Episode 46: Crypto (not Nerd) Mining w/ Crypto Chris Walken


Thank you for watching/listening to the Beards & Bitcoins Crypto Podcast. We sure do appreciate ya! Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/2GOEnhy) for the most up to date news and show info. If you have guests you want to see, or content you want us to cover, please email us anytime at: info@beardsandbitcoins.com Bitboy Twitter: @Bitboy_Hodl JChains Twitter: @CryptoJChains Beards & Bitcoins Twitter: @BeardsBitcoins Beards & Bitcoins Website: www.beardsandbitcoins.com Show Description: This episode we are joined by Crypto Christopher Walken! The miner of all miners… Dude is AWESOME! We learned a bunch about mining, and will be setting up a rig soon! Enjoy this show! Hoarder of GPU’s. ROI’er of capitulated mining equipment. Co-Founder of @h4shr8 . Community Manager for @gethoneyminer You can find Crypto Christopher Walken at: twitter.com/cryptochrisw https://discordapp.com/invite/Av7Wqy5

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