Episode 69: Is Crypto Twitter a Real Place? | Beards & Bitcoins MMA Challenge


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On this episode, Ben & Justin are solo on a previously recorded Twitter Livestream. Something that will be regular in the weekly schedule.

Is Crypto Twitter real? Drama, drama, drama is really growing in the Twittersphere. Is it possible to unplug from the internet?
Peter McCormack vows to not debate anyone on Twitter going forward.
Most content creators are actual in real life friends. Real and internet life have collided.
Is this the simulation? (abbreviated, to be discussed in more depth soon)
Demolition Man came out in 1993 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106697/
Animals and Babies will be grown in labs according to Ben.
Chico Crypto https://twitter.com/chicocrypto backs out of the MMA for charity battle against Charles Hoskinson https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles
Beards & Bitcoins challenges anyone to a tag team MMA/boxing match!
Little chat on BBQ.. it’ll make you hungry!
Blind or deaf game… Bitboy picks deaf, Chains goes with blind.
We get through 99% of the show without talking about Crypto
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