: What?

JChains: Nothing. You already told her twice.

BitBoy: We are not advocating domestic abuse.

JChains: No, not at all. Please, don’t listen to that. It’s a joke. I didn’t make the joke up.

BitBoy: Add that to the financial advice lawsuit, okay? Just add it. But listen, here’s what we want to ask. Every week for Manspreading, we got a question, we’re going to give our two best UFC fighters ever. In our opinion, we want to know which one do you agree with? Which one of these two is the greatest ever? I’m going with Jon Jones. To me, Jon Jones.

JChains: Good pick, good pick. Yeah, Go ahead.

BitBoy: I was going to say I love that he did cocaine and steroids. That’s like my favorite thing about him.

JChains: Man, that’ll, uh, that’ll put some hair on your chest for sure.

BitBoy: For sure. I’m a big steroids guy. I love steroids.

JChains: And some pimples on your back.

BitBoy: I want all the athletes doing steroids like if they want to do it, do it. I don’t see what the problem is, just pump them all up. Let’s get the most achievement we can get and Jon Jones was riding hard with that. Jon Jones never been beat. I don’t believe, I think he’s undefeated. Let me check that, is he undefeated? I think he is.

JChains: While you check that, my fighter for the poll this week is going to be none other than Chuck Liddell. I love watching that guy fight, man. He was just a beast.

BitBoy: Yeah, he was a monster back in the day, for sure. And that was really– I mean, I actually watched like UFC six or something like that? like one of the very first ones when it was like there weren’t even weight classes back then you’d have sumo wrestlers fight little white guy or whatever.

JChains: Butter Bean was a UFC fighter in the early days, right? He was big like bold 400-pound guy?

BitBoy: Maybe I don’t know if he was or not, but I do know it was crazy back then like for sure. But then like it got popular, like really started getting popular around the time Chuck Liddell was really killing people and stuff like that or knocking people out. Chuck Liddell’s a good choice.

JChains: Thank you.

BitBoy: Yeah, I’m still going with Jon Jones, pound for pound.

JChains: I wonder how those guys will do a fight against each other.

BitBoy: That would be an interesting, I mean, Chuck Liddell is very out of his weight class a little bit. Well, I don’t know, Jon Jones is a light heavyweight, isn’t he?

JChains: I’m not really sure.

BitBoy: I’m not sure. I don’t keep up with it that much. I’ve certainly watched a lot of them. But so, his only loss was against Matt Hamill in 2009 and the Ultimate Fighter 10 finale. So that was Ultimate Fighter, was Jon Jones on the Ultimate Fighter? Like that show? Isn’t the Ultimate Fighter the reality show?

JChains: It was the reality show where they had like the real UFC guys as the coach, right? And then it would be teams of wannabe guys to get themselves into it. So, Chuck Liddell was also UFC light heavyweight champ as well. He’s 50 now.

BitBoy: Yeah, I know. It’s crazy how fast they get old. Yeah, he’s a light heavyweight. So that would have been a good fight. Yeah, Chuck Liddell versus Jon Jones, for sure. This says he has one loss and it’s other—it wasn’t a knockout, it wasn’t a submission and it wasn’t a decision, it says ‘other.’ I’ll have to look into this and see what maybe some of our viewers know. Oh, here it is, His only lost ever for Jon Jones, he was disqualified for throwing illegal elbows. Boom-Boom! Dude, I like a good Street Fight, man. I don’t like all these rules they got now.

JChains: Just put them in a cage. Whoever’s alive gets out of the cage.

BitBoy: I like it dude, I like the primal stuff like let’s get into it, like if I want to fight somebody like I don’t want to get in a cage, I want to go out back, I want to be able to poke your eyeball out.

JChains: Oh. Jesus man.

BitBoy: I won’t be able to hook you right here and rip your mouth open.

JChains: You’re going to fish hook someone?

BitBoy: Oh, yeah, I got fish hooked one time.

JChains: Did you? Oh, you got you got catfish, that’s what you got.

BitBoy: No, I got fish hooked, for sure. It split my lip open and everything like I was

BitBoy: Yeah. When I was younger, I was like, this wasn’t last week, believe it or not. But I was probably like 16? I think I was a sophomore in the senior and I was driving through our neighborhood real fast like crazy and I yelled at him to slow down and he got out and came and tried to fight me and like, dude, I took him down so quick and I was just like, wailing on him and then I got him in a headlock and this guy reached up and he fish hooked from the ground and split my lip open sure enough, but I didn’t let go. I didn’t let go until he basically tapped out so, pumped him out. It was right in front of them right in front of them high school girls. I was really big.

JChains: Oh, wow. Oh man, you got to show up in front of the honeys, that’s for sure.

BitBoy: That’s what it was all about, I was showing off in front of monies back in the day. So, I might do it today except I’m married, so don’t have the same pop now. Now, I just make Tik Tok videos to impress the ladies, that’s all I got now.

JChains: There you go. Got to do something.

BitBoy: Well. Listen, let’s knock this episode out. Let’s knock it out. Are you-

JChains: POW!

BitBoy: Over. Give it the one-two count. Thank you everybody so much for listening to the podcast today. Definitely a good episode—we talked about ICON, we talked about the Crypto Fyre Fest, we talked about vacation, we talked about the markets, we talked about a lot of stuff. You guys make sure to go join our new Telegram group t.me/beardsandbitcoins. Make sure you guys join that don’t forget to rate and review the podcast Follow us on Twitter @BeardsBitcoin. We’re out.

JChains: We’re out.


Episode 77: Crypto Fyre Fest Implosion & ICX Explosion

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