Episode 05: John McAfee Talks About Life, the Alliance and Presidential Tweets


Episode 05: John McAfee Talks About Life, the Alliance and Presidential Tweets

This is a repost of Episode 05 where we talk to John McAfee about Life, the McAfee Alliance including how it was designed, and his Presidential Tweets. If you want to delve deeper into the roller coaster life’s ride of John McAfee and be entranced with his philosophy, this episode is worth a listen again.

In this episode, we are also joined by Jimmy Watson, the CEO of Team McAfee.

John McAfee talks about his early days in crypto and blockchain—how he stumbled on the technology and the possibilities that he saw with it right away. He also emphasizes his stand on freedom from economic control.

Further, John McAfee shares his experiences growing up, managing a company (MGT), debating with the SEC, and scams.

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Episode 5: John McAfee Talks About Life, the Alliance and Presidential Tweets


Welcome back to your newest favorite podcast, Beards and Bitcoins where BitBoy and JChains get together each week to talk about crypto and things happening in the community. They will bring you some special guests and giveaways. So, make sure you’re subscribed. For all show-related news, you can find the guys on various social media outlets. Everything is listed on the official show Twitter account @BeardsBitcoins Now without further introduction to dudes that have beards, like Bitcoins and want to talk to you about both. BitBoy and JChains.

BitBoy: Hey everybody, welcome to your new favorite podcast Beards and Bitcoins. We’re so excited to have you guys and some guests today. It is your co-host BitBoy here.

JChains: Hey, it’s JChains, your other co-host, what’s up?

BitBoy: So today we’re so thankful to be joined by our special guest today. So JChains, I’ll let you go ahead and introduce them.

JChains: Alright, absolutely. So big welcome to our special guest today we’ve got Mr. John McAfee and the CEO of team McAfee. Mr. Jimmy Watson joining us, gentlemen, how are we doing today?

John: Well, I’m doing great. How are you doing Jimmy?

Jimmy: I’m doing excellent, I didn’t know I was part of it but now I am. Thank you.

JChains: Well, the thing is it’s a Beards and Bitcoins as the name of the show. And Jimmy, I know you’ve got a killer beard. So absolutely, man, you’re part of this.

Jimmy: Like I’m reincarnated within our base here where Vladimir used to troll so I feel the spirit here, you know?

John: Not only does every killer beard, he also has a mohawk. When Jimmy first signs on he had slicked back hair, like in 1957 gangster with a ducktail. It spooked me out. I finally said ‘dammit, grow a Mohawk. I’ll feel better.’

JChains: Was he rolling up packs of smokes in his sleeve as well?

John: I’m sorry.

JChains: I was throwing jokes. Was he rolling the cigarette pack in his sleeves?

John: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely, absolutely. He was a spooky man, I want to say.

JChains: We’re glad that you guys joined us. One of the things that we’d like to do when we start to show is, you know, say anything that happened in your week or for instance, something that happened on Twitter that you might want to shout something out. Like for instance, I’ve been chatting, there’s a personality on Twitter, Crypto Coffee, Kristin_Colwell is her screen name. She has thrown out some funny things, and we have a common liking for coffee and crypto. So, what’s up, Crypto Coffee? What about you, BitBoy, what have you been checking out?

BitBoy: Yeah, so well, this week has been a really busy week for me. I want to go and tell everybody a little bit about what I did this weekend. I think maybe I teased it last week. But this weekend, I was actually in Los Angeles. I got flown out there. Stay in a little Ritzy Hotel in downtown LA, the Ace Hotel and I was actually shot a pilot for a TV show, for CryptoCake TV, it’s going to be a 24/7 crypto TV network aiming to get on sling and some other platforms. So that was really awesome. It was really cool to actually make a TV show, it’s a real fun experience. And as far as Twitter goes, I want to shout out a good friend of mine who I’ve interacted with a lot, which is Fomoby Dick. A lot of you guys follow him just calling from Fomoby, he’s one of the most positive guys on Twitter, I really like what he’s about, kind of stays out of drama and he’s always making jokes and funny stuff and having fun with his avatar and stuff like that. So, I want to give him a shout out.

JChains: Nice man. Sounds like a great week. What about Team McAfee? We know a lot of things have come out from you guys on the web and some news and stuff. What’s been going on in your world this week?

John: Well, quite a bit. But first of all, I’d like to say that staying in downtown Los Angeles is a serious fucking adventure. So, my hat’s off to you, sir.

BitBoy: Thank you.

John: In terms of what’s happening on Twitter, I like to do a shout out to Mia Tam, @blockandchain. I promise you, if you go to her account, you’re going to fall in love, and forever. She is our Chinese representative and she’s managing my Weibo account, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, only with twice as many users. So hello, Mia.

JChains: Hello, Mia.

BitBoy: Yeah, I’ve definitely seen her account before. So yeah, she’s definitely a fun one to follow. So, before we get too far into the conversation, we got a great conversation, you know, kind of loosely planned for you guys today. I want to give a big shout out to our sponsor, HODL Fuel. You guys can find him on twitter @HODLfuel, website HODLfuel.com. It’s basically crypto coffee, it doesn’t literally have crypto in it but all different flavors have a crypto slant to them. So, as you guys know, we always give away bags on the show. So today we’re actually going to be giving both John McAfee and Jimmy a free bag of HODL Fuel. So, we’re going to give you guys a Satoshi blend. And also, we thought it would be appropriate to give you guys the flavor ‘Original Gangster.’ So real excited to give you guys that.

John: Oh, God bless you. Thank you.

Jimmy: Thank you, man. I appreciate it.

JChains:  You guys are going to enjoy it. It really is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. So, I don’t know.

John: Awesome. What do I do with coffee? I make it into espresso then I make espresso martinis. I’ll tell you guys one of these days how to make one, you got to believe it, fucking unbelievable.

JChains: Well, then you’re going to have to document when you make an espresso Martini out of the HODL Fuel coffee, you’re going to have to document it and then share it with us, so we can see.

John: Will do

JChains: Perfect. Alright, so let’s get into today. I think BitBoy, you may want to start off with one of the questions that you had kind of leading into the early days of crypto and John, so I’ll let you take it away from here.

BitBoy: Yeah. So, I mean, I really had basically two questions that I wanted to share with you guys about stuff that I was really interested in. Obviously, we had the Altcoin Bull Run. And of course, Bitcoin was included back before Christmas. And I want to know, like, John, how you first got involved in crypto, when was the first time you heard about it? I love to kind of hear the history of that. And then kind of lead us in like, what happened with the insanity that occurred when you made the first tweet and that you were making the tweets about different projects during that time. It must have been a really crazy time for you. It was obviously a crazy time for crypto, so just kind of walk us through how all that came about.

John: It came about in 2012, I had a good technology friend, John Saronsky who worked for me at McAfee, a brilliant programmer. And I was living in Belize and he gave a call saying, ‘I’m into mining now’ I thought ‘mining, what the fuck? Mining?’ And then, he explained what it was. And he said, you got to read this paper, he sent me Satoshi’s paper, I took a look, I didn’t bother to read. I said, ‘Good god, I’m not reading this piece of crap.’ He called me a week later and say, ‘What did you think?’ I said, ‘I didn’t read it’ then he said ‘I’m not going to talk to you again until you read it.’

So, I read it and as soon as I read it, I saw instantly the incredible mathematical beauty of what this gentleman or group of people, whoever the fuck it is, had done. And I read it again to make sure that I understood every single element. And instantly, I understood what the implications of the blockchain was. And instantly, I thought, what if the blockchain had been applied to history.

Because what is history? It is simply a record of the conquerors eradicating whatever truth the vanquished had. I mean, the greatest example is the Spanish invasion of Eastern Mexico, and the destruction of hundreds of burning of hundreds of thousands of mined books, leaving only four that are now in a museum. That’s an example of history. We have no clue who the Mayans were, we would have, had they not burned all their fucking books. So, if the blockchain had been applied to history, imagine we would have a totally different history.

BitBoy: We would have the answers to everything.

John: If the blockchain were around when Kavanaugh was allegedly molesting this woman, we would know the truth.

JChains: I don’t think we would ever get to the truth.

John: Consensus is not a consensus of thought. It’s a consensus of actuality. Think about it. So, we can say Jesus has no intersection between this woman’s life and Kavanaugh’s life or there wasn’t an intersection, and the fucking story. But no, we did not have the blockchain but we have it now. History will begin when the blockchain is applied to our lives completely. And deception and lies are going to be difficult, people. If you’re having a fucking affair, and your wife is thinking logically or husband is technologically competent, you’re going to be fucked.

BitBoy: You know, John, that’s really interesting that you bring that up because something I’ve been on my YouTube channel and on my platform, I’ve talked about a lot is how blockchain is going to be great for people that are honest and transparent, but it’s going to be like really bad for trolls and people that are scamming like even though

John: Yeah and MCs and gangsters and everybody else, the world is going to change and it’s not going to change in a very soft and peaceful manner.

BitBoy: Right. It’s going to be a bloody war. Yeah, it’s going to be a bloody war with a lot of casualties.

John: Absolutely.

BitBoy: Well, cool. Well, if you can kind of just– that’s really cool. Obviously the first time the white paper got in your hands. Yeah, I think anybody would think it was a boring read. But so kind of talk to us a little bit like I mentioned before about how that kind of led into you getting more heavily involved in crypto in terms of social media and I say Verge specifically, but how other projects start reaching out to you, like kind of talk about what that was like, back in December, for you.

John: Okay, well, I didn’t really get involved in crypto to the point that it overwhelms everything else until about a year ago. Because, I’m a cyber-security person, and that’s been my life. That’s been my love. That’s been my work. There is no greater and I’m not tooting my own fucking horn, is Google sometimes, I come out the top 100 and the only 1 in the top 100 on Google. So, as you got to believe me, I do know my work love. So, it took me a while, if you’re focused in one area and you love that area, it’s hard to move you to another. But what happened is about two years ago, I became the CEO of a republic company, a New York Stock Exchange company called MGT and we got into mining, I got them into mining in a bit time. We were about the 10 largest miners in the world, 6,000 BitMain S9 that’s a lot of confusing terms. I like to go with millions of dollars per month and in that process, I realized that the most insecure part of the of the digital world was cryptocurrency and the blockchain while the blockchain itself is reasonably secure, the applications built upon it were built by people, largely ignorant of cyber security issues.

And that’s why we had things like hundreds of millions of dollars of easy stuff when I say easy. I mean, it did not take a top-class hacker. I mean, some mediocre hacker could go and steal millions of dollars instantly. So then, that was the segue. I realized, you know what? Cyber-security is my specialty and what branch of the digital worlds needs me more than any other? Oh, hell, yes, the blockchain and the applications built upon it. So that was the ship. So, starting about a year ago, I abandoned just plain old cyber-security and I became the cyber-security specialist for blockchain applications and from there it moved into where we are now. God knows where we are now, it’s the Wild West.

BitBoy: Well, it’s funny you say the Wild West, because I’ve actually started to kind of reverse my thinking on that’s the common phrase, we hear all the time, right? Like ‘it’s the wild west of crypto right now’ And, I think some of that may be based on if you go back to the Wild West, when the actual Wild West was a thing, like counterfeit money was like, absolutely rampant everywhere, because all the banks had their own printed currency and stuff like that.

John: Right.

BitBoy: But I’ve actually started to think that we’re really still in the Wild, Wild West of the internet like, the future of where the internet is going to go because of blockchain technology and the transparency over the next 20 to 30 years is going to be outrageous. And I think like I was talking earlier with the trolls like 30 years from now we’re going to look back on people creating social media accounts for the purpose of trolling even young girls on like, the musically app is like, that’s a thing that would never happen anymore. So, definitely very interesting times where you’ve come from, and where we’re at right now. And I think even if you go to the SCC and the CFTC, trying to decide, what’s a security and what’s a commodity? Nobody even knows what cryptocurrency is, at this point, like, we don’t even really know how to put it in a box. So, I think that really talks about the disruptive power that it has.

John: Well, I think the internet itself and because of the blockchain, it’s going to morph into a distributed internet, one which cannot be controlled by anyone and that’s going to be great. Let me tell you my thoughts, you mentioned the SEC and so on. I believe that the blockchain and cryptocurrency are offering the people, citizens, the individual, for the first time in human history and opportunity to take control of their own lives and free themselves from economic control.

Now, what is economic control? Right now, banks, the feds, governments, they control the economy, if they control the economy, they control what goes into their own pockets and what goes into yours. If you have total economic freedom that leads inevitably to personal freedom. If you have personal freedom, you can have no regulations. It will be a world in which no one will protect you other than yourself.

I am fighting tooth and nail to keep the blockchain and cryptocurrency unregulated. When we have fully distributed exchanges, it’s not going to matter, the government cannot regulate. What law can you make that is going to in any way impact what crypto enthusiasts do? Nothing. You can’t shut down this distributed exchange, you don’t know where it is because it’s everywhere. No one’s controlling it. So, you can issue a subpoena. Nothing will stop this. If, however, we start now, accepting regulations were fucked.

This is why we have created the McAfee Alliance and why we are trying to show the world, we can control ourselves, not the regulation but through information. If you have information that there is an exchange, that’s stealing from everybody and everybody knows that. Do we need a regulation? No, we just need common sense and information. If we provide that, we don’t need to regulate anything. If there’s someone stealing money, and everybody knows that they lose all of their customers and they disappear. How simple is that? Regulations protect the least common denominator, what is the least common denominator? The fools that are incapable of protecting themselves.

So, if we protect them from one thing, they will foolishly get lost in something else, you cannot protect a person from themselves, it can’t be done. And if we are free in terms of choice for what we use, and we may have thousands of choices, then it can’t be regulated anyway. Because look at the prohibition in the 1930s saying “you may not drink alcohol” well, fuck me we consume more alcohol during that period than in any history, any point in American history. In America now, the majority of states and the federal government say that you may not smoke weed. I know people who smoke weed. I know that you know people who smoke weed, probably one or two of you listen to me, smoke weed.

Let’s get real. You cannot regulate personal choice in an issue that involves no more than you perhaps, or someone else who willingly joins you. And what does cryptocurrency do? It says that people who are involved in this transaction are me and the person that is willingly joining me. I am selling you something, you’re giving me something. It is a transaction between two consenting people therefore it cannot be regulated if we can structure it so that the government cannot include. You see people, this is the most important thing happening here and now, these people would not succumb to the impulse to accept regulation because then we are fucked.

JChains: Absolutely.

John: It will not matter.

JChains: Now, John, that makes a ton of sense. And one thing that you touched on, it’s something that I wanted to ask you about and it’s all over Twitter. It’s all over the internet right now is the Alliance, what you guys are doing with the McAfee Alliance and you’re signing up projects, you’ve got some exchanges that are hopping on board. What does the regular person say, me or BitBoy, we want to join the Alliance. How does a regular person just join up with you guys? You sign a petition, just live your word? What’s the next steps for someone like me that wants to join with you guys? And well just be on board.

John: Jimmy wants to make it some sort of sexual service. But I’m saying no. First of all, the McAfee Alliance is restricted right now to corporations, companies, foundations for coins and things of that nature. The Alliance is designed to provide information to you, the individual, our goal is to find the scummy part of the crypto world and shine a light on it and likewise to look at those shining gems that people are overlooking, and shine a light on that. And let you people make a choice. I’m not going to tell you what to do, I will tell you what we see, to the best of our vision. And then you can do anything you damn well, please.

But the Alliance’s is for companies that actually are the controlling agencies within this for right now that we will audit every single one of them. If there are questions, we call them to the table, if they don’t want to come, then we– actually we do two audits with two different companies. If they don’t want to come to the table, well, we don’t let them in. And we start looking at them more closely and the worst offenders are the exchanges. Because why? The temptation is there.

Do you know where most of these exchanges are? Where’s HitBTC. Nobody fucking knows. Nobody knows who works there. No one knows who owns it, no one knows what country it’s in. And yet, they’re processing hundreds of millions of dollars a day. Now, if you were, they handed that thing, wouldn’t you, for example, if they’re going to foreclose on your house, would you go, “I’ll just take that $3 million, and I’ll pay it back.” Who’s going to come after you if you just steal it and don’t give it back? Nobody, I don’t know where you are.

JChains: I mean, that’s a good point. You know it’s a dangerous world and obviously all the things that we’ve been talking about with HitBTC, everyone knows that they probably are one of the worst offenders out there. I mean, I know you feel that way.

John: To my knowledge I hate to point fingers but yes. They are un-fucking-believable.

BitBoy: Well, I think I think it’s important to point fingers when it’s due, and were talking about earlier, how one of the beautiful things about cryptocurrency is we’re not depending on anyone else, and we’re totally responsible for ourselves and our currency and our value. However, there’s also a really scary side to that which is you’re responsible for your currencies security and I know this firsthand. I was actually fished, It was really stupid looking back on it how I clicked on the link and I thought I was on meta mask and handed it over a lot of money on accident and, and it’s one of those things where I just learned a very valuable lesson, the lesson that I learned is probably more valuable than actually the amount of money that I lost and the same thing goes with these exchanges.

When they are doing things they shouldn’t, it’s important to point the fingers because when we’re living in a world where we’re responsible for our own currency, it important to people that we can listen to, that can point out the difference to us between BitConnect and Bitcoin, and say, “Hey, this is a scam” everybody said, the BitConnect was a scam. And then the people at that point had a decision like, whether or not to stay in it, invested in it or to pull their money out. So obviously, we know most people got screwed. So, our podcast is really community based, we talked about a lot of community stuff and it’s important for us as a community, a crypto community as small as it is right now to really help each other out in areas like that to help point out scams. So, I appreciate you doing that.

John: Yeah, and some of these are very difficult to spot, others astonish me. I mean, everybody has to be familiar with the fake McAfee accounts, the fake Elon Musk accounts, all of these things. “Send me a 10th of a Bitcoin and I promise you, I’ll send you a full Bitcoin” who in the right fucking gives money away to total strangers?

BitBoy: But people do. But people believe it, it’s so crazy.

John: Yes. Well, what can we do? What can we do? I mean, if my headline on mine, I changed to say, “Please God, nobody for any reason at any time gives money away for free.” Yeah, and yet people continually send me DMS going, “you didn’t send me my fucking money?”

BitBoy: Oh my god.

JChains: What is wrong with people?

John: It all comes back to me, all the fake McAfee accounts, and there are hundreds, maybe thousand. People actually send the money and say “You promised to send me my money?  You owe me $2,000” and I go “Please God, sir, you go back and actually look at the account. Most accounts have zero followers. Can you not make some common sense choices?” So no, it’s for these like, I don’t know what to do. How can you help them? I don’t know, I’ve given up.

But for the rest it’s much more difficult to identify if you especially if you’re new in crypto, let’s say an exchange that’s stealing or keeping your money for four months without doing anything and then sending it back after taking a 10% discount. I mean, Good God Almighty. How do you do that? So that’s what we’re trying to do. Using our network of connections and information, using audits, and our own common sense, trying to help people by giving them information. That’s the best we can do. I don’t know any other way to do it.

JChains: I mean, that really is the only way to do it. So, is nothing that you guys haven’t talked about or released wise, but what are some of like, the really good hidden gems that you might have found so far through the Alliance that that the world should know about, whether it’s a project or whatever?

John: Well, there are a few here, I can talk about a few. The SIM token for example, which is a kilowatt token that should use electricity. For example, let’s say, I’m in Arizona, and I’m off the grid, and, and I’ve got huge electrical generation, water, air, who knows? Sunlight? And I’m using it all during the summer because the air conditioning house in Arizona is fucking difficult, in the wintertime, my electricity usage is down by 9%. Wouldn’t it be great if I could trade that electricity to somebody else without having to shunt it all the way across the country? Oh, hell yes. So, the SIM token helps in that. So, something like energy needs can’t lose if in fact, their infrastructure and applications work. Privacy coins like Apollo privacy.

Here’s one of the problems that people do not understand. Yes, nobody knows who you are if you have an Ethereum wallet or a Bitcoin wallet, unless you do business with it. If you buy something with it, then the person you bought from knows what all you wanted at some point is. They can look into their wallets anytime they want, to see what comes in, what goes down. Now if your bank did that, would you be happy? If someone could call your bank and say, “I want BitBoy’s balance right now? And can you tell me what his last 10 transactions were? And where was his last deposit? And then what was the amount?” No, you wouldn’t be fucking happy. With most, you can do that. The Privacy coins, things like Apollo, things like Monero have been around forever, okay. Monero is a wonderful coin, so as Apollo, why? Because there is simply no way that anybody will ever know what you are transacting. Unless by the way, is another one, it just came to mind that you’re transacting other than the single transaction that you made with that person. They can’t find your IP address. They can’t get into your wallet, nothing. Do you think that these will not eventually become the coins of use? I mean I do and maybe you disagree. Maybe people don’t care if people are watching everything that you do with your money, well, I care.

So Apollo, privacy coin, and Monero and the healthcare field, what are the other richest companies in this world? Healthcare companies. Companies like Docademic which allows you to push a button on an app and say, “I just fell down. I may have broken my arm” and the doctor comes on, takes a look at it and says, “Well show it to me.” You know, you put the camera on and he goes “It looks like you know, I don’t see anything broken there. But maybe you want to get an X-ray.”

But more, they have a new app of cool emotion. Let’s say you come home one day; your wife is gone. So as your dog, you call your bank, the money’s gone. Your truck is gone and you find out she ran off with your neighbor. You might feel like ‘I’m going to jump of a fucking bridge”, right? So, you’re on the bridge and you go, what options do I have? Then you remember “Oh wait, I’ve got that Docademic app, cool emotions, you press the button and for free, a psychologist shows up, “what’s happening?” “I’m about to throw myself off the bridge, my wife left me and the guy goes, “Well, let’s talk about it, I want you to step down. Don’t get hit by car and let’s just chat.” Good God, do you realize the power of this sir? So, that’s Docademic.

So, what I do is I look mostly at application areas. What does the world need? Well, fuck me, we sure are worried about health and we should be worried about privacy and everybody is worried about health. So, in each of these areas, these are the solid gems. Nothing, nothing can approach Docademic in healthcare. Apollo, I think really close to the top, in privacy, SIM token for electricity. Yes, and anybody can do this, please don’t take this as investment advice. Do it yourself, look around you, what would you like to improve in your life? Then start looking for a token that could do that.

Please, it’s not rocket science. Investing is a long-term thing where you see a need, these people that invest in a token one day and want to sell it the next. They are harming us. Now, look out 2-3-4 years and see what’s going to happen. I promise you, the medical fields and the blockchain are going to be winners. The Privacy field and the blockchain are going to be winners. The energy field and the blockchain is going to be winners, any fool can see this

JChains: Absolutely and you bring up a good point, John, one thing to anybody that’s listening here and everyone that’s listening here. Make sure you always do your research. This is not financial advice, do your own research, like John said, figure out what fields you want to get into, and then make sure that you’re doing your own research. Quickly, about Apollo, I work for an exchange and one of the first tokens that we did list was Apollo. I think Stevie and his team are fantastic, they do a great job on their platform and their programs. So hats off to you, I know you just recently signed on as a chairman for that organization. Is that correct?

Jimmy: I did, and the reason I did is because the management is serious. Here’s one of the other problems in the cryptocurrency blockchain world. Most of these companies are run by 20-year olds, alright.

BitBoy: Yeah, that’s true.

John: No true experience, with no business experience, without understanding the people in business who been in a long time are going to fucking rape you, because that’s what it’s all about. And they need mature advice. Because I don’t have the time to mentor people or instruct people, or to teach people, God Damn, I’m 73. Apollo needed none of that. So, yeah, they’ve got an awesome management team. And really, I’ve run two public companies, one on the NASDAQ, one on the New York Stock Exchange. And it is experience that is going to matter. Always. And when people invest, initially, especially venture capitalists, they don’t invest in your technology, they invest in the people. They check out who are you and what can you do? Because you’re going to be running a company. And so, checking out these people like, “F*** yes, I’ll work with you guys.”

BitBoy: Yeah, that’s cool. One thing I want to ask you while we’re on the topic of talking about all these different projects, I mean, you brought up some privacy coins, Apollo, Monero. Monero Is that the one I’m probably the most bullish on at all privacy coins. And I think privacy coins definitely have a future. However, we’ve got so many different coins in so many different areas that are trying to kind of do the same thing. And so, one thing that I’ve talked a lot about on my channel is I believe that crypto is not a bubble, but I believe that we are pumping a cryptocurrency project bubble and I believe that eventually one day, we will widdle all of these projects down to like, maybe somewhere less than 100. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think we can have a world where we have 2000 different kinds of tokens? Where do you fall on that argument?

John: We’re going to have a world where there are 2 million different tokens. Listen to me, about six months ago in Kansas, a grade school kid created his own coin, the Billy coin. It became top of the charts in that school. Everybody was fucking using it. What’s wrong with having 2 million coins, or 20 or 200 million? Please God, every coin, every token should have a function and a purpose. Just like we have, there will only be one company. We only end up for example, there’s only three McDonald’s to feed us. General Motors to drive us around and God knows and Monsanto to modify our genes? No, please God.

BitBoy: Yeah, interesting. That’s an interesting take. I mean, I haven’t heard anyone really say they can see a world that’s got that many functioning tokens.

John: No problem. There is no technology limitation. For wallets, you can handle 2 million coins and the conversion between them and say, “Where are you now? I’m at McDonald’s so I’m using this coin. Also, I’ll convert a few of these things and get yourself a Big Mac. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Nothing.

BitBoy: Well, cool. Yeah, that’s interesting.

JChains: Yeah, that is. One thing that where I kind of maybe see it a little different on that is, or maybe just a different take, and maybe this might change the way some of us think about it or feel about it is kind of like what the boys said was, you know, you might have five different coins doing the same exact thing in the same field. And obviously, everybody likes choices, people are free to make their own choice and choose what works best for them or what appeals to them better. But if you’ve got five competing coins, or 5 million competing coins all in the same space, how do you decipher what’s going to be the best option for you if you’ve got that many choices?

John: They’ll never be 5 million in the same space. But have you ever been to a shoe store?

BitBoy: Yeah, I used to work at one when I was younger.

John: The only shoes available at Nike. No f*** me, I’ve got thousands of problems. Does that bother you? Go “Oh my god, there’s too many shoes here.” No, please God, let them express themselves. Let them compete. That’s what creates progress. Who cares if there are 100 coins doing exactly the same thing? People will choose what they want.

JChains: That’s a good point.

John: Let’s rejoice when a new competing coin comes out. What does that mean? We’re still alive and thriving. Please god, Jesus.

JChains: That’s a really good point. And I do see that and, if we’re alive, we’re thriving. And if you’ve got choices that means that we can just keep progressing and move job blockchain along.

John:  Let’s not limit things. There’s no more than 100 competing coins, or no more than 50 or no more than 1000. No, let people do what they want. And we didn’t get to choose, that would be a far better world for me than saying ‘Oh, we don’t want more than 5 privacy coins.’ Bullshit, 50, 500, 50,000 there will be choices.

BitBoy: Okay, well, I like that. Definitely that’s an interesting viewpoint that I’m going to chew on for a little bit. But kind of in that same vein, let’s go back a little bit to the regulation conversation. And, I know a lot of YouTubers have made videos about how we don’t need an ETF and we don’t need regulation and stuff like that. But I’ve argued like, it’s kind of already the elephant in the room, and it’s already being worked on. So, there’s not much that we can really do about it. So, what’s your viewpoint? What would you say to somebody like me, that says, what can we really do to fight it at this point? How can we, as Americans, specifically when we’re dealing with SEC and CFTC, how can we fight against the regulation and maybe not allow it to come in?

John: Any way that you can. Have you been watching me? I have publicly welcomed the law to expose the SEC when I worked for MGT, as the CEO, they issued a subpoena to my company. When the SEC issues a subpoena, you are not allowed to say anything about it. The subpoena had nothing to do with the current operations, the current management or anything, it had to do with a man who had invested five years earlier, that’s what it was about. Well, I had this man gone. And yet that caused us to be de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange.

So, two months ago, I did a fucking video and said I’m breaking the law. I am now divulging the contents of this subpoena and I did fully and I said to the SEC, you where I live, come and get me. Nothing happened. That’s what I’m doing. I’m doing everything I can. Well, you do everything you can with the limited facilities and networks that you have. But don’t just say’ we can’t do anything’ that’s fucking bullshit, we’re people, we have a voice, carry a fucking card in the street, write a letter to your congressman, tell your neighbors, do something.

JChains: Did the SEC ever get back to you when you challenge them to a debate?

John: No, absolutely not. Listen, the FBI challenged me to a debate two years ago on CNN, which I did. I ripped him a new asshole. That’s when they had demanded that Apple give them a bath. Two days later, two days after that debate, they withdrew it. The poor bastard I was debating as a final end, he said, “Well, Mr. McAfee, maybe you and the FBI can work together.” like fucking sure, that’s never going to happen. So no, of course not. I have a history of ripping people that have sold on national television.

So, however, I sent them a fucking notice. Number one. I have divulged the contents of your fucking subpoena? What are you going to do about it? Not jack shit. That’s what it is about. So please people, use whatever you have. If you truly believe that the blockchain can change the world, not just for you, your children, your grandchildren, everybody’s children and grandchildren. Because really, what are the goals in life going to be if you believe that? Fuck me, do something. Do something

JChains: That’s definitely a good motivator to get out there and do the right thing. Speaking of life changers, and I think once before I heard you talk about nootropics. Right? Brain enhancers.

John: What’s that for?

JChains: Nootropic, nootropics like brain enhancing.

John: Yeah. All right.

JChains: Talk to me about this. Obviously, everyone I’m sure or most people have seen the Limitless movie. I know that there’s a show about it with Bradley Cooper all that. But what’s your take on those? Have you ever taken them? Do they work and what’s up with that?

John: Now I have taken every nootropic on the planet, including those that people cannot spell the names off or have never and most of them came out of China. Now, this is a program that began under Mao Zedong and has continued to the present day of China looking for the magic bullet to increase intelligence, not that the Chinese aren’t smarter than us anyway. And on the other hand, the developing substances to make everybody else stupid. So, I’ve taken all of both. I believe that the Cathinone family is probably the greatest promise of intelligence enlargement. Now I’m 73, I’ve been taking Cathinone for four years. They have massive side effects, okay? Now, if you’re a heavy drug user, you probably won’t even notice the side effects. And if you have a solid liver, a good filter system. I’m not suggesting anybody try this, by the way, under any circumstances. I am just telling what my experiences are. Then, Jesus, it’s indescribable. Now, what happens is nootropics are also grabbed up by recreational drug users. And then the FDA events, it goes around and they make them illegal. Thank God, the researchers are staying years ahead. As soon as they made it illegal, I dropped another derivative of the same drug, which is legal. I’ve been staying ahead of legality by staying legal with everything that I take. And never have I taken an illegal substance at the time that I took it now, later it became illegal, probably the most powerful, is unfortunately the one that has the greatest side effects. And that Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is generally called MDPV. If you remember a few years ago, the gentleman in Florida that ate somebody’s face off.

BitBoy: Yeah, the zombie.

John: Ge was on MDPV. Now, I’ve taken experimental drugs my entire life. I’ve never seen anything like this. Now, here’s the problem: MDPV is so dosage dependent five milligrams a day, you’re going to have some strange side effects, which is once you get used to 7 milligrams, and you want to eat somebody’s face off. So, it’s a very dangerous drug from a docent standpoint. Now, that obviously was made illegal about five years ago by the Food and Drug Administration. However, if anybody out there thinks that you have taken the ultimate drug, fuck you, you have not. If you’re in a country and there are  countries, a few, is South American countries, by the way, where this drug is still legal, take a sit down there, buy some, make sure you have a $2,000 scale with you to make sure you’re not taking more than the five milligrams and just see what fucking happens. You will not believe it. So, anyway, yes, I know a lot about nootropics. Do you have any questions?

JChains: You answered with what I was looking for.

BitBoy: Sounds certainly more like recreational drugs, than steroids. I guess you’d say like, there’s definitely a side effect of getting high with a lot of them would you say that?

John: Yeah. Now if you take them for recreational purposes, you’re fucking yourself and everybody else, do not do that. If you’re taking them to experiment truly on what the mind is capable of, well then that’s a different fucking story and you learn to live with these side effects okay? And move on. But please stop. This is not recreational drug use as I’m recommending, I can promise you. Anybody who has ever overdose which I have many times on Cathinone likes MDPV. You will understand what drugs truly are and I’m taking every fucking thing, overdosed on LSD, believe it or not, every fucking drug in the world. These are nothing compared to the research chemicals that China has been developing for 50 fucking years.

JChains: Wow.

BitBoy:  So, hide your wives, hide your husband’s hide your faces because we bite everybody up in here, right? So, I may or may not have bitten someone’s face before. I’ll just leave that to the people’s imagination. But yeah, that’s really interesting.

John: It’s your business after all, it’s not my business. Jimmy does it constantly without any drugs.

BitBoy: Well, thankfully blockchain wasn’t around back then. So, or else everybody-

John: Yeah.

BitBoy: But cool. Yeah.

John: I’d like to also mention, you asked us what we’re doing, okay, actually, Jimmy’s doing this. As you may or may not know, I’m running for president, so for legal reasons, you know, breaking away Jimmy’s now the CEO, I have to distance myself from what’s happening otherwise, I’ll be accused of God knows what. But Jimmy has put all this together. For the McAfee Alliance, probably our most important partners with CoinBene and we have worked with them, they have fulfilled all of their promises as have we. And we promise people that if you think you are on a corrupt exchange, and have proof of what has happened to you, then if you want to delist that, we will guarantee listing a coin for them. And we’re listing about one coin per day now. And so, anybody out there, that’s a foundation and that has a coin and the exchange is fucking you over. And by the way, I cannot believe I mean, listen, to the New York Stock Exchange doesn’t cost as much as some of these exchanges. “We’d like 100 bitcoins, plus a Lambo for all of us.” No, seriously. It’s like bribery. “What can we steal from you? What can we squeeze out of you to de-lst you?” please stop. There’s something wrong with that.

BitBoy: Yeah, that goes against crypto.

John: I’m sorry?

BitBoy: I said that goes against the very idea of cryptocurrency, it’s centralization and squeezing people, you know?

John: Absolutely. It’s totally wrong. So, anyway, we’ve done what we said, we fulfill our promises and we’re trying as best we can to provide information to people and let them make their own choices.

BitBoy: Well, that’s awesome.  I’ll talk with my exchange. And, Jimmy, I’ll, I’ll get back with you on that and see if, if they’re looking to join. Now, is there anything that prohibits you from joining the Alliance if you are a centralized exchange?

John: Not at all, not at all. There are no truly functional distributed exchanges yet. However, I promise you by the first quarter of next year, there will be many. Praise God.

JChains: Binance is working on one, right?

BitBoy: Yep.

John: I’m sorry?

JChains: Binance is working on one?

John: Yeah, absolutely. And they said they’re coming out in the first quarter of next year. There’s quite a few of them. So as LUXCoin, all right, I’m also the CEO of LUXCoin. We’re doing some good shit there. So the one the decentralized exchanges get here, the centralized exchanges will simply disappear. Absolutely. Why? The centralized exchanges are a weak link in this exchange, in this entire business. Why? Because the government can shut them down. Centralized exchanges have centralized servers, centralized then I can shut you down by just cutting the electricity line. You can’t not ever shut down a decentralized exchange, because it does not exist in any location. It is a fluid technology that you can take out 25% of all of the servers which are really their smartphones, there may be 10 million servers on there. Doesn’t matter. Nothing changes. It’s still functional. So yeah, I just can’t wait till they get here because I promise you when they come, there’ll be the biggest boom in crypto value that you could ever heard of. I guarantee this.

JChains: I need to spend the next couple of months loading my bags,

John: I’m sorry.

JChains: I said, if that’s the case, if we’re expecting all this to come early 2019, I’m going to spend the next couple of months loading up some bags.

John: Well, let me tell you, today, any smart person should be loading up their bag, and it would be hard to pick one which is not going to work. I’m telling you now. So yeah, and by the way, if you do contact Jimmy about those two things, do not submit to his sexual demands. I’m just telling you right now.

BitBoy: No, butt stuff, alright?

John: I’m afraid what would happen is Jimmy would misspell BitBoy.

BitBoy: Oh no. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Let the audience imagine, okay?

John: let the audience imagine, I would not say it.

John: Anyway, I’ve got time for one more question my friends.

BitBoy: Okay. Oh, yeah, I was just going to say, I know like maybe right before we went on air, we were talking about the tweet that you had yesterday, the presidential tweet and all that stuff. So just really quick, tell us a little bit about your concerns regarding the 911 system and stuff like that.

John: Okay, well, that’s probably the most horrific thing that I’ve seen happen in America in a long time. Okay, so it’s called the presidential alert. Alright. So now, what does that mean? It means that the executive branch and going to, everybody, the 200 and some million people, they use the facility called E911 ship, which is mandated for all smartphones since 2012.

Now, what was that a 911 intended for? It was intended to help you; it could not be used as a spy device you call 911. Why? Who knows? Maybe there are burglars in your house. Maybe you’ve been shot. While you’re on the phone, the phone goes dead. They call you back, then the code and activate this E911 chip. What does that do? It allows you to turn on the microphone. The camera gets your location. They can listen, “Is anybody else in the room, are there gunshots, is there noise?” The cameras can’t change. So, whatever it’s pointing at, they can see, they dispatch immediately since they know exactly your location, the police. Meanwhile, they can tell the police we hear noise in the house of furniture breaking or something of this nature. Now damn, that’s perfect, I’ll vote for that. However, it only gets turned on if I choose to call 911.

Now, I did not choose to call President Trump yesterday and say, would you please help me? No, he just used up facilities and sent me a message. Now you don’t even have to send the message. You don’t have to make a beat. You can just turn the buckle up. The federal government has co-opted what was a tremendous boom for all Americans, by giving us an opportunity for quicker and more useful help at our request. If you dial 911, you should expect them to do everything within their power to help you. When the federal government uses it. They say ‘well, I’m going to use it to send warnings.’ That’s bullshit, I’m not buying it. And I’m standing still, while this ship goes down. By the way that tweet, okay, that tweet has 30,000 retweets. President Trump has a bunch of 7000 retweets on his account. Now I’m running for president. I just put out a tweet going, ‘People say I don’t have the reach of the parties, and has no chance in the fucking election.’ I go, ‘well look at this, please. I do indeed.’

BitBoy: Yeah, it’s definitely really cool. You got that much influence but on the aspect of the tweet, or the presidential alert. It’s concerning. I mean, it feels like we’re a little past 1984 right now, you know, the book, so big brother is watching.

John: Have you read that book.

BitBoy: Yes.

John: You are going to hide in the corner where that big swing couldn’t see you, (inaudible 54:46)

BitBoy: That’s a great point.

JChains: That’s very true. And there’s no way to turn that off, right? I mean, it’s on, it’s active?

John: Impossible. If you remove that, just the phone won’t work. There’s no way around it, they don’t have to plant software. All they got to do is say ‘AT&T, where the federal government wants to send out this’ and they think it’s cool, go ahead Thank you very much for having me on.

BitBoy: Thank you so much.

JChains: Thank you for being here.

John: I’ve either entertained or put you to sleep both of which are nice things, okay?

JChains: We had a great time and we will make sure to send you that HODL feel coffee, so that you guys can try that and make yourself a martini.

John: Yeah, absolutely. And I’ll send you guys the recipe.

JChains: Okay, perfect.

JChains: Thanks, Jimmy.

JChains: Thank you both. Take it easy.

BitBoy: Alright, guys. Well, that was another episode, pretty action packed. What do you think JChains?

JChains: Man, that guy has done some things. He’s been to so many places. Holy moly.

BitBoy: Yeah. We could talk to him for several hours and we certainly appreciate him taking an hour out of his super busy schedule to talk with us. That was really cool. So, hope you guys enjoyed it and I guess that’s pretty much it for us, guys. That is JChains, where can they find you out on Twitter?

JChains: @colcustard, c-o-l-c-u-s-t-a-r-d and I know that they can get you @BitBoy_ HODL

BitBoy: That’s right.

JChains: And check out our Twitter page @BeardsBitcoins. From there you can find pretty much everything that we do in the space and yeah, if you got any questions, we’re always available.

BitBoy: And just one last time just big shout out to HOFL fuel for being our sponsor. You can find them @HODLfuel, and also HODLfuel.com, and until next time, this has been Beards and Bitcoins.

JChains: See you


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Episode 5: John McAfee Talks About Life, the Alliance and Presidential Tweets

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