Episode 101: Ledger Hack! Are You Safe?


Episode 101: Ledger Hack! Are You Safe?

This episode is as fresh as our haircuts!

We share our insights with regards to the COVID19 pandemic plus we talk about Bitcoin’s pump which is now at more than $10k—as a direct result, transactions fees have gone up. We deem this rise in transaction fees important. Why? Find out in this episode.

We also talk about the data breach at Ledger. Should you be scared?

We’ll never end this episode without a topic that we passionately love—Sports.

Time Stamps of Topics
09:03 Bitcoin’s Pump: Up At More than $10k
13:05 The Data Breach at Ledger
16:20 We Talk About Sports

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Episode 101: Ledger Hack! Are You Safe?

Yo, welcome to Beards and Bitcoins crypto podcast for the man’s man and ladies who love them. I’m your co-host BitBoy. That’s my compadre co-host JChains. What is going on, Chains?

JChains: Yo, what is up, sir?

BitBoy: Not much.  Hey, got the fresh cut.

JChains: Oh, dude, I think we’re both rockin ‘those freshies. Got that skin fade going, look at that hair though.

BitBoy: Dude, we almost got the same haircut if I just comb mine the other way. What do you think?

JChains: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I think that looks about right. Although, if you’re watching this, man, something happened to your beard. You must have gone to a fight with that shaver again.

BitBoy: Nah, man. Well, you want to know something is y’all can tell I got the fresh cut and right now, I’m bringing that Bitcoin, JChains bringing that beard because right now I’m a little light in the beard. You might be a little light in the loafers, I’m little light in the beard, okay? Okay, I’m a light in the beard. Well, what happened is I went to Sports Clips yesterday, I want to get that MVP treatment. And I don’t know about where you’re from, where I’m from, which is about the most unclosed part of the country. You cannot get a beard trim anywhere.

JChains: Oh, really? They don’t want to go anywhere near your mouth?

BitBoy: No, but you know what’s weird is when they wash your hair, they’ll let you take your mask off.

JChains: What? Would you go to a dentist right now?

BitBoy: Would I?

JChains: Yeah.

BitBoy: I’ll go anywhere and do anything. I don’t give a flip about nothing.

JChains: My man, right here.

BitBoy: Listen, I’ve been fine all across the country. I don’t give a– you know what I’m saying when it comes to this stupid friggin pandemic crap. Like, I’m out here living my life.

JChains: To live.


BitBoy: Yeah, if y’all want to get worried about catching a cold, y’all do you. Me? I’m sweating it.

JChains: Just wear your mask, throw some sanitizer on your hand every time you go somewhere. It’s all you got to do. Keep yourself clean.

BitBoy: Listen, I’m not saying be disrespectful towards people. I wear a mask if I got to. When I get my haircut out, wear my mask. When I do all this stuff, I’ll wear my mask. But at the end of the day, we don’t know when this is ever going to end.

JChains: No. And it’s funny, people are talking about the shot that’s coming out for it, there’s already some people trying it. Like you got to be crazy, they’re going to rush this thing to market in 18 months. The Russian, they’re going to try to rush into the market in 18 months. And Bill Gates even goes on, he’s doing some video says yeah, like responsibly should be like five years you need like a few years of testing when you see what side effects are going to be.

BitBoy: Here’s the thing. Okay, so we all know I try not to say this word because it Demonetizes the podcast or my channel. But to the strain of this, we all know the common word for this is not the first strain. We’re many strains down the road here, we do not have a single vaccine for any other strain. And some of those strains were very serious and maybe not worldwide pandemics, but definitely epidemics in Asia, whether it was bird flu, or we had swine flu somewhere else. I think all those are coming from the same strain if not, there are certainly other versions of it we’ve seen in the past, there is no guarantee we are ever going to have a vaccine. HIV, we don’t have a vaccine for that, that’s a virus.

JChains: Good point.

BitBoy: So, we don’t know when there’s going to be a vaccine. We don’t know if there’s going to be a vaccine. So that’s why I believe like, what’s the expiration date where we say, “you know what, this has gone long enough. I guess we’ll just have to go live our life.” Is it four years from now? Is it two months from now? Is it six months from now? Because unless that vaccine comes, there’s literally no time like, there’s no end date for this, so at some point, we have to go and just live our lives.

JChains: It’s going to be the next event that grabs everyone’s attention that will pull it off of this. Whether it’s a natural disaster somewhere or a country going to war or something?

BitBoy: I don’t think so, man.  I think this is the end of all new cycles, that’s how I feel about it. I mean, obviously that’s not true. There will be other new cycles. I mean, we already saw with the protests, we saw a new cycle kind of come up in the middle of this. We’ll have election coverage. Now, it’d be really interesting to see what happens with all this after the election. But if this is really what everybody says it is, there’s no flubbing of numbers, this thing is going to continue to hurt, kill people and make people sick for years and years and years from here. Then, at some point, we got to move on, but I don’t think this is getting out of the news cycle. Unless somehow it just miraculously disappears. Because this is driving everything like, I mean, are we just going to keep businesses closed for frickin five years?


JChains: Some of them that shut down, they’re shut down for good, man, they can’t come back. They’re gone.

BitBoy: Okay, here’s the thing. So, we have all these arguments about like, “oh, should we go back to school? Should kids go back to school?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, but what about Target? Well, what about Walmart? What about your grocery store? What about your pharmacy? These places are deemed to be essential businesses. What about your plumber? The fact is, when it came to the government shutdown here, or the shutdown in general here in the United States, we only shut down about half of our country, that’s it, about 50% of our country. People want to pick and choose which ones get shut down, which ones don’t. The end of the day, the corporations aren’t getting hurt by this, their numbers are going up, all the small businesses are getting crushed right now.


JChains: That’s a good point.


BitBoy: All the small businesses are getting crushed, can’t go back to school, so that the parents can’t go to their small businesses and work. They run those businesses; they have to be shut down already. So, they’re losing money that way, it just never ends. But if you’re really serious about this, if you’re one of these people out there, that is really, really serious and believe that this pandemic is like, end of the world stuff, and like, we have to really shut things down, then be consistent. Like say, shut it all down, not, “hey, let’s not let kids go back to school. So, parents can’t go to work. But I can go up to my local Target right now” and there are hundreds of people in that target right now at any given moment. Hundreds.

JChains: Yeah, trust me, there are people in my life that they’re close to me, but they have become very hypocritical about this whole thing.

BitBoy: the whole thing is a big hypocrisy.

JChains: Oh, you traveled, you can’t see me for a week but then you have a conversation when you find out. “One of my favorite things during the day is to go shopping”, it’s like Well, shit, you’re going to go walk around the aisles of Costco or Target, but you can’t see me? And I was in a car for a couple days, give me a break.

BitBoy: They’re all hypocrites, that what’s it all boils down to. They’re all hypocrites and it’s really sad to see what the division that it’s bringing to our country is not a good time.  No other countries are going through the second wave like we are, really interesting.

JChains: It’s still the first wave, it’s not even the second wave.

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s not even fall yet. So, we’ll see what happens, we didn’t mean to talk about any of that. Did we?

JChains: No, no, we’d like to start off the show by thanking our sponsor, I think.

BitBoy: Yeah, absolutely. Beards and Bitcoins crypto podcast is sponsored by Monarch wallet. Rule your own financial kingdom from the palm of your hands.

JChains: That is right, sir. The team at Monarch, they are working hard to bring you the one app to access all of the best crypto services. These guys believe in delivering tech and not hype.

BitBoy: With the universal decentralized Monarch wallet, you can buy, store, spend and earn crypto. With Monarch pay, you can set up and accept recurring crypto payments.

JChains: For more information, make sure you check out monarchwallet.com or monarchtoken.io. Today.

BitBoy: That’s it. Absolutely. Now, you guys don’t know this, but we’re about to go through some big transitions in the podcast.

JChains: Yes, huge.

BitBoy: Okay, so one thing we’re doing, you may have come to love many of the segments we did during the show, News Break, Token Time, everybody’s favorite Manspreading. The giant flop, which was what you thinking which I’m so shocked people didn’t want to get on the show.

JChains: Why wouldn’t somebody want to call into a show and have their voice be heard and ask a question

BitBoy: You can basically be famous.

JChains: You could get a professional answer from two professional guys.

BitBoy: Perfect. Absolutely. Wait, are we bringing in two other guys? So, but yeah, so we’re just going to go straight into it. We’re going to talk about a few topics today. Not sure we’re going to be able to get to all the ones we had on tap because we just talked for 15 minutes about the disease that shall not be named, but the first thing we want to talk about is Bitcoin. It’s over $10,000 price has been pumping, things have been huge. They’ve been moving in the right direction. But I hear transaction fees are getting pretty high, what you got on that, J?

JChains: Yeah, absolutely. So, there was something that came out, an article that I was reading earlier where the fee for a transaction is spiked like, a couple hundred percent. I think there was one article where it was like, 525%. You’re paying on average, 5.80 a pop for a transaction fee. What you got there? Is that a brownie? Is that a rib?

BitBoy: What? Oh, sorry. I forgot we’re on live here.  I thought it’d be cool to eat a rib while you were talking. Did you like that?

JChains: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, I was looking at an article so it was tough for me to see that you’re eating a rib.

BitBoy: I’m very aware that I have barbecue on my face and I’m just going to leave it in the rest of the show.

JChains: Yeah, I think that’s a good thing it says like a badge of honor, a little bit of barbecue sauce, a little bit of red meat on your cheek.

BitBoy: Dude, I just pranked you too. I prank you hard, but that rib was pretty good though.

JChains: That’s good.

BitBoy: I’m sorry. Can we get serious?

JChains: I mean, yeah, I was serious. So, the Bitcoin transaction fees have gone up, they’re well over $5 a pop which is pretty expensive. I mean, you’re not going to move the world if it costs that much to move some money.

BitBoy: Yeah, we know in 2017 the transaction fees got extremely high– Still wiping barbecue sauce off my face. We know the transaction fees got extremely high and this is really important. This is extremely important. Now is it important that it costs you five bucks to send some Bitcoin? Nah. Who gives a flip about that? you’re sending it way faster in any other way you could have ever sent in history. Here’s why this is important because this opens up the door for other cryptocurrencies to be people’s primary go to when it comes to trading crypto, right? So, I think about this, if, let’s say ‘coin x’, is on Binance or KuCoin wherever it is. And I got to get some a coin that ‘coin x’, well, I can’t buy ‘coin x’ directly, right? I got to go through Coinbase or Cash App, buy some Bitcoin and send it over. Well, if Bitcoin is going to be super expensive for me to send over, and not only that, because what comes along with high transaction fees. Do you know?

JChains: You tell me

BitBoy: Slow, if they’re slow, lack of speed, the higher transaction fees, the slower. The reason why you’re having to pay those transaction fees is to get people to send them through faster, because if you don’t, they’re just going to be super slow and never get there. So, what we’re going to want to do is we’re going to want to buy some light Litecoin. Litecoin can have quite a resurgence here because Litecoin was the number one-coin people trusted because Ethereum was slowing down in Bitcoin. And people were using Litecoin to buy on Coinbase and send it over to exchanges and then they would trade it over to Bitcoin or over to Ethereum on the exchange, and then with the Bitcoin or Ethereum trading pair, then they would go ahead and make the trade for whatever cryptocurrency they would want, in this case, coin x.

JChains: CoinX.

BitBoy: So that’s why these fees are really important. I think people might kind of kind of miss that.

JChains:  I guess that’s pretty important. I’d certainly missed it. But it totally makes sense.  I was looking at it from one way, you were looking from it another way. That’s the beauty of all of this is that people have different perspectives and they can open up your mind to something you might not have been thinking about.

BitBoy: Absolutely.

JChains: It’s good talking to you, man.

BitBoy: Man, I love you. I forgot we’re on a podcast right now. Sorry, excuse us.

JChains: Man, that’s twice. I think you might have early onset Alzheimer’s.

BitBoy: I might, actually.

JChains: Or suspected dementia.  Speaking of

BitBoy: Oh, I forgot, we were talking about that.

JChains: The people who had ledger, they may have dementia. Did you see that thing about the data breach?

BitBoy: Yeah, I did. And so interestingly enough, I’m in several groups with other YouTubers and stuff like that. So, I’m in a group with some YouTubers and somebody I shared that this morning and they said, “Oh, guys, now people might have access to our emails, which could in turn mean they could find our address.” What do you think my response was?

JChains: Didn’t think to use your real email address on the ledger, did you?

BitBoy: I don’t know. Not sure. That wasn’t my response. My response was, “please come to my house.”

JChains: Oh.

BitBoy: Criminals, please come to my house.

JChains: You don’t want to do that. I’ll be waiting on the porch.

BitBoy:  Locked and Loaded, one in the whole.

BitBoy: Locked and loaded, baby. Do you see this beautiful city behind me? Do you see this city right here?

JChains: I do.

BitBoy: I’ll have you guys know this. I actually live in a place in Georgia where it’s literally a law that you have to own a gun here.

JChains: Well, I’m a Texan they give it to you as the welcome package.


BitBoy: Exactly. Yeah. But it’s literally the law. It’s actually like the I live kind of on the border between two towns and Kennesaw, it is literally a law, it’s one of these famous laws, you can look it up in the weird laws and states or in a book. You have to own a gun if you live inside the city limits. And the point is, is we stay locked and loaded around here.

JChains: Don’t mess. I mean, it’s a good turn, right? Like, I mean, unless you’re from out of the area, you’re not going to fool someone’s house because you’re going to get shot.

BitBoy: Absolutely. And I got the full security, I got all the cameras. I’ve gotten really into that; I’ve gotten really into the security. So, I had some security cameras installed and installed in a way where you can’t mess with one of the cameras without getting seen on the other cameras. I forgot what they called it, they called it like looping or something like that. But yeah, so I, I don’t get this whole thing like I’ll be honest with you, I don’t get this whole thing where people are scared that their address gets out and like if somebody wants to find your address, they can find it.

BitBoy: It’s not that hard.

BitBoy: You think just because somebody has your address, they’re going to come try to kill you like, what? I don’t ever understand those kinds of fears. I guess I just live my life in a way where I don’t know I just don’t get scared by crap like that.

JChains: I mean, unless you’ve got some stalker, which you may. The odds of that happening are very unlikely in my opinion. I mean, you hear the stories you see the lifetime shows, , you see it on the news and all that stuff.

BitBoy: I only have one stalker.

JChains: That’s your wife.

BitBoy: Nope. I’m looking at him. It’s you. Leave me alone, J. Leave me freaking alone, dude, it’s enough. Guys, listen, let’s move on. We’ve talked about crypto, we’ve talked about Bitcoin, we talked about ledger, we talked about a lot of stuff. But what I want to talk about is sports. This is the podcast for the man’s man. Don’t forget.

JChains: Don’t forget

BitBoy: What’s going on with sports these days, dude?

JChains: Well, it’s interesting. I work in the amateur sports world and so the amateur sports world is waiting to see–

BitBoy: Are you talking about pornography?

JChains: No, amateur sports. College sports.

BitBoy: Oh.


JChains: Anyway, and so it’s interesting to see what’s going on. So, like Major League Baseball just started this week and there’s already an issue, we were talking about this, I think yesterday morning with the Marlins, with all of the policies and protocols that are set up. They still had 15 People, players and coaches test positive for COVID

BitBoy: I think it was 12? it might be more now

JChains: Yeah, you know what I’ve seen articles that range from 12 to 15.

BitBoy: Some of it was coaches

JChains: Right. But it begs the question if these guys can’t keep it under control what’s going to go on with the college sports but it is so good to see some sports back. So, what do you think about selling like the digital or whatever like the cardboard cutouts that they were attaching to the seats? That’s so dumb.

BitBoy: So dumb. So stupid. You know what I should have done is friggin bought BitBoy ones.

JChains: You could have because you could have probably sent one to the Braves.

BitBoy: Yeah, I might contact them. It might be such a bad idea. But did you hear how the Marlins caught it by the way?

JChains: With a hook in a reel?

BitBoy: No. That’s how they get caught, how marlins get caught.

JChains: Figured you’re going to make some kind of bad dad joke.

BitBoy: No, this is actually true. There’s a real story that this is better than a Joke. It was actually when they were in Atlanta for a game, they were in a strip club.

JChains: Shut up.

BitBoy: Yep. I’m sure it’s bright Magic City, probably. That’s what I heard on the radio this morning. I mean, I was listening to Mad Dog radio in Sirius XM. And yeah, they said that it sounds like– now I don’t know if it’s confirmed yet. They said it sounded like that’s probably where it was and you know who else was at Magic City? Was Lou Williams of the Clippers. He left a bubble. You’ll love this dude, you’ll love this. flew up to Atlanta, I doubt he drove, came up to Atlanta to go to Magic City, which a lot of people think is one of the better strip clubs in the United States and got caught there because a DJ basically put out a post on social media about Lou Williams being there while he was there. Now this part, you’ll really love. Lou Williams says that he didn’t do it for the strippers, they never do it for the strippers like people used to read Playboy for the just the articles haven’t anymore, it’s literally just articles but a Lou Williams claims that it was not for the strippers, but Magic City’s favorite chicken wings.


JChains: Ah now, I could see that. I know you’re a fan of his chicken wings, man.

BitBoy: Oh, I love chicken wings. I go on vacations in places based on who’s got the best chicken wings.

JChains: I will tell you; I have been to some gentlemen establishments that have some really good chicken wings so I could understand it. But when you break NBA protocol to go see some titties and get some chicken wings.

BitBoy: So, the chicken wings were good, but what about the breast and thighs?

JChains: Haha! I knew you were going to get something out of it.

BitBoy: So yeah, very interesting what’s going on with sports. It’s good to see sports back, college football and we’ll find out probably about it next week. NFL, you guys know I got season tickets to the Falcons they basically told us that that it looks like we’re having a lottery, we’ll be able to get tickets to probably two games, one game in the first half and one game in the back half, maybe, if we’re lucky. So they sent me a form where I’d rank the games I want to go to the most.

JChains: Wow, that’s crazy.

BitBoy: So number one of the first four games anyways because it’s first game

JChains: Yeah, gotta go to that opener. How many years have you been going to openers?

BitBoy: Oh, I haven’t missed one in 10 years. Even when the Falcons opener is away, I go sometimes. Yeah, I don’t miss Falcons games, bro. Rise up. (inaudible 20:50) won a Super Bowl but

JChains: Choked.

BitBoy: Yeah, bring up that, that was good. Thanks, I’m going to cry.

JChains: No, don’t cry.

BitBoy: So yeah, so sports, we’ll probably put a poll up, maybe which sport you want to see the most. You want to see the NFL, NBA, NHL or NBA maybe I said that already whatever it is we’ll put up a poll for sports you want to see the most. Even with the sports back I’m having a little bit of a hard time getting back into it right now.

JChains: Same here. I mean, it’s good to see but

BitBoy: It’s not the same without people on the stands.

JChains: It’s not the same as the people in the stands and the political message behind everything now. We don’t need to go there. But I will be brief about it. I saw OJ Simpson do a tweet about this. He’s just like “when did going to the arena become political?” You go to the sports game to forget about everything else in the world because it makes you feel happy. I don’t want everything to be politicized. I can’t watch TV at night because it’s all politicized. I can’t watch Sports now because it’s politicized, like just enough is enough.

BitBoy: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I mean, can we just keep some separation between things we want to forget about and things we want to think about all the time. But yeah, so we’ll put that pull up. Definitely a big shout out and thank you to Monarch for being this main sponsor of the podcast also guys, don’t forget to go check out our telegram group, you can find it t.me/BeardsandBitcoins. We got exciting stuff coming up. We may take a break next week, not 100% sure, because we’re working on some stuff on the back end.

JChains: But you’re going to like it, but you’re going to like the results of it. I promise you.

BitBoy:  You’re going to love it. So that is all we got for today. Thank you, guys, so much for listening. We’ll see you on the next one.

JChains: See you.

Episode 101: Ledger Hack! Are You Safe?

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