Episode 102: Crypto.com Drama + Ceek VR


Episode 102: Crypto.com Drama + Ceek VR

This episode is full of drama.

We talk about why people are upset with MCO, interview with CEEK VR Founder, and a social media site.

We sit down and discuss what happened with Crypto.com and why people are upset about MCO. Find out what Crypto.com is trying to do to make up with the MCO coin underperforming.

We also interviewed Mary Spio, Founder and CEO of Ceek VR, which focuses on live events. Check out in this episode how the pandemic affected the demand for the VR and— if you’re a sports fan like us—the reason for Dwayne Wade’s announcement using Ceek VR for his basketball camp.

Lastly, are you a big Tik Tok fan? Big news for TikTok users in this episode.

2:10 Crypto.com Drama
8:56 Interview with Mary Spio
26:30 TikTok

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Episode 102: Crypto.com Drama + Ceek VR

JChains: What’s up dudes and dudettes? Welcome back to Beards and Bitcoins. We are your Crypto Podcast for the man’s man and the ladies that love them and you and us, whoever. I am always joined with my man right over here, Ben. You can call him BitBoy. How are you doing, buddy?

BitBoy: You can call me BitBoy. You can call me Ben. You can call me late at night. I might answer the phone. We’ll see what’s happening.

JChains: Shake from State Farm. What are you wearing?

BitBoy: Oh, Lord, some khakis. Alright guys, we got a big episode for you guys today. We are having an interview here in a few minutes with Mary Spio, the CEO and founder of Ceek VR, this is a huge project. This is going to be coming in on the scene. You guys are definitely going to want to pay attention. The pandemic has actually pushed this project way forward. You guys are going to have to listen to that. It’s going to be really good. We also got some crazy news. We’re going to be talking about CRO and MCO. A lot of people are really upset about what went down there. So, we’re going to talk about that here in just a second. But first, we have to shout out our sponsor, Monarch. The King of crypto as some people may call them the Beards and Bitcoins, Crypto Podcast, sponsored by Monarch wallet, rule your own financial kingdom from the palm of your hand.

JChains: That is right, sir. The team at Monarch is working hard to bring you the one app to access all of the best crypto services. These guys believe in delivering tech and not hype.

BitBoy: Absolutely with the Universal Decentralized Monarch wallet. That’s my favorite part of this ad, every time “with the universal, decentralized Monarch wallet.” You can buy, store, spend and earn crypto. With Monarch pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: I liked all that. So, but if you want more information about Monarch, make sure you check out Monarchwallet.com, you can also go to monarchtoken.io for more information.

BitBoy: Monarch is a great wallet. People like Monarch. It is decentralized, it’s universal. Okay. But there’s another wallet, another competitor to Monarch



BitBoy: that people are pretty upset with right now. You can also buy and spend crypto there, crypto.com tell them what happened.

JChains: All right, so this was their legacy coin, right? Because it was Monaco, and then they changed to crypto.com and when they made the changes when they also created that utility token, right? Like, once they could actually open up, like all of their exchanges, I feel like that’s what happened, right is when they introduced the CRO token or CRO. But it was always weird how there were the two, like, why is this little token only worth a couple cents where I think in March, it was down to two, almost three cents. It was just under three cents, where this MCO token has been like in the $4-5 range for quite some time. It always seemed weird that there were the two tokens. So, for me, I’m not upset about it. I like the–

BitBoy: Consolidation.

JChains: Thank you, for some reason I couldn’t say it.

BitBoy: I’m here for you, dude. We finish each other’s sandwiches.

JChains: That’s good.

BitBoy: That was a phrase in reference. I have a little girl, just in case you guys know.

JChains: So, to me, it wasn’t a big deal. I already converted my CRO, I took them out of cold storage, or my MC) and converted them over it. So, I think you said you did the same thing.

BitBoy: Yeah, why wouldn’t you? You’re 20%.

JChains: So yeah, but you get 20% at the exchange. Now do you use the exchange?

BitBoy: No, well, the extra 20% tokens go into an automatic lockup for six months of staking, I believe.

JChains: On the exchange. But do you use the exchange?

BitBoy: But you don’t have to use the exchange, you just swap them, right?

JChains: I think you swap them in the app. But that’s not the exchange isn’t it? or is that the exchange?

BitBoy: No, I think you’re getting the swap in the exchange confused because you don’t have to do it on the actual app. I don’t think, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I swapped them over and didn’t pay attention.

JChains: No, you swap them over on the app. But what I’m saying is you get that 20% bonus on the exchange.

BitBoy: Yes.

JChains: Like not in your app. Like it’s not going to just show up in the app. You got to use the exchange that’s on your computer.

BitBoy: Oh, I missed that part. I didn’t know that. I just swap them. I don’t pay attention. I got enough cryptos. I don’t need 20%. Let the people have it.

JChains: Send it my way.

BitBoy: Oh, yeah. You’re “the people.” You’re the people.  I’m here for you, my child. I am here for you.

JChains: Thank you.

BitBoy: Yeah, so a lot of people are upset now. What’s really interesting is I don’t know if you’ve ever watched my channel, Justin. I don’t know if you have but I did a video called “Five Coins to 5 million” My most viewed video ever. It was about Teeka Tiwari. He’s just a marketer guy. He had five picks. MCO was one of them and it’s very interesting because a lot of people invest in MCO because of that.

And I’ve said for a long time that CRO is the one and I even did a video talking about it about six weeks ago or so, talking about how I believe that CRO is the dominant coin just like you said, over time, the MCO token is no longer relevant. And I’ve said that for a long time, it’s only for staking the card, the ecosystem has grown.

Now the people who invested from Teeka Tiwari’s picks and MCO, they’re upset because their coin has underperformed. The coin has underperformed and so the price is down compared to CRO and crypto.com trying to make up the difference by offering that 20% exchange rate which I have to look a little more into that because I was unaware of that, maybe that aspect just kind of went past me. I didn’t see it. But people are upset about it. But here’s the thing, even though like I picked MCO  like one of my coins of the month earlier, I don’t expect long term for MCO to outperform CRO.

So ultimately, even if your coin is down and you’re getting the exchange, you’re getting the better deal by swapping your CRO, I don’t understand why people are upset. I don’t get it.

JChains: I mean, there’s better room for improvement too. I mean, under 20 cents. I mean, I think this thing is probably going to go to at least like 50 cents. I mean, the MCO token was never going to go to like seven or eight bucks. I just don’t think that it really had the legs for it. What was the point?

BitBoy: Yeah, and the other thing is it’s good to spend your crypto when crypto is going up. But when we enter another bear market, which hey guys, don’t be fooled by what’s happening right now, we will enter another bear market, it’s going to be a while, it’s going to be over a year, called the market cycle. We will enter another bear market and when we enter a bear market, you don’t really want to be spending your crypto. So, because of that, I think that crypto.com, the card itself has a lot higher potential right now. But once we enter a bear market, like things like the spend, earn the interest all that is going to be a much better use of your resources within the crypto.com app. Instead of using the card, the car is great for when the price is going up. Not too great when the price is going down when it collapses, and everything’s going to go down one day. And so, I think long term, it’s just got so much more potential. So, speaking of long-term potential, we are about to get into an interview with Mary Spio of the founder of Ceek VR. Just real quick, Justin, what did you think about this interview that the people were about to listen to?

JChains: I thought it was awesome. She seems like a super cool lady, we talked a little bit offline obviously online, you’ll hear the interview, but it sounds like they got some things going for him. She seems like she comes from a pretty good background and I think she’s got a whole bunch of patents and technology. So, she knows what she’s talking about. It’s interesting, I thought it was a good interview.

BitBoy: She seems to have a very kind of like “Even Keel” and I like that. Not too like pampy. Not to be confused with the Pam Network project I’m just using the word “pamp” So the thing is that we’re about to go into this interview, it’s a really good interview, guys. Listen I found Ceek probably about a month ago maybe six weeks ago. I’m telling you guys this is a huge project. Now after I covered Ceek on my channel, Ceek reached out to me and so the interview you guys are going to be listening to, Ceek did support the channel with a sponsorship but you are going to want to pay attention this I found this way before we were talking about sponsorship money because this is a diamond in the rough. So, buckle in, put on your VR headset. Get ready for a great interview and a couple cheesy dad jokes that nobody listened to or laughed at



BitBoy: Hey everybody we are here with the founder and CEO of Ceek VR, a project I’ve covered on my YouTube channel. Very excited to talk about it. Mary Spio, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing?

Mary: I’m good. Happy to be here. I’m doing well.

BitBoy: Awesome. I said that we should have probably been doing this in virtual reality.

Mary: Yes.

JChains: That would make sense.

Mary: Yeah. With the VR headsets, can I put my VR headset on?

JChains: You could.

BitBoy: Let’s see it, show that thing off.

JChains: Oh, that’s slick.

BitBoy: Yeah, that was slick.

Mary: This is this space one and then we have like a gold one also.

JChains: I saw that on the website, that looks nice.

Mary: Yeah, I was in a conference in Dubai. And this guy came up to me. He said, “if you have a gold one, I would totally buy it.” And I was like, wow, we should get a gold one.

BitBoy: Yeah, are you sure that’s what he said? Or did he say “Where “Dubai” that? That was a Dubai joke, guys. I’m sorry guys, I’m wearing my “Hey hungry I’m dad” shirt so I had to live up to the dad joke.

Mary: I have to use that one, “where Dubai that headset?”

BitBoy: Yeah, pretty good. You guys got a cool logo, I like your logo, it looks like a little Pac Man inspired a little bit.

Mary: It is.

BitBoy: Yeah. Nice. Nice.

JChains: Okay, so the big platform, are you geared towards gaming, music, events? What’s the big goal of your platform?

Mary: Where are usually towards events and music. I mean, you can use a headset for games, but most gamers want the full desktop gaming computers and all of that. Yeah, so for casual gamers, right? I say Candy Crush and stuff, they don’t mind doing it on mobile, but I think most gamers want to be on desktop.

BitBoy: I’m a Candy Crush guy.

JChains: We’re not gamers So yeah, that would make sense.

BitBoy: Yeah, I actually got so burnt out on Candy Crush, I played it so much and I’m the guy that actually pays for stuff if I’m stuck on a level for like a week, I’ll pay. It would be embarrassing if you knew how much money I’ve spent on mobile games and stuff like that. But I’ve moved on, I’m playing Angry Birds Bubble Pop now.

Okay, guys, I love those. I’m not into all immersive games. But I am interested in virtual reality events. Because this is something that there was another project that I was very interested in in 2017-18 Spective, SIG was the ticker, whatever, I think they’re totally gone now. I don’t even think it exists anymore. I think like the market caps like zero, but so money’s at 0 too. But I was very interested because they were talking about being able to go to the Super Bowl in VR and like all kinds of stuff, I think it’d be really immersive experiences. And so, talk about that a little bit and what kind of experiences people can expect to get out of VR, but then also kind of weave into how pandemic has affected this stuff? Because I would assume this is kind of sped things up for you.

Mary: Yeah, absolutely. So basically, we focus a lot on live events, right? So, creating that communal effect, that live energy bringing that into VR, so music, concerts, conferences, and anything where you want to enjoy with a bunch of people.

And this example that I gave, Adele had a concert where she had 100,000 tickets and 10 million people try to buy it, actually Ceek was created to sell to that 9.9 million people who couldn’t go and it’s the same thing and we created Ceek to meet the demand of concerts even before the pandemic, but with the global crisis, we’ve seen the demand skyrocket, Bon Jovi has a concert that we’ve done in 360 that’s on the platform.

We’ve done a VR live performance with Bon Jovi that’s on the platform, his tours are cancelled. So, his fans are now coming and enjoying him live there. We’ve done with Demi Lovato and so there’ve been a lot of amazing opportunities that prior wouldn’t necessarily have happened too soon. So, it’s definitely accelerated everything that we’re doing. So, every time you turn around, there’s something that’s happening on the Ceek platform now.

BitBoy: It’s exciting. So where are you looking at? Where’s the Ceek headquarters at?

Mary: So, the Ceek headquarters now is in Chicago, we have offices in Miami as well. And LA is basically where everything happens. So, we have an office there and we have a lot more happening in Europe as well.

BitBoy: Oh, I didn’t know.

Mary: Yeah, yeah, so LA mainly is where we’re capturing a lot of content but the physical offices are in Chicago and Miami.

JChains: I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. So, go Cubs.

Mary: Oh, okay.

BitBoy: I lived in Miami for six months when I was in my young wild teenage years.

Mary: Wow, where in Miami?

BitBoy: I lived right on the other side. I think it’s like the 36th Street Bridge. So, we weren’t on South Beach, we are right on the other side. There’s like a Wendy’s there used to live there. It was like a real broken down apartment, that bunch of teenagers were living causing chaos.

Mary: I generally know that area.

BitBoy: Yeah, right there, that’s where I live. So, but I bring that up. The reason why I asked that question about the headquarters because I was wondering if you had an office in Miami because it seemed like you had a lot of big stuff going on in Miami. Talk a little bit about the partnership with the education system in Miami and then also like, hey, this is the podcast or the man’s man here. We like to talk sports and man, so you got Dwayne Wade using the VR for his basketball camp. So, talk a little bit about both those and what’s happening there.

Mary: So, in terms of Dwayne Wade. I mean, it’s just been crazy right? to see Dwayne announced that this year were canceling our camps, which I’m glad he did, because you’ve seen the camps that are getting affected.

BitBoy: It was like a YMCA camp, isn’t it? I saw it on the news.

Mary: Yeah, so they canceled their camp and they’ve decided to do it 100% on CPR, and basically how that came about the year before we teamed up with Dwyane Wade Celebrity Sports Academy to capture their content, because he has so many fans in China and Taiwan. He has fans all over the world. But the camp is in Miami and in Chicago. So, he wanted to be able to capture it to allow again that 99% I cannot come in person to access it and then this happened. So, then he said, “Wow, why wouldn’t we just have the whole thing on the platform” because we have the live streaming. We have the chats and the ability for parents and everybody to come on at the same time. So, the platform just really lent itself to what they needed to do. So that’s how that came about and then in terms of Miami schools, I can’t really go into details because we’re still talking to the schools about a lot of things, but we’ve met with them several times talking to them.

BitBoy: They tweeted, right?

Mary: It was from Dani Carvajal who’s a right back for Real Madrid.

BitBoy: Oh, gotcha.

Mary: Yeah, so he’s looking at a camp with them and a whole bunch of stuff. So that’s how that came about. But we have a ton of schools that are looking at using the platform now for things like labs, right? Because most schools are using Zoom and other things, you are not able to mix chemicals over Zoom. And with VR, you could do that. We can actually create a whole lab environment. So that’s what we’re working on with a lot of the schools that we’re working with and there are a ton of schools that are looking to roll this out.

JChains:  It’s crazy when you talk about all this and you think about it, it’s almost like the story, Ready Player One is happening right?

BitBoy: Or Wall-E

JChains: One of the things that’s fascinating about it is, and if this is something that you go to like it’s more adopted all throughout the country of the world. I mean, you go to virtual learning, I mean, you virtually take away school shootings. I mean, that’s something you never have to think about again.

BitBoy: I’ll tell you as a parent who homeschools our kids, my wife and I, my wife’s like amazing and stuff. She was actually on this podcast one time if you guys go back and look far enough early, but my wife is amazing and everything and she would wanted to homeschool our kids but I was very against it in the beginning and we had some problems with my kid in kindergarten with like he was like further advanced, I know every pair of parents does this. He’s like further advanced and like that he was getting bored. And he’s not like me.

So, he wasn’t getting in trouble. He was kind of just like, not knowing what to do, getting anxiety. And we talked to the teacher and she was like, “Well, they’ll catch up one day to him.” We’re like, That’s not good. So, we started homeschooling. We didn’t start homeschooling because of fear of something like school shootings. Well, let me tell you, as a parent, when you hear about school shootings and things like that, knowing your kids at home is safe and hey, shootings can happen anywhere, we all know that.

But there is something to make sure your kids are safe. And I think VR learning could be a good way to, even for people in homeschool, have homeschool groups to do VR and stuff to help kids get social interaction. Everybody’s dealing with a lack of social interaction right now, which is funny. It’s not funny, but you know what I mean. So yeah, I think that everybody agrees Zoom is not the long-term solution here. We don’t know how long we’re going to be dealing with this. Five years, maybe? Who knows how long we’ll be doing this. But I think you are going to see a mass exodus of people to virtual learning and stuff no matter what. Some kids are better for things like that.

So, I want to talk about how Ceek VR is getting ready to explode and Ceek VR is supporting the podcast, this is a sponsored interview. But I want you to know like, this is a legitimate question. I know a lot of stuff that’s going on with Ceek VR and I know that this project is getting ready to bubble up and explode. That’s why I’ve been talking about it on my channel. People need to pay attention, I want to know what do you guys have that’s in the works and then also let’s go back a little bit like you’ve been around since 2016. What has been going on between 2016 and now to make now, four years later, kind of the launch pad this thing’s ready to run?

Mary: Yeah, so 2016 is when we started the company, when we started Ceek VR. We’re using just regular tokens, but they were not crypto tokens, right? So, in 2018, I think towards the end of 2018 is really when we made the move to the blockchain to integrate it, because we found that it was a perfect solution. So, a lot of what we’ve been doing is building. So, we had to build and it’s a huge infrastructure.

So, when you think of Ceek VR, yes, it’s concerts, but really, the concept is the idea of a whole city and in the next few years, every company, every person is going to have this virtual presence. And that’s what we’re building. We’re building these gathering spaces. So whether you’re coming on into a concert or to a classroom, or maybe you’re just getting some friends to come hang out with you in some kind of palatial estate or in an ocean house in Miami, but you could buy all this digitally and have people come and hang out.

So, we’ve been building the infrastructure. We’ve been getting the partners together, because I see a lot that you mentioned spective or spectron, or whatever one of those projects that kind of blipped, and disappeared, and a lot of people come and they talk about, “Oh, we’re going to bring Lady Gaga, we’re going to bring this one and that one” but they don’t really have the resources or the intent to do that. And that’s what we’ve been doing behind the scenes, getting these partnerships and building everything that we promised we were going to do. That’s why it’s taking a while and this pandemic has kind of merged like, it’s coincided with our outcoming, if you will.

BitBoy: And you guys had nothing to do with the beginning of the pandemic, right?

Mary: We had nothing to do with it. We didn’t plan it. That was not part of our strategy. We were not in that lab and hid somewhere, no.

BitBoy: I think I see a bat behind you.  Yeah, so that’s very interesting. I know you guys definitely have a lot of stuff coming up that’s very exciting. And I know, that’s how I kind of stumbled across you guys. I think virtual reality is going to be the next evolution like, I think that is common as Zoom is now, we’re doing this interview on Zoom. Like, Zoom is very common. It was kind of like Skype was first, kind of medium voice calls, all those stuffs, then you got FaceTime, it’s kind of its own little thing. But then you moved on, like Zoom is the next evolution, it’s like, VR is the next evolution of that. And it’s definitely really cool to see where this kind of technology is going ahead. How long do you feel like it’s going to be before we see outright VR adoption?

Mary: I think it’s happening more so now and an example of that is a VR app that had like 20 people on like a year ago when they have this huge New Year’s Day Eve thing. It’s a desktop one and then more recently, they’ve had like 50,000 people on at a time and all of these people are using desktop devices. So that tells you where it’s going. But I think over the next two to three years, everything is just really going to accelerate and we see it happening. Now we seed with a number of people that are registering on a daily basis, and we see the number of headsets that we’re shipping out and the level of celebrities that are interested in being on the platform that didn’t exist before it was much harder right. Now, people are telling us what our value proposition is, which is great.

JChains: That’s nice.

BitBoy: So, speaking of value, the last question I want to ask is right now, I’m not sure, do you know where you guys are at on CoinMarketCap? like 500, maybe?

Mary: It’s not where it should be.

BitBoy: It’s not where it should be. I think when I found it, it was like 460 or something? So I started talking about how it shot up really high.

Mary: Oh, it did? Oh, that was all you.

BitBoy: I didn’t say it.

Mary: I don’t know.

BitBoy: I don’t know. Okay, I want everybody to be clear here. When I did that video and Ceek VR. I never talked to you before, the first time we’ve ever talked actually right now. So yeah, I mean, that was when I really found and I mean, that things went up pretty good. What is it going to take? Do you think, for the value in the price?

Because I mean, look, we all love the technology. We all love the use case. But we all know over this bull run is still going to kind of be driven by speculation. I think part of that speculation is what you’re actually doing in real life because that leads to more speculation on the ultimate end of this project. What do you think it’s going to take to get Ceek VR up there? Kind of with the big boys like the top 100 on CoinMarketCap or even higher?

Mary: I mean, I think what is going to take and the reason it’s taking a while, like I said, we were building it. When you look at the number of artists and the type of artists that we’re bringing on, right? People are buying the coin to buy tickets. So, it’s supply and demand. If we have 100 artists on there that have a million people that are buying tickets, it’s supply and demand. I mean, very soon, we’re not going to be able to afford to buy our own coins in order to issue those tickets out and it’s all happening now.

BitBoy: Exciting.

Mary: And we’ve partnered with Microsoft to build this streaming template to help us with our side chain that we’re building to reduce latency and also the gas costs and all of that. But these types of partnerships and everything that we’re doing is really what’s also going to help with mainstream adoption of the coin. So, people are actually using it and as more people use it as we bring more stars onto the platform, more partners, it’s just inevitable. It’s just supply and demand.

BitBoy: Well, if you bring me on as a star, then moon, instantly.

Mary: You can teach a class on something on crypto.

BitBoy: I’m in TikTok, I can make lip-sync videos and they’ll blow up, I’m sure. Oh, I’m just kidding.

Mary: I’m going to have to check that out.


26:30 TikTok

BitBoy: Well, I do have a TikTok, I got, like two and a half million followers there. But I don’t dance or do lip sync videos. I do informational videos. I tell stories. I talk about conspiracies. See, we just learned new stuff about each other just through the podcast.

Mary: What do you think about them getting rid of TikTok?

BitBoy:  Well, they’re not getting rid of it. Microsoft is buying it. So interestingly enough, like I’ve been following it very closely. I’ve talked a lot on TikTok from the first moment that Mike Pompeo said they’re considering banning it about a month ago or Ingram on Fox News. I knew it was posturing. The whole thing is posturing. We’re in a big war with China. Obviously, we are in war with China right now people don’t realize what’s happening. Yeah, very similar to the Cold War and things like that. So, will it lead to military conflict?

Who knows, but we’re in war, we’re kicking them out of consulates. They’re kicking us out of consulates. We’ve got TikTok, it’s kind of a pawn and all this, the whole thing was posturing to try to push China out of TikTok in the United States and I think they achieved it. So, I’m actually pretty excited because I get a lot of censorship on Tik Tok because I talk openly. I don’t depend on TikTok for my income.

So, it’s like I can talk more openly and not compromise my values in order to appease the Communist Chinese party or the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, which I refuse to do so. We’ll see, I think Microsoft is buying it. Trump has given him six weeks, and we’ll see what happens. But who knows, maybe we’ll have a virtual reality TikTok soon.

Mary: Yeah, who knows?

JChains: I’ll join, then.

Mary: Interesting times, for sure

BitBoy: It’s interesting. Well, Mary, thank you so much for joining us. This has been a great episode. I’m very excited about this project. I can’t wait to see where it goes. I think that people who are in it early are going to be very, very happy down the road, it’s got a use case, it kind of has everything, big partnerships, a lot going on. So, tell everybody where they can find more about Ceek? Oh, wait, hold on. Can we re do that? O. I don’t want to edit this. I just want to redo that. I want to say, where can people ‘Ceek’ more info on this project? Sorry, guys. I know it’s embarrassing, but where can they find more info for?

Mary: So, they could seek information on Ceek, of course, they can go to CoinMarketCap and then they can also go to Ceek.com and Ceek.io

BitBoy: So, all right, Mary, thank you so much for joining us. It’s been a blast and we’ll talk to you later.

Mary: All right. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me on. All right. Thanks, guys.

Episode 102: Crypto.com Drama + Ceek VR

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